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Here’s Why 15-Inch Digital Photo Frames Are Worth It!


What are the best 15-inch digital photo frames?

Pix-Star’s 15-inch digital photo frames are some of the best on the market. They offer a wide range of features that aren’t found on many other frames. They’re designed to be elderly-friendly without sacrificing versatility and functionality for families and tech-savvy individuals. Pix-Star’s digital photo frames come in either a 10-inch or a large 15-inch version.

Pix-Star’s frames can receive photos, videos, and audio messages from anywhere in the world. You can load photos to the frame using the dedicated mobile app or via the web interface. Other online methods include sending photos to the frame by email and by linking & syncing photo albums from social media, photo-sharing, and online storage platforms (known as web albums).

Pix-Star’s 15-inch digital photo frames also come with access to the Pix-Star Snap mobile app. Here you can send photos, videos, and audio messages to any Pix-Star frame – all you need is its unique email address. You can send up to 250 photos to several frames at the same time. You can capture new photos directly inside the app or can select photos and videos from your phone’s gallery. All photos sent to the frame via the mobile app or web interface are saved automatically to cloud storage.

Pix-Star’s frames are unique in that they offer free-for-life cloud storage. Unlike many other top digital photo frames, you don’t need to pay additional subscription fees to unlock features like cloud storage, the mobile app, video & audio support, etc. All of your photos are automatically backed up to the cloud and can be centrally & effortlessly managed via the web interface.

One of the most alluring aspects of Pix-Star’s 15-inch frame is the display. It’s a 4:3 display that perfectly matches most of the photos we take on our smartphones. This means you don’t need to spend ages editing, cropping, or scaling photos to get them to display using the frame’s full display. It’s a common issue with 16:9 displays and often results in images being boxed in by ugly black pillar bars (around the sides or top). This leads to a more natural, effortless, and immersive viewing experience for everyone in the family.

When you combine all this with Pix-Star’s versatile slideshows, simple and efficient user interface, elderly-friendliness, etc., it’s easy to see their impressive value. While there is no perfect frame, Pix-Star seems to focus on the right areas. Their frames quickly become an important part of how you connect and share photos & other media with your loved ones – and add a unique aesthetic appeal to your home! Read our quick guide on how to set up a digital photo frame for families and modern homes here!

What are the most important features of 15-inch digital photo frames?

Nowadays, digital photo frames that don’t offer Wi-Fi connectivity and related features struggle to stay relevant and competitive. They simply lack the necessities that families require and don’t pack enough versatility and functions when compared with smartphones and computers. Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Fi-enabled features should be near the top of the list when you’re looking for a reliable digital photo frame.

Perhaps the most important of these is to make sure that they can send/receive photos remotely via Wi-Fi. In many cases, this is done through a supported mobile app or via the web interface. It’s worth noting that these features aren’t universally offered and are usually found with premium digital frames like the Pix-Star.

Mobile apps are key for modern frames that don’t feel outdated. Their convenience is tough to beat as we almost always have our phones with us. On the beach with your family and want to send a quick picture to your grandparents – mobile apps are the best way to get it done. With frames like the Pix-Star, photos received can be set to automatically display in slideshows – making sure your loved ones never miss another moment.

How to start slideshows on 15-inch digital photo frames?

There are usually a couple of different ways to start slideshows on digital frames. With frames like the Pix-Star, you can start a slideshow containing all the photos on the frame right from the home screen – it just takes two quick button presses. Each digital photo frame brand is a little different and they don’t all offer the same level of versatility.

With frames like the Pix-Star, you can also start slideshows from the frame’s “Media Library”. Here you can browse through all the photos, videos, and audio messages saved on the frame’s internal storage (from all sources – including linked web albums). You can select the files and folders you want to include in the slideshow.

You have control over the play order & frequency that photos in slideshows are displayed in. Additionally, you can include videos in slideshows and even play songs/radio stations over slideshows. Here’s our quick guide on how to start slideshows on digital photo frames the right way!

Where should I put 15-inch digital photo frames?

Since 15-inch digital photo frames are quite large, they’re best when mounted or placed in large rooms like the living room, dining room, or master bedroom. 15-inch frames like the Pix-Star can be wall-mounted and remotely controlled – so they’re great for large homes and big families.

If you’re going to wall mount a digital photo frame, make sure it comes with a standard VESA wall mount (and additional hanging holes if possible). If you’re planning on resting the frame on a flat surface, make sure it comes with an attachable stand – and not one of those flimsy single-leg attachable stands.

How long do 15-inch digital photo frames last?

Digital photo frames are designed to display a still image constantly for up to 1,000-hours without taking damage. You won’t ever need to worry about screen burn-in and photos are changed frequently through slideshows. If you wanted to display a single photo for 1,000+ hours, you may as well print and frame that photo. Using digital photo frames to display only one image doesn’t use them to their full potential and wastes their versatile feature set.

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