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What Matters in a Cloud Based Digital Photo Frame?


Is the Pix-Star the best cloud based digital photo frame?

Pix-Star’s cloud-based digital photo frame is unique in that it offers a full, rich set of features including free-for-life cloud storage, without charging any recurring monthly or annual fees. Many other premium frames have subscription fees that unlock cloud storage (and additional storage space), video playback support, and the use of the mobile app. These features are all offered for free with the Pix-Star digital photo frame.

You get free-for-life cloud storage that’s easily managed through the web interface. Here you can also remotely control any connected frame (multi-frame control for up to 25 connected frames) and import web albums.

Web album support is one of our favorite Pix-Star features because of how versatile and great for big families it is. With web albums, you can link selected photo albums from your favorite social media and photo-sharing accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos & Drive, Flickr, Dropbox, and more, directly to your frame. They’re automatically synced and downloaded to internal storage so that you can view them while the frame is offline.

Any time you add new photos to any linked albums, they’ll be automatically updated to all linked frames (to the album). It’s an excellent way to share photos effortlessly with everybody in the family and get photos to elderly users without them needing to do anything.

All the photos saved to your Pix-Star cloud storage can be bulk managed, edited, and exported. You can remotely start and manage slideshows, create new folders & albums to play from, and change settings like hue, saturation, brightness, and almost any setting you’d be able to change in-person.

When you combine all this with Pix-Star’s smooth and intuitive mobile app and frame interface, you get a very capable and usable digital photo frame. All your photos are saved to cloud storage and managing it all via the web interface is effortless and fast. Making changes to multiple frames makes keeping everybody in the family in touch much easier – and avoids leaving grandparents and other tech-savvy users out of the loop.

Pix-Star’s frames are priced slightly lower than many premium digital photo frames, and the lack of any subscription fees or hidden costs further boosts the frame’s big value for money. It’s a great choice for the individual, families, elderly users and quickly becomes a very important part of how you share precious moments with your loved ones.

How do cloud based digital photo frames work?

Most digital photo frames with cloud storage and services use their cloud servers. These are usually run by the company that sells the frame, but can also be done through partnerships with cloud service providers, and repackaged as something the brand offers. For some larger digital photo frames like the Pix-Star, cloud storage is offered free-for-life and unlimited, something not commonly found on the digital photo frame market.

Many top digital photo frames with cloud-related features charge monthly or annual subscription fees to unlock cloud storage, or to increase the allotted space. These subscriptions also enable features like using the web interface to manage your cloud storage, using the mobile app to send photos and other media, and more.

The main issue with these subscription fees is that there are top digital photo frames like the Pix-Star that offers all of the traditional paywall features full and free – no extra costs. You need to choose carefully and compare the cost of units over their lifetime (including the extra fees) to see if it’s worth paying extra for pretty much the same features and functionality.

What is the best way to send pictures to a cloud based digital photo frame?

Cloud-enabled frames let you import photos to your frame from external sources through the web interface. Many top digital frames use cloud storage to hold photos sent from the mobile app – which isn’t a great feature as it’s often slower, harder to manage, and limited by storage caps.

Web albums are the best, fastest, and most versatile way to send photos to your cloud-enabled digital photo frame. It involved linking photo albums on social media and photo-sharing accounts like Facebook and Google Photos to your frame. Note that this web album feature is almost always limited to premium digital photo frames – and even then, it’s only found on a handful of the top digital frames like the Pix-Star.

You should make sure that the frame you choose automatically stores all photos sent to your frame from all sources to ensure that you don’t lose any precious memories and can access them at any time for exporting and management.

How to manage the cloud storage of a cloud based digital photo frame?

With the Pix-Star cloud based digital photo frame, all of your cloud storage is easily managed through the web interface. The exact controls and systems in place vary quite significantly between brands, with some opting to use the mobile app to control and manage cloud storage, photos, and other media. In some cases, you don’t have access to the cloud storage linked to your frame, at least without purchasing additional subscriptions, permissions, or storage space.

With Pix-Star’s frame, simply log into the web interface dashboard at using your frame’s unique and dedicated email address. Once inside this dashboard, there are several options in the left-hand panel that let you manage the content of your frame – cloud storage included. “View photo mail” lets you manage and check all the photos received through email. This also includes all the photos received by the frame from the mobile app. “Web albums” lets you view and manage all photos imported through the web interface, from social media, and other external sources.

Do cloud based digital photo frames have subscription fees?

Most cloud based digital photo frames use a subscription model to charge for additional cloud storage space (after the initial allotted space is finished) or to unlock cloud functionality and features. That being said, a limited number of digital photo frames offer free-for-life cloud storage and extensive features without charging any extra fees or subscriptions – the most popular of which is the Pix-Star digital photo frame.

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