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Why You Need an Email Digital Picture Frame in Your Home!


How does an email digital picture frame work?

The email digital picture frame has a dedicated email address that lets you share photos to your frames as attachments. These photos save to the frame’s internal storage, usually requiring Wi-Fi to receive and download emailed pictures. Once saved to the frame’s internal storage, these emailed photos can play in slideshows.

Digital picture frames with email offer a familiar and simple way to share photos. While this method is not quite as versatile as a digital frame mobile app, it’s elderly-friendly and works with almost all devices (that support email).

In some cases, as with Pix-Star’s frames, you can send pictures using both a mobile app and via email – giving you the best of both worlds. Some of these email-supportive digital frames also save photo-mail to the cloud, which you can manage using a web dashboard.

Does Pix-Star’s digital picture frame work with email?

Pix-Star’s email digital picture frames are one of the most popular choices for families and elderly users. Not only does Pix-Star let you send photos to any of your frames over email, but you can also use the Pix-Star Snap mobile app, and even import photos from your social media using Pix-Star’s web dashboard.

Each Pix-Star frame comes with a dedicated and unique email address. Any photos and other media sent to any of your Pix-Star frames as photo-mail as automatically saved locally on the frame’s 8GB internal storage and to the cloud. Pix-Star offers free-for-life cloud storage that you can manage using your frame’s web dashboard.

Like most other premium frames, Pix-Star’s frames require a Wi-Fi connection to download photo-mail. Once saved to Pix-Star’s internal storage, you can browse all saved photos using the frame’s media library, start slideshows from selected files and folders, and much more.

What is the best large email digital picture frame?

Pix-Star’s 15-inch email digital picture frame is one of the best deals on the market at the moment. At its price point, there is nearly no other 15-inch frame that can compete with Pix-Star’s feature set and is easy to use.

Send pictures to your 15-inch Pix-Star frame using email, mobile app, web interface, as photo album imports from your social media, and via USB or SD card. The large display is better suited to large rooms like the living room or a master bedroom. Pix-Star’s 15-inch frames can mount on the wall as they support a standard VESA mount and have in-built hanging holes.

With features like a comprehensive remote configuration dashboard and a versatile mobile app, Pix-Star’s frames are great for families and elderly users. You can start slideshows remotely, each frame comes with free-for-life cloud storage, and much more. In terms of value for money, Pix-Star’s 15-inch frames are among the best you’ll find.

Can I email photos to a digital picture frame?

Many of the best digital picture frames let you send photos via email, usually saving it as photo-mail on the frame’s internal storage. In some cases, incoming photo mail is also saved to the cloud, where it can be remotely managed using a web dashboard. Note that these features are almost exclusively found at the higher end of the market.

With that said, even among the top frame, many only let you share photos using a supported mobile app. These frames often charge recurring subscriptions to unlock most features and functions, though this isn’t always the case, e.g., Aura frames.

Do email digital picture frames charge monthly fees?

Some of the top digital picture frames charge monthly fees to unlock their feature set. We don’t usually recommend buying subscription-based digital frames as they rarely offer features that are sufficiently versatile or unique to justify their high long-term cost.

For example, Nixplay and Skylight frames are some of the most popular subscription-based frames on the market. Their “Plus” subscription locks most of their important features behind a paywall, including access to the mobile app, expanded cloud storage, video support (>15 seconds), multi-frame control groups, custom playlists, etc.

For comparison, Pix-Star – a non-subscription-based digital frame – doesn’t charge anything extra, yet offers all of the above features and more. You get free-for-life cloud storage, a mobile app and web interface, remote configuration support, a feature to import photo albums from social media, video and audio support, and much more.

When you consider that Pix-Star’s frames have a similar – and often lower – upfront cost as subscription-based frames like Nixplay and Skylight, value for money is better. You don’t have to pay recurring fees over the frame’s lifespan and don’t need to worry about ever losing access to important features and functions.

Does Pix-Star’s email digital picture frame have cloud storage?

Pix-Star’s email digital picture frame includes free-for-life cloud storage. Both Pix-Star’s 10-inch and larger 15-inch frames offer free-for-life cloud storage without having to pay any extra subscription fees to hidden costs.

Pix-Star’s frames and multi-frame groups have a web dashboard that lets you remotely manage, access, and control any of your frames. Here you can start slideshows, manage cloud storage, adjust each frame’s settings, set auto-on/off schedules, and more.

Pix-Star also saves all incoming photo mail to the frame’s 8GB internal storage. Using the frame’s media library, you can browse through all of the saved photos, make changes, and deletions, and start slideshows from specific files and folders.

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