A Digital Photo Frame Built for Families

Digital photo frames are breathing new life into how we connect and share special moments with our families. With unique features and efficient connectivity, digital picture frames are making it easier for big families to stay connected – without leaving grandparents and elderly users out of the loop.

From connecting directly to popular social media accounts to playing brain games and listening to the radio, Pix-Star’s digital photo frame offers a sleek and intuitive experience you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. With extensive cloud and Wi-Fi capabilities, they’re one of the most versatile and functional digital picture frames on the market.

Our guides break down what to look for, what features matter most, where you can find them, and how to get maximum value for money. Our goal is to make sure you get a digital photo frame that meets where you are at.

Buying Guides

The Best Digital Frame of 2023 – Everything You Should Know

What is the best digital frame of 2023? Learn about its features and how it can help you connect with your loved ones more effortlessly!

Best Digital Photo Frame for Grandparents for the Money!

Learn how to find the best digital photo frame for grandparents, what features matter most, how they work, and much more!

Gift Hunting for the Best Large Digital Frame for Families!

Learn everything you need to know about the best large digital frame for families and what they offer!

Why the Digital Picture Frame with Video Beats the Rest!

Learn what to look for in a digital picture frame with video, how they work, and how to find the right frame for your home and family!

Best Digital Frame for Grandparents to Get Them Involved!

The best digital frame for grandparents can change the way your grandparents get involved in sharing special moments with the family. Learn more here!

Best Digital Frame 2022 Has to Offer for the Money!

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Buy the Right Digital Photo Frame Today!

We tackle common questions and answer them thoroughly – so that you don’t have to. We want to remove the stress of having to browse through dozens of digital picture frames and getting overwhelmed.

If you’re just starting and don’t know what you should look for in your next frame – look no further. You’ll find breakdowns and analyses of important features, and how they work together to bring you a seamless digital photo frame for you, your home, and your family!

What Goes into Choosing a Great Digital Picture Frame?

There’s no getting around it – buying tech products have quickly become more complicated than ever before. With such a wide variety of digital photo frames and so much inaccurate information online, getting a digital picture frame that truly matches your needs is tough – but thankfully, it doesn’t need to be!

We dive into exactly what you need to look for with our buying guides. You’ll learn the importance of screen resolution, aspect ratio, adjustable brightness & color, display size, and much more. You’ll learn how to get the best bang for your buck at different budget levels, and if it’s worth saving up for a bit longer to get something special for your home.

The Devil is in the Digital Photo Frame Details

We pay close attention to places that are often overlooked. Do you want to link your digital photo frame to your favorite Facebook photo albums, or sync your photos from Google Drive, Flickr, or Dropbox? We show you where you can find this feature, and just how valuable it is.

Choosing a great digital picture frame is all about focusing its performance on what you need most. Our buying guides help you separate the wheat from the chaff so get closer to finding a digital photo frame that immerses you and draws you nearer to your loved ones.

We pay attention to small and specific details as we cover topics like touchscreens, Wi-Fi & cloud connectivity, build quality, value for money, and more. You’ll find this information laid out smoothly and so simple to understand your great-grandma could choose an even greater frame!

How To Guides

How to Transfer Pictures from a Computer to a Digital Picture Frame

Learn about the different ways to send photos from your computer to your digital photo frames here!

How to Use the Pix-Star Web Dashboard in 8 Quick Steps!

In this simple 8-step guide, you'll learn how to use the Pix-Star web dashboard. Get more from your Pix-Star frames here!

How to Find the Best Digital Picture Frame in 6 Easy Steps!

We discuss how to find the best digital picture frame in just 6-steps. Learn exactly what to do here and get massive value today!

How to Import Web Albums on a Digital Picture Frame in 6 Steps

We show you how to import web albums on a digital picture frame in 6 easy and quick steps. Get started here!

How to Remotely Control a Digital Photo Frame in 6 Steps!

Learn exactly how to remotely control a digital photo frame with our easy to follow 6-step guide!

How to Set Up a Digital Photo Frame in Just 5 Minutes

Learn how to set up a digital photo frame the right way. We show you everything you need to know from beginning to end here!
Gift Ideas

Finding the Perfect Digital Picture Frame for Large Families!

We explore everything you need to know about getting a digital picture frame for large families, what to look for, and much more!

Finding the Perfect Christmas Photo Frame for the family!

We guide you through finding the perfect Christmas photo frame for your home and family! Learn what to look for and how to get the best value here!

Digital Photo Frame for Grandparents – What to Know First!

We discuss the digital photo frame for grandparents, how it works, and why it's such a popular gift idea for families and seniors!

Is the Skylight Digital Photo Frame Worth the Money?

Explore the inner workings of the Skylight digital photo frame, its premium subscription, and other important must-know features and limitations!

6 Things to Look for in a Digital Photo Frame with Email Upload

Learn how the digital photo frame with email uploads work, what to look for before buying, and much more!

The 10-Inch Digital Photo Frame – 7 Things You Should Know!

We guide you through the 7 must-know questions and answers about the 10-inch digital photo frame! Learn it all here!

The Digital Photo Frame Gift That Keeps on Giving

Do you dread the holidays, birthdays, and anniversary parties – because you never know what gift to pick? Whether you can relate to this or not, thoughtful gifts can create precious and long-lasting memories – bringing us closer to the people that we care about most. Digital photo frames make excellent gift ideas and add in a great deal of personality and care.

Imagine the smile you’d put on your Mom’s face when she opens her digital picture frame loaded with her (and the family’s) most treasured memories. It’s also a fantastic way to get your grandparents more involved. They won’t be left out anymore if they don’t know how to use photo-sharing apps or log in to Instagram.

We also delve into where the best places to find a great digital photo frame are, and why they beat out the rest. From extensive reviews and trustworthiness to detailed and accurate information, you’ll buy your next digital picture frame gift without regrets.

A Genuine Gift for Grandparents

Digital photo frames path the way for keeping your grandparents connected. From web albums and email functions to controlling their frames remotely, digital picture frames can make all the difference. We dive into the features that matter for elderly users and anybody that’s not tech-savvy. You’ll learn where to find them, how much they matter, and more.

You’ll also find out which frames cater to elderly users without compromising on functionality and versatility for the rest of the family – or the individual user. Our gift idea guides answer essential questions and create unique gift opportunities for special days like Mother’s Day.


Is an HD Digital Photo Frame Good Enough for Modern Homes?

Explore the benefits of getting an HD digital photo frame for your home & family! Learn how they work and which features matter most!

Future of Photo Displays: Why You Need a Digital Pic Frame!

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How to Frame Digital Photos and Enjoy Your Best Memories!

We explore framing digital photos, what features to look for in a frame, how they work, and much more!

Why You Need a Digital Poster Frame in Your Home Today!

Learn what makes the digital poster frame a great addition to the modern home and family, what features they offer, and more!

Why a Big Digital Photo Frame is Ideal for the Modern Home!

Find out why the big digital photo frame is growing in popularity for modern homes, families, and photography enthusiasts.

Understanding the 7” Digital Photo Frame – Is It Good?

The 7" digital photo frame is a cheap frame, but is it worth buying? Learn how they work and what features they offer here!

Digital Photo Frames: The Photographer’s Companion

Whether you’re a budding enthusiast or a seasoned professional, photographers love to show off their work. The problem is that it can quickly get very expensive printing out all your photo – and you might not have the space to display them without a dedicated studio. Cue digital photo frames…

You have a versatile, functional, capable, and mobile picture frame that can display all your photos and videos. Through a combination of efficient design, a smooth user interface, mobile apps, and web interfaces, you get a powerful hub to show your precious work to the world.

For you, that could just mean sharing your latest work with your loved ones or displaying it on the wall of your professional studio. From artwork and professional photos to video and audio playback, digital photo frames are a true companion for photographers.

Exceptional Digital Picture Frames for Extraordinary Photography

Not just any digital picture frame makes the photographer’s cut. With considerations on the display resolution, aspect ratio, price, versatility, feature richness, cloud & Wi-Fi compatibility, and more – there are so many choices. We dive into where you need to be paying attention, what’s worth the money, and how you can find the perfect frame for your unique work, craft, and needs.

You’ll learn where you can buy the right frame, and how to draw every drop of performance and showmanship from them. With the right digital photo frame, you’ll inspire others and communicate your craft in a way that words can’t.


Is the Brookstone Digital Frame Still Worth Buying?

Learn everything that's worth knowing about the Brookstone digital frame and if it's worth buying for the modern home and family!

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Comparing the Aura Mason Digital Picture Frame with the Best

We show you how Aura Mason digital picture frames work, what to look for, and what the best alternatives are!

What is the Aluratek Digital Picture Frame All About?

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Aeezo Digital Picture Frame – Is It Worth a Second Look?

We explore the new Aeezo digital picture frame to show you what it does and if it does it well enough to compete in 2022!

Sony Digital Picture Frame Explained – Avoid These Mistakes!

We show you why the Sony digital picture frame probably isn't the frame to hunt for in 2022! Learn where to look instead...

Digital Picture Frames that Shine Above the Rest

Comparisons, comparisons, comparisons. The process is simple. We show you how the top digital photo frames on the market earned their spot there. You’ll discover what it takes to be the best, and what they do to outshine the rest. Though deep comparisons are based on a variety of features and performance measures to make sure you’re getting the best value for money at each price point.

We cover everything from the cheapest frames to the powerhouses of the digital picture frame market. From small frames to impressive behemoths, you’ll find in-depth information and more than enough tips and tricks to find your next frame.

You’ll be guided through deciding between big digital photo names like Pix-Star, Skylight, Nixplay, and more – and you can decide for yourself whether these frames have earned their prominence or not.

Digital Frames

Revamp Your Home Décor with a Large Electronic Picture Frame

Learn what to look for in a large electronic picture frame, what features to look for, and how they work!

Are Digital Frames with Email for Your Home a Good Choice?

Learn how digital frames with email work, what features to look for, and which frames are worth buying in 2023!

What Makes the Digital Photo Frame with Wi-Fi So Good?

Learn everything about the digital photo frame with Wi-Fi, how it works, what features matter the most, and what the best options are!

Is a White Digital Picture Frame the Best Choice for You?

We explore the white digital picture frame to show you how it works, common problems, and if they're worth the money!

Send Pictures to a Digital Frame and Relive Great Moments!

Learn how to share you favorite memories and moments with your loved ones by sending pictures to their digital frames!

Why You Need an Email Digital Picture Frame in Your Home!

We explore the email digital picture frame, how it works, what features to look for, and how to get great value today!

Digital Photo Frames Doing Digital Frame Things

Aside from a cheesy title, there are a lot of things you should know about digital picture frames. We tackle how digital picture frames-work, handy features you need to know how to make the most of, and much more. From customizing slideshows and weighing up touchscreens, to linking web albums and listening to the radio, we break it all down into bite-sized chunks.

Through tackling common questions, you’ll find essential knowledge and get the information you need to make more informed purchases. We also dive into some of the latest developments and digital photo frame trends to make sure you never miss anything that matters. Join us on our digital picture frame journey!

Smart Homes

Understanding the Large Digital Picture Frame with Wi-Fi!

Getting a large digital picture frame with Wi-Fi is a great choice for modern homes and families. Learn what to look for here!

Is Buying a Big Digital Frame Still Worth the Money?

Learn everything that matters when looking for a big digital frame, how it works, and much more!

Can a Digital Picture Frame Email Photos over Wi-Fi?

Learn everything you need to know about the digital picture frame that can email photos, their features, and how to get a best one for your home!

Exploring the Aluratek 9” Digital Photo Frame for You!

We dive into what the Aluratek 9" digital photo frame offers, if it supports Wi-Fi, how to share photos, and much more!

Why the Digital Photo Frame App Is So Important!

The digital photo frame app makes sharing photos to several frames and with all of your loved ones quick, simple, and accessible. Learn how here!

Is the Digital Picture Frame with No Wi-Fi Still Worth It?

Learn everything you should look for in a digital picture frame with no Wi-Fi, how it works, and if it's still worth buying!

Smart Homes Need Classy Digital Photo Frames

If the words “smart home” or “minimalism” get you excited, and you’ve never heard of digital picture frames before – you’re in for a treat! We cover topics on how to make your digital photo frame smarter and more in sync with your habits and lifestyle. Through analyzing which features help intelligent and sleek frames stand out, we bring you a complete breakdown of how to get the most from your digital picture frame.

Whether you’ve got a huge family that lives all over the world/country, or you live in a remote area, or you just want a simple digital photo frame for your grandparents – there’s always something out there just for you! We’ll help you find it and take your smart home game to the next level, without leaving your loved ones feeling left out!

Here’s Why You Need a Digital Photo Frame

Have you ever been sitting down for a family get-together, only to remember uncle Bob couldn’t make it as he’s stuck at home for a 2-week quarantine? A digital photo frame could bridge that gap. Through a web album feature, you just need to snap a quick picture of the family together and load it into a linked Facebook photo album. Every connected frame will be able to view the photo within a few minutes – even that cousin that moved to Australia last year.

Digital picture frames have made connecting and sharing precious memories with your loved ones easier than ever before. You can use the mobile app to send multimedia (photos, videos, and audio) to multiple frames at the same time.

Intuitive web interfaces let you remotely control connected frames, and gives you a familiar place to handle cloud storage and its related features. Digital picture frames are incredibly versatile and well worth the short learning curve they require.

You’ll never be more than a few clicks or presses for the people you care about most. You’re always just a few moments from sharing a special memory or photo that you and the family can reminisce over for years to come.

Once you get a digital picture frame, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly it becomes an important part of the family and home life. Imagine sitting huddled around the frame after dinner, laughing over memories from that trip to Spain you wish you could go on again – or that night of competitive charades you deserved to win. Enhance how you connect with your loved ones, bring precious memories back to life, and live in the moment – get a digital photo frame!

How do I send photos to my digital photo frame?

The most common method for sending photos to a digital picture frame is via email. You simply need to add the pictures as an attachment and send the email to the frame’s dedicated and unique email address.

Using the mobile app to send pictures, videos, and audio to a digital photo frame is arguably the most versatile and capable of the lot. You can natively capture media directly inside the app, or select media you’ve captured in the past in your phone’s media gallery. You can then send all these photos/videos/audios to your frame – or multiple frames at the same time.

Other ways of getting photos onto your frame include linking them to your photo albums on your favorite social media and photo-sharing platforms. Alternatively, some digital photo frames provide ways to send pictures to you through the web interface.

Finally, the only offline method involved loading your photos onto a USB/SD card, inserting them into your frame’s relevant port, and viewing them directly on the frame. Note that you might need to copy the pictures across to the frame’s internal storage before being able to view them.

How long do digital photo frames last?

Digital picture frames are meant to be able to display the same static image for 1,000 hours without damaging the LCD or suffering from screen burn-in. That being said, this number can vary wildly depending on the quality of the digital photo frame you buy, the type and quality of the display, the brightness level, and other factors. This shouldn’t be a major concern as you’ll rarely have the same image display for that length of time – as it defeats the purpose of having a “digital” picture frame.

Can digital photo frames connect to Wi-Fi?

Many modern digital picture frames are Wi-Fi capable. The extent of this capability varies greatly between brands, models, and frame types. For example, the Pix-Star digital photo frame features full Wi-Fi connectivity and cloud compatibility. This enables the email-in function, the use of the mobile app and the web interface, cloud storage, remote control, and much more.

On the other hand, many low to mid-range digital picture frames are offline and can only receive photos via USB/SD cards. These are arguably the more common type, though Wi-Fi digital photo frames are quickly rising in popularity.

Do digital photo frames play videos?

Multimedia playback (still images, videos, and audio) is not a widely supported feature. Many of the top digital frames allow playback according to different limitations. For example, Pix-Star’s frames let you play videos that are shorter than 2-minutes. Other top frames charge a subscription fee to unlock video playback (though they’re still limited in terms of length, format, and file size).

What is the best aspect ratio on a digital picture frame?

Aspect ratio is an extremely important but unfortunately often overlooked feature. In our opinion, the best aspect ratio is 4:3. This suits a mix of both video and photo playback while offering the most versatility and suitability to photos sent from a mix of different sources. Most of our smartphones shoot in 4:3, whereas many DLSRs capture 3:2. You’ll get a far better match displaying a 3:2 picture on a 4:3 screen than you would by displaying it on a 16:9 display.

You’ll find that with 16:9 (most common type) and 16:10 displays, most of your pictures won’t fill up the whole screen. They’ll often be surrounded by black boxes or will have to be auto-cropped/stretched to fit the display.