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Digital Picture Frame Cloud Storage Explained in 5-Minutes!


In this helpful guide, we break down and explain digital picture frame cloud storage, how it works, and which digital frames do it best. You’ll learn how to save your photos to the cloud, how to manage cloud storage, and what features and functions are unlocked as a result of cloud capability. Let’s get started!

Is a digital picture frame with cloud storage worth the money?

Digital picture frames with cloud storage represent just a small percentage of the frames on the market at the moment. It’s not a widely offered feature and is often limited to just a small portion of the top digital frames. Even among these top frames, cloud storage often comes at the price of an annual premium subscription. Frames like the Skylight require a subscription to unlock basic cloud backups for your photos; whereas others like the Nixplay charge a subscription to expand the allotted cloud storage space.

With all that being said, cloud storage offers a massive boost in versatility and functionality. With some frames like the Pix-Star, you can manage the storage for up to 25 connected frames from a single user account via the web interface. It’s an excellent feature for larger families and anybody that wants to keep their photos and other media safe.

Cloud storage can sometimes come with web album support. This lets you link to and display selected photos and albums from various social media, photo-sharing, and cloud-storage platforms like Facebook and Google Photos. This is probably the rarest and most unique cloud-related feature – but it’s extremely versatile. Learn what to look for in a cloud-capable digital photo frame here!

If you’re going to pay for a digital picture frame with Wi-Fi, cloud storage is the icing on the cake. You’ll find that many digital frames with cloud storage also have supported mobile app and web interfaces that help you manage cloud storage for your frame. It’s almost always worth spending a little extra to get a cloud-enabled frame. It makes connecting with your loved ones more effortless.

What is the best digital picture frame with cloud storage?

Pix-Star’s digital picture frame with cloud storage is arguably the best on the market at the moment. One of the main reasons for this achievement is their free-for-life unlimited cloud storage. You can manage and backup the photos from all connected frames and manage them effortlessly through the web interface – from a single user account.

Pix-Star is also unique in that they don’t charge any additional subscription fees or hidden costs. When you buy the Pix-Star frame, all of its features come fully unlocked and ready to go. Bulk actions can be performed through the intuitive web interface dashboard. Here you can delete photos (and videos & audio), make new folders, start slideshows, and manage most of the frame’s settings.

Unique features like Pix-Star remote control functionality lets you change any connected frame’s settings, start and manage their slideshows, adjust brightness, update firmware, and much more. It combines well with how easy the frame is to send photos to. Methods include emailing photos, sending photos, videos & audio through the Pix-Star Snap mobile app, USB/SD card support, and importing photos through the web interface.

Finally, cloud capabilities let you import web albums from your favorite social media, photo-sharing, and cloud-storage platforms directly to your frame. These web albums are saved to the cloud, managed through the web interface dashboard, and saved to the frame’s internal storage for offline use.

Pix-Star’s intuitive interface and friendly design makes full use of cloud and Wi-Fi capabilities – and does this all without charging any recurring or hidden fees. This is one of the main drivers behind Pix-Star’s success and the edge it has over competing for top digital frames like Skylight and Nixplay.

Do I have to pay for cloud storage on a digital picture frame?

More often than not, cloud storage is a paid feature. This is usually in the form of a monthly or annual subscription fee that’s charged to unlock or expand cloud storage. This is evidenced with the Skylight and Nixplay digital frame – among several other top options.

Pix-Star’s digital picture frame offers cloud storage without charging any additional fees or subscriptions. Not only this, but cloud storage is free-for-life and unlimited – something very few other top digital picture frames offer.

You don’t have to pay to unlock the web interface that lets you manage your Pix-Star frames and their cloud storage. All of your photos are automatically backed up and saved as soon as they’re received to your digital frames (including photos copied to the frame’s internal storage from a USB/SD card).

How does digital picture frame cloud storage work?

Digital picture frame cloud storage is usually only found with a handful of premium digital photo frames. The frame’s manufacturer either has dedicated servers to handle all of the cloud storage requirements or outsource this service to a third party.

It’s worth noting that cloud storage isn’t free in most cases. It costs the company money to maintain and enable the servers (or the hired service) that offers cloud storage. This is why cloud storage often comes at a premium. In some cases, you get some cloud storage for free, but need to pay for past a set point.

It’s rare to find digital picture frames with cloud capabilities like the Pix-Star, as they offer free-for-life and unlimited cloud storage without charging any additional recurring or hidden fees. This is even more impressive when you consider Pix-Star’s super-competitive price point that’s slightly lower than most other premium digital picture frames that offer cloud storage & features.

Can I save videos to my digital picture frame’s cloud storage?

Your Pix-Star digital picture frame will automatically save all of your photos, videos, and audio messages to the cloud. You can access this storage from your web interface dashboard at Here you can permanently delete photos & videos, move them into new folders, and perform various other bulk actions.

Check your user guide and documentation for the digital frame you have to make sure cloud storage is offered. It should also dictate whether there are limits on cloud storage space and subscription fees if applicable. Pix-Star’s frames offer unlimited, free cloud storage and don’t charge any extra hidden or recurring fees.

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