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Is a Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame with a Weather App Any Good?


Is it worth buying a Wi-Fi digital photo frame with a weather app?

If you’re thinking about buying a Wi-Fi digital photo frame with a weather app, there are a couple of important things to keep in mind. Firstly, digital frames aren’t designed with weather apps as their main focus – it’s more of a bonus feature to add to the frame’s overall versatility. There are plenty of far more important features like cloud storage, video playback, versatile slideshows, ease of use, Wi-Fi connectivity, access to a mobile app or web interface, and the ability to send photos to the frame from anywhere in the world.

Once these features have been catered to – and they usually are in the premium digital frame range – then you can start to compare frames based on less practical features like weather, alerts & reminders, web music & radio, etc. Just make sure that all of the essentials are taken care of and don’t buy a digital frame just for the weather feature. If that’s your sole reason for buying, you’re probably better of getting a tablet or even subscribing to a premium weather app on your phone or computer.

Why is Pix-Star’s Wi-Fi digital photo frame with a weather app the best?

Pix-Star’s Wi-Fi digital photo frame with a weather app isn’t the best just because of the weather function. It’s the best because of its unique combination of ease of use, value for money, premium real-world performance, free-for-life cloud storage, web album support, video & audio playback, versatile slideshows, and much more.

Pix-Star’s 10-inch digital frame is one of the most popular frames on today’s market, dominating on platforms like Amazon – while still being slightly cheaper than most other premium digital frames. Pix-Star’s weather forecast feature is just the icing on the cake, a bonus feature that certainly doesn’t hurt.

There are a lot of features that matter when searching for the right digital frame for your home or family. It can be overwhelming. You need to think about Wi-Fi vs offline frames, how they let you send photos if they play videos, how much storage they offer, is cloud storage a thing, are there any recurring fees or hidden costs, how long do they last, and much more.

Both Pix-Star’s 10-inch and 15-inch digital frames tick a lot of these boxes – and in many cases, outperform digital frames that cost significantly more. Their 4:3 aspect ratio and versatile slideshows offer an immersive viewing experience that’s accessible to everyone in the family – even elderly users. You can remotely control & manage up to 25 connected Pix-Star frames from a single user account, send photos from anywhere in the world, and even include videos into slideshows.

Unlike other top digital frames like Nixplay & Skylight, Pix-Star doesn’t charge any extra hidden or recurring fees after purchase. In those other cases, the premium annual subscription is required to unlock features like cloud storage, video playback, use of the mobile app, and more. When you consider this extra cost over the life of the frame, they end up being significantly more expensive than most other premium Wi-Fi digital photo frames with a weather app.

How to set up a Wi-Fi digital photo frame with a weather app?

Setting up the weather forecasts for a Wi-Fi digital photo frame can be a little tricky. The weather feature isn’t almost the most well-refined and can take some trial and error to get used to. That being said, digital frames like the Pix-Star have pretty straightforward weather forecasts features. You can start them directly on the frames via the weather settings page, or you can do it remotely through the web interface.

Make sure your Pix-Star frame is connected to the internet and registered on the web dashboard. This ensures that it has access to both the cloud services, weather information, and can be remotely controlled. With Pix-Star’s frames, you simply need to select the country and the city within that country that you’d like to display the weather forecasts & reports. If you can’t find your desired city, you can suggest it to the company and they will add it in future updates.

Once a city (or cities) has been selected and chosen, the weather forecasts for said cities will then show up in slideshows as pictures (slides). On the slide, you’ll see information about temperatures, rainfall, cloud cover, and other basic weather facts. You can set these weather forecasts & reports up on multiple Pix-Star frames to make sure everyone in the family is up to date.

Can Wi-Fi digital photo frames with weather apps play video & audio too?

Most Wi-Fi digital photo frames with a weather app usually include video & audio support. Weather apps aren’t primary features and aren’t at the forefront of important features. It’s something that’s easily dropped from the equation to make space for more practical and desirable features like video playback support, internal speakers, audio playback, and more.

Almost any digital frame that offers a weather feature is likely to include video & audio support beforehand. For example, Pix-Star’s Wi-Fi digital photo frames have a weather app, but also offer extensive video & audio features. You can play 2-minute video clips (more than almost all other digital photo frames), include videos in slideshows, play their audio, listen to web music & radio, play songs over slideshows, and much more.

Does a Wi-Fi digital photo frame with a weather app offer live updates?

Most of the best Wi-Fi digital photo frames with weather apps offer weather updates that are relatively up to date. That being said, they’re rarely up-to-the-minute or real-time updates, as that’s beyond the scope of what digital frames are designed for.

With top Wi-Fi weather digital frames like the Pix-Star, weather updates are up to date to the time they were linked to the frame. For example, when you choose which city to display weather updates & slides from within your slideshows, those slides will be linked to your frame. If you only view a slide within a slideshow 30 minutes later, that’s how outdated the forecasts or reports will be.

Weather apps are just a bonus feature that some of the best and most versatile digital photo frames offer. It’s not an area of focus, and it’s not one of the driving selling points of these frames.

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