• Photo-Mails

    Snap, Email... SHARE Instantly

    Share your best moments with your friends and family easily

    Receive photos by EMAIL directly on your Pix-Star frame

    Send photos from your Pix-Star directly to your friends' email

  • Weather Forecast

    Receive personalized weather forecasts

    Save energy, schedule when your Pix-Star AUTO turns on & off

    Store up to 20,000 photos in the local memory of your Pix-Star

    Receive personalized weather forecasts

  • Web Albums

    Link, Control, Display!

    Display your own online photo albums

    Connect to Facebook, Google+, FlickR, Dropbox, and 20 providers...

    Link to pictures from your own web pages through RSS feeds

  • Web Radios

    Connect, Listen... Stay Tuned!

    Play your favorite audio streams and web radio stations

    Listen to your MP3s from USB stick and SD card

    Display your favorite slide shows at the same time

“I offered the Pix-Star to my parents. Now I can share my daily life with them, just by emailing them a picture from my Smartphone!" Andrew, 39.

"From the Pix-Star, I can preselect and listen to more than 1,000 of my favorite radio stations!" Thomas, 35.

"Wherever I am, whatever the time, at the click of a button I can change the picture slide shows on my parents' picture frame!" Erika, 29.

"I have never seen anything quite like the Pix-Star photo frames! Truly amazing," Gizmofusion.com

"A new generation of digital photo frames has arrived." PC magazine.

"Pix-Star frames won the Gold Award in the 2013 Top Ten Reviews!" TopTenReviews.

Pix-Star frames come with outstanding FREE services

  • FREE Web service - Online Dashboard now and forever

  • UNLIMITED and FREE storage for your pictures and web albums

  • CONTROL up to 25 Pix-Star frames from 1 single web account by creating a FREE Multi-Frame account

  • FREE Automatic software updates - new frame features
  • RESPONSIVE customer support to help you with the product - 24H/7 via email.

Pix-Star connects to the Cloud

  • FlickR, Picasa, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Dropbox, OneDrive, Photobucket, Zenfolio, Padeleon, SignageLive, Phanfare, PhotoRSS, Pogoplug, Picturelife, ShutterFly, SmugMug, Box, 23snaps, Google Drive and more...

Go Mobile with Pix-Star

  • Android App

    now available in Google Play