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Is the Omnitech Digital Photo Frame Worth Your Money?


Is the Omnitech digital photo frame any good?

The Omnitech digital photo frame comes in two sizes; a larger 11-inch frame, and a smaller 8.5-inch model. Both frames are designed to target the low-mid budget range – which is demonstrated by the lack of essential features like Wi-Fi and multimedia support. The low-resolution display and awkward aspect ratio don’t help the overall value the Omnitech digital photo frame offers.

Unfortunately, these frames went out of production in 2010. This means that there is no longer any support or warranty unless you buy the frame directly from the manufacturer – something that’s not easy to do. It’s quite a big deal as these frames are known to struggle with durability and quality control. Many complaints online indicate that the frame usually stops working after just a couple of months. With little to no recourse available, it’s hard to justify buying this frame when so many others have active and helpful support and warranty options.

The lack of Wi-Fi capabilities means that the only way to send photos to the frame is by USB/SD card. With no internal flash storage, you have to leave the USB/SD card inserted into the frame at all times to view your photos. As such, you don’t have much control over the play order and frequency of photos.

Considering the price and weighing that against the features and functions the frame offers; you don’t get great value for money. You’re taking a risk buying a digital photo frame that doesn’t have a great record when it comes to durability and performance over time. Couple that with poor slideshow controls and a sub-par display/viewing experience and it’s worth saving up a little longer to get a more premium frame like the Pix-Star – but more on that below.

How does the Omnitech digital photo frame compare with the Pix-Star frame?

These frames are at opposite ends of the digital photo frame quality spectrum. Omnitech’s digital photo frames have been out of production since 2010 – yet Pix-Star is still one of the strongest and most versatile options on the market.

Although the Pix-Star’s price is higher, you get way more versatility and functionality than you pay for. With Wi-Fi capabilities, features like free-for-life cloud storage and sending photos to the frame via the mobile app are prime examples of what the Pix-Star frame offers.

You can link photo albums from your social media and photo-sharing accounts directly to your frame. They’re also saved to the 8GB internal storage and can be viewed offline. It’s a great feature of large families and those with elderly users that don’t want to feel left out.

Pix-Star frames can receive photos by email, mobile app, web interface, and USB/SD card. The 8GB of internal and cloud storage means you’re not going to run out of space anytime soon. Pix-Star’s frames don’t have any limits on the size of the USB/SD card, whereas the Omnitech digital photo frame only supports cards and drives up to 16GB.

Pix-Star’s 1024×768 display uses a versatile 4:3 aspect ratio that keeps you immersed all the time. Photos send from most smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras don’t need to be cropped or boxed in to fit the screen as their aspect ratios match. A broad viewing angle and adjustable brightness and colors mean you can get the perfect picture every time.

Pix-Star’s digital photo frames come in either a 10-inch or 15-inch model. With fair prices and arguably the best value for money on the market, Pix-Star’s digital photo frames are worth saving up a little longer for. The massive boost in versatility and functionality over Omnitech digital frames is far more significant than the price increase. It’s great for big families and doesn’t sacrifice ease of use or capabilities for the individual user.

Can the Omnitech digital photo frame play videos and audio?

Omnitech digital photo frames cannot play videos or audio. The frame doesn’t have any built-in speakers and doesn’t feature any multimedia support. You can only view photos on these frames – and those photos can only be sent by USB/SD card.

This is quite a stark contrast when compared to digital photo frames like the Pix-Star. It doesn’t charge any recurring or additional fees (unlike many other top digital frames) to unlock video support or the ability to send videos through the mobile app.

Pix-Star’s frames can play video clips up to 2-minutes long – with or without their audio. Videos can be sent by USB/SD card or by the mobile app and are saved to the sizeable 8GB internal storage. Videos can be included in slideshows and are also remotely controllable via the web interface.

How to send photos to the Omnitech digital photo frame?

The only way to send photos to the Omnitech digital photo frame is by loading them onto a USB/SD card. You have to make sure the photos on the drive/card are in a supported format (JPG is your best bet) and that the USB/SD card is also supported. Note that the Omnitech digital photo frame doesn’t support USB/SD cards larger than 16GB. You’re best off using a card or drive with around 8GB.

Does the Omnitech digital photo frame have good slideshows?

Slideshows and their settings are very restrictive on the Omnitech digital photo frame. You don’t have control over the play order or frequency of how photos are displayed in slideshows. There aren’t many options for adjusting the speed, style, and transitions of slideshows either.

Compare this to a frame like the Pix-Star that gives you plenty of control over how and when photos are played in slideshows. You can start slideshows from selected folders or include all the photos, videos, and audio on the frame. You can choose to include or exclude videos from slideshows too.

Pix-Star’s frames can be set to only include photos and other media from the past “x” number of days/weeks in slideshows. They can also be set to show those photos more frequently. Slideshow speed, style, type, and order can be easily adjusted – without needing to leave the slideshows.

One unique feature of the Pix-Star is that slideshows can be started and managed remotely via the web interface – from anywhere in the world! You can easily change settings, switch folders & albums, delete photos, and much more.

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