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Does a 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame Have What It Takes?


We break down the 7-inch digital photo frame to show you how they work when they’re best used, and what the best alternatives are. Here you’ll learn the truth about these frames, the budget range they’re most commonly found in, and some more unique topics like touchscreens. Let’s get started!

Is a 7-inch digital photo frame worth the money?

7-inch digital photo frames are one of the most common digital frame sizes – especially in the cheap budget range. Their small displays help to save on costs and keep the price of the frame as competitive as possible. With that said, there are some common issues worth noting before you get a 7-inch digital frame.

Screen size and resolution are probably the first roadblocks you’ll hit. Since most 7-inch digital picture frames are in the low-mid end of the spectrum, they use low-quality and low-resolution displays. These are often in 16:9 and don’t offer a very immersive viewing experience.

We’re used to big screens. From our TVs and tablets to ever-increasing smartphone screen size, small screens tend to feel outdated and “ancient”. This is one of the biggest issues with 7-inch frames. If you’re using them in a big and well-lit room like the living room or master bedroom, you probably won’t be able to view them from across the room easily.

Viewing angle and versatility is also quite limited. Due to the smaller screen size, there aren’t a ton of features you can pack into the frame without having it look like a brick. The result is a digital frame with limited functionality – which is why they’re more commonly found in the low-end of the market.

If you’re going to buy a digital photo frame, you want something that gives you an immersive and versatile viewing experience. This isn’t something easily done on a 7-inch digital frame. The screen is simply too small and the lack of features and functions makes it a difficult choice. You’ll get better value by saving up a little longer and getting a larger 8-10-inch digital frame like the Pix-Star. You’ll get a ton of features and far for features and functions that you’re paying for.

Is a 7-inch digital photo frame better than a 10-inch frame?

If you were to use a 7-inch and 10-inch frame side by side, you’d be taken back by the massive difference in immersion and the viewing experience. 10-inch digital frames offer much more screen real estate, greater viewing distance, and a better viewing angle. This makes it better for bigger rooms that are well-lit.

Most 10-inch digital photo frames can also be wall-mounted. This is something you wouldn’t do with a 7-inch digital frame as it’s too small to be seen from across the room. Most 10-inch frames have a higher 800×600 or 1024×768 resolution that goes a long way to improve sharpness and the overall viewing experience.

You’ll find that 10-inch frames are far more common in the mid-high-end, which naturally means that they have a broader set of features and functions. Many of them even include Wi-Fi and cloud functionality. One of the best 10-inch digital frames is the Pix-Star. It has a robust set of features like a mobile app, web interface, photo mail, remote control functionality, free & unlimited cloud storage, and much more.

Despite the higher price, 10-inch digital frames are almost always a better purchase than a 7-inch. You can use it in more places in your home, connect with other frames, send photos to it from anywhere in the world – and enjoy a far enhanced viewing experience.

Should a 7-inch digital photo frame have a touchscreen?

Usually, we don’t recommend a touchscreen for any digital frame larger than 8-inches. This is because they’re quite a bit more expensive and a lot less durable. You’ll have to deal with fingerprints and scratches – and touchscreens aren’t intuitive for most elderly users.

In the case of 7-inch digital frames, a touchscreen isn’t a bad idea. You’ll have to pay more for it, which might come at the cost of other features or the viewing experience (to keep the price competitive). The touchscreen might be okay as long as grandparents or other elderly users will be interacting with it.

We still suggest you stick to non-touch interfaces as you’ll get a more durable and robust frame. You also won’t have to constantly clean the screen or worry about oil building up on matte finish displays. You’ll save a little more money that can be used to get a slightly better or more versatile frame.

Are cheap 7-inch digital photo frames any good?

The main issue with cheap digital photo frames is quality control. You’ll find countless reviews online that claim the frame stops working after just a couple of months. This is the main reason we suggest avoiding cheap or low-end digital frames. It’s hard to know what you’re getting before buying.

It’s also worth noting the inherent limitations due to the lack of Wi-Fi and cloud capabilities. These cheap 7-inch frames usually work through a combination of limited internal storage and USB/SD card support. The only way to send photos to these cheap frames is by loading them to a compatible USB/SD card.

Unlike premium frames such as the Pix-Star digital photo frame, you don’t get extensive features or a fantastic viewing experience. There aren’t features like web radio & music, weather forecasts, mobile apps, web interfaces, or the ability to control your frame remotely. These types of handy features are only limited to a handful of the top digital frames like the Pix-Star.

Where is the best place to put a 7-inch digital photo frame?

The best place to put a small 7-inch digital photo frame is on the bedside table or a small table in the living room/dining room. Avoid mounting these frames on the wall as their limited viewing angle and short viewing distance means you’ll struggle to view it from across the room.

You can place these smaller digital frames on a mantelpiece or a table next to the sofa. They’re great for bedrooms and other small guest areas. Just note that they still won’t offer the premium viewing experience of 10-inch frames and are still quite limited by their lack of features and functions.

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