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Can a Digital Picture Frame Email Photos over Wi-Fi?


Can a digital picture frame email photos?

Many of the top popular digital picture frames can email photos using the receiving frame’s unique email address. For example, each Pix-Star digital picture frame has a unique and dedicated email address that’s used to identify the frame and receive photos.

You can email photos to your digital picture frame from anywhere in the world – and from any device that supports email. Emailing photos is a great way for seniors to get involved in photo-sharing with the rest of the family and offers a simple and quick way for getting photos to any of your frames.

While it’s not the best method for bulk-sharing photos with everyone in the family, it’s still good for sending a handful of your favorite photos. Some digital picture frames with email can automatically display the incoming photo mail in the current slideshows as they’re received. Some will even back these photos up to the cloud automatically.

Top digital frames can use their email address to send photos with the mobile app. It’s referred to as photo mail and lets you send pictures through the mobile app to several of your frames at the same time – the ideal feature for families and seniors.

The ability to email photos to a digital picture frame is a more commonly offered photo-sharing method than others. For example, many mid-range and premium digital picture frames can email photos, but only a handful of the top frame allow photo-sharing via mobile apps or web interfaces.

What is the best digital picture frame for emailing photos?

The Pix-Star is arguably the best digital picture frame that can email photos. You can share photos directly with any of your Pix-Star frames (or your family members’ frames) from anywhere in the world. All you need is the receiving Pix-Star frame’s unique email address (which you choose when setting up the frame for the first time).

When you send photos to the Pix-Star digital picture frame via email, they’ll save automatically to the frame’s internal storage and the cloud. Each Pix-Star frame comes with free-for-life cloud storage and you can manage this storage from anywhere using the Pix-Star web dashboard.

Pix-Star’s frames can include incoming photo mail automatically in the current slideshow – making sure you don’t miss any photos. It’s great for elderly users as they’ll see all of the latest photos as they arrive without needing to do anything.

A great remote configuration and control feature is what separates Pix-Star’s frames from the rest. Using the Pix-Star web dashboard, you can manage and control up to 25 Pix-Star frames from anywhere. You can adjust their settings, start and change slideshows, manage to cloud storage, and import photo albums as web albums from a dozen external sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos/Drive, and many more.

Pix-Star’s frame has a motion sensor to wake the frame up when somebody walks into the room. You can set auto-on/off schedules and mount the frame on the wall (in either orientation). The brightness and color settings can be adjusted via the frame’s settings page (and within the slideshow via the popup settings panel). Most of these settings can be managed remotely via the web dashboard.

What to look for in a digital picture frame that can email photos?

A digital picture frame that can email photos should ideally offer both Wi-Fi and cloud features. You should be able to send photos over Wi-Fi and have them saved automatically to the cloud. Note that while Wi-Fi connectivity is important, having internal storage space and USB or SD card support is essential.

Some of the top digital picture frames that can email photos charge subscription fees. Examples of subscription-based digital frames include Skylight frames and Nixplay frames. We don’t usually recommend these frames as non-subscription alternatives such as Pix-Star offer most of the same features – and much more – without charge extra.

A mobile app and web interface that support sharing photos to several frames at the same time is a must-have. This is especially true for families and elderly users as you can share photos with everyone in the family with just a few clicks. Some of the top popular frames such as Pix-Star support importing photo albums from social media and photo-sharing sites – and setting them to update new photos automatically.

How does a digital picture frame that can email photos work?

Digital picture frames that email photos generally have at least 4GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud storage, and a unique email address. You can send photos from most email providers to several of your frames at the same time. Some of these digital picture frames even allow incoming photos to play in the current slideshow as they’re received.

Note that most digital picture frames that support sharing photos over email don’t allow you to send video clips or audio files over email. As the photo mail is received, it’s saved to the frame’s internal storage automatically. Top frames like the Pix-Star have a blacklisting feature that lets you restrict certain email addresses.

Once saved to the frame’s internal storage, you can move the photos around between folders, include them in slideshows, delete unwanted pictures, and more. Note that some frames lock this custom playlist feature behind a paywall or don’t have an internal file explorer.

With digital picture frames that offer cloud storage, incoming photo-mail are backed up to the cloud automatically. This cloud storage can be managed via the connected web interface, moved around, deleted, etc.

Do I need Wi-Fi to email photos to a digital picture frame?

Many of the best Wi-Fi digital picture frames with an email offer several photo-sharing methods. These frames typically have a mobile app that lets you send pictures to several frames at the same time. In some cases, there’s also a supported web interface that lets you send photos wirelessly to your frames.

The main issue with all of these features is that they’re dependent on Wi-Fi. Without Wi-Fi, the frames cannot receive photo mail, pictures from the mobile app, or sync linked albums from the web interface.

Top digital picture frames like the Pix-Star cover this gap by offering USB and SD card support and internal storage space. Pix-Star has a plug & play feature that lets you play slideshows directly from the connected USB or SD card. Alternatively, you can copy the file to the frame’s internal storage. Sharing photos via USB or SD card doesn’t require Wi-Fi, it’s elderly-friendly and ideal for sharing photos in bulk!

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