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Are the Cheap Nextar Digital Photo Frames Worth a Look?


Are the Nextar digital photo frames worth it in 2021?

Nextar digital photo frames are entry-level digital frames with a small 7-inch display. They’re cheap frames with a limited set of features designed to cater to just a single user and without any ability to connect to Wi-Fi or cloud services. These offline frames are common to find in the cheap digital photo frame range – they’re even quite common up to the lower mid-range.

Nextar digital photo frames offer limited internal storage with USB/SD card support. While you can’t store many photos directly on the frame, there’s a plug-and-play feature that lets you play slideshows directly off the inserted USB/SD card. This might seem like a smooth feature – but it’s let down by the molasses-like slow speeds. Photos are often skipped over due to how slow they load and this can make the frames crash or force restart.

We don’t usually recommend going for cheap digital photo frames. The drop-off in quality when compared to premium digital frames are far more significant than the price change. You’ll find that many cheap digital photo frames like the Nextar struggle to last more than a couple of months – even if you take relatively good care of them. This isn’t to say that you can’t find a great deal, it’s just far less likely. You’ll also have to accept the much-reduced functionality and versatility of these cheaper frames. These are just some of the sacrifices that need to be made when getting cheap digital photo frames.

The lack of Wi-Fi connectivity and poor feature set makes Nextar’s digital photo frames feel very outdated. The user interface is slow to respond and the control is not intuitive. This can be especially tricky for elderly users – which is a catch 22 as most of these frames are created to cater to elderly users (simple feature, lack of complexity, etc.).

When compared to what premium digital photo frames can do, it’s easy to see why cheap digital frames often fall by the wayside. The top digital frames can receive photos from anywhere in the world – and often to several frames at the same time. You can link photo albums from social media and your computer directly to the frame wirelessly. Photos can be emailed and they can often play videos & audio files too. You get access to mobile apps & web dashboards that let you remotely control the frame no matter where you are – and the list goes on.

If you’re going to spend money on a digital photo frame, get something that can cater to a wide range of needs. Avoid cheap digital frames like the Nextar and look more towards the premium end of the market. You’ll get better value in the long run.

Are Nextar digital photo frames the same brand as Pix-Star?

Nextar is a name that falls roughly between Nixplay and Pix-Star – two of the biggest digital photo frame brands on the market, so it’s easy to see why people get confused. Nextar is a separate brand from both Nixplay and Pix-Star. These are cheap digital frames that cater to individual users through very basic offline features.

On the other hand, Pix-Star’s digital photo frames are extremely versatile and capable. They come with a mobile app (Pix-Star Snap) that lets you send photos, videos, and audio messages directly to several frames at the same time from anywhere in the world. You can send up to 250 photos at the same time and can select entire collections or folders from your phone’s gallery.

Pix-Star’s web dashboard is unique in that it lets you remotely control your Pix-Star frames. You can create multi-frame control groups with up to 25 connected Pix-Star frames. Their settings can be adjusted remotely, you can start, change, and control slideshows, update the frame’s firmware, manage cloud storage (and local storage too), all from anywhere in the world.

Pix-Star’s web albums feature lets you link photo albums from social media and photo-sharing sites directly to your frame’s internal storage. These albums can be set to automatically update & sync when new photos are added – hence automating much of the photo-sharing process. It’s a great way to make sharing photos & other media with everyone in the family (grandparents included) effortless. They can all view the photos without needing to lift a finger.

How to send photos to Nextar digital photo frames?

The only way to send photos to Nextar digital photo frames is by USB/SD card. Load the desired photos in a supported format to a compatible USB/SD card. It’s worth noting that larger USB/SD card sizes (8GB plus) aren’t likely to be compatible – or will run into loads of issues trying to connect & view your photos.

Insert the USB/SD card into the frame’s port and view them in slideshows. You may be able to copy some of the photos to the Nextar digital photo frame’s internal storage, but it’s very limited and won’t hold many. Bear in mind that these frames are slow with little processing power. You’re likely to run into various stuttering issues or failures that will require a full reboot to fix.

Can Nextar digital photo frames play videos?

Nextar digital photo frames do support video playback – but with quite a few limitations. Most formats aren’t supported and the video needs to match the frame’s native display resolution (or they’ll be cropped/distorted/surrounded by black bars). Make sure to keep the video clips short (less than one minute) and only load them to the USB/SD card in supported formats (sorry iPhone users). You can also play music on the frame, though the inbuilt speakers are poor quality and not loud enough unless you’re standing a few inches from the speakers.

How long will Nextar digital photo frames last?

Nextar digital photo frames aren’t made to last for a very long time. These are very cheap frames with a build quality to match. Most complaints point towards the display being the first to “clock out”. The slow performance and some heating issues lead to these frames not having the greatest longevity.

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