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Why Pix-Star Digital Frames are Treasured by Families!


Are Pix-Star digital frames worth the money?

Pix-Star digital frames are some of the most popular premium frames on the market at the moment. They have extensive Wi-Fi & cloud capabilities that pave the way for family-focused features like a mobile app, web dashboard, remote control functionality, and much more. Pix-Star’s frames come in either a brilliant 10-inch frame or a larger 15-inch version.

Pix-Star’s frames are fantastic choices for families as you can manage & control up to 25 connected Pix-Star frames from a single user account. It’s all done through the web dashboard where you can remotely control the frame. This feature lets you start & control slideshows, adjust the frame’s settings, manage local & cloud storage, link photos from social media and photo-sharing platforms, and much more – from anywhere in the world.

The Pix-Star Snap mobile app is great for families and elderly users. You can send pictures to the frame no matter where you are in the world. The app lets you send pictures, videos, and audio messages to any frame via its email address. You can send up to 250 photos in one go – and can send them to several frames at the same time.

Pix-Star’s 4:3 display pairs perfectly with the mobile app. Most of our smartphones capture photos in 4:3, meaning you don’t need to manually edit or crop any photos before sending them. They’ll be displayed on the screen naturally and without distortion or being boxed in by black pillars. Pix-Star’s display lets you manually adjust the screen’s color & brightness settings to make sure you get the perfect picture for the theme, room, mood, or occasion.

Perhaps one of the most unique features is Pix-Star’s web albums feature. You can select and link picture albums from almost a dozen photo-sharing, social media, and online storage platforms. Supported platforms include Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr, and more.

Once a web album has been linked (you can link to several frames at the same time), it can be set to automatically sync & download any newly added photos. It’s the perfect way to automate sharing photos with all the frames in the family. Simply link them all to the same web album and then upload your new photos to that album – the rest will be taken care of for you!

Pix-Star’s frames are some of the only premium frames that offer free-for-life cloud storage and an elderly-friendly design without charging any extra recurring or hidden fees. You get all features unlocked and ready to go when you buy the frame. Value for money is excellent and you get one of the best frames on the market – it’s a smart purchase and one that will make connecting with your loved ones simpler and more fun.

How to send photos to Pix-Star digital frames?

Pix-Star’s photo-mail feature lets you attach and send photos to an email to the frame. All you need is your frame’s unique “@mypixstar.com” email address. It’s simple to use and quick to reach the frame.

Pix-Star’s mobile app lets you send photos, videos, and audio messages to multiple frames at the same time. You can send up to 250 photos at once and they’ll be automatically saved to the receiving frame’s internal storage. All received photos are automatically backed up to the cloud (which can be remotely managed).

You can import photo albums (web albums) directly from your computer, or up to a dozen social media and photo-sharing platforms such as Facebook & Google Photos. It’s an excellent way to share photos automatically with all the frames in the family without requiring much input from the receiving frames.

Finally, you can load photos to Pix-Star digital frames by USB/SD card. Slideshows can be started directly off the inserted USB/SD card or the contents can be copied to the frame’s internal storage (where you’ll have more control over their play order & frequency. Read our guide on digital frames and USB/SD card tips here!

How to set up Pix-Star digital frames?

Here’s a quick 5-minute guide on how to set up your Pix-Star frame the right way! The process simply involves connecting the Pix-Star frame to Wi-Fi before doing anything else. If it’s your first time setting up the frame, you’ll be automatically guided through this step.

Next, register the frame on the pix-star.com web interface. This unlocks your frame’s dashboard where you can remotely control the frame, import web albums, and manage cloud storage. It’s also where you can create multi-frame control groups to manage all the Pix-Star frames in the family.

The final step involved adding your frame’s email address to the mobile app. This only needs to be done once on each phone’s Pix-Star Snap app and will be remembered in the future. All you’ll have to do is select your frame from the list of added frames and send them right away!

Can Pix-Star digital frames be remotely controlled?

Pix-Star’s frames have a unique remote-control feature that lets you change the frame’s settings, start & manage slideshows remotely, make changes to both local & cloud storage, and even update the frame’s firmware. All of this is done through the frame’s web dashboard. You can switch between the accounts for different frames to control each frame respectively. Alternatively, you can add all the connected Pix-Star frames into a multi-frame control account and bulk manages them at the same time.

Can Pix-Star digital frames play video & audio?

Pix-Star’s frames can play 2-minute video clips (more than almost all other premium frames) and audio messages, web music & radio, and audio files, all directly on the frame. Videos and audio files can be loaded to the frame via the mobile app or by USB/SD card.

Pix-Star lets you include videos in slideshows (should you choose to do so) and they can be set to play muted or with sound. Pix-Star’s frames can also connect to external speakers or headphones/earphones via the USB port or the 3.5mm audio input port.

It’s worth noting that many other premium digital frames charge optional subscription fees to unlock features like the use of the mobile app, video & audio support & playback, etc. Pix-Star’s frames offer all of these features (and usually to a greater extent) without charging or requiring any additional subscription fees or hidden costs.

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