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The Only Guide on Omnitech Digital Photo Frames You Need!


Are Omnitech digital photo frames good for families and elderly users?

Omnitech digital photo frames aren’t the greatest choices for families or elderly users. The lack of Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud storage, remote control functionality, and ease of use have negative impacts on the frame’s usability and versatility. Photos can only be loaded to the frame by USB/SD card, you only get 128MB of internal storage, and a low-resolution 16:9 display.

If you want a digital photo frame for families, Wi-Fi connectivity and cloud storage are must-have features. You should be able to remotely control connected frames from anywhere in the world to start slideshows and manage the frame’s settings – this is especially important for elderly users and big families.

You should also be able to send photos & videos wirelessly to several frames at the same time. It helps to make photo sharing much more effortless and intuitive. Pix-Star’s frames offer versatile photo-sharing and intuitive interfaces – but more on that down below.

How do Omnitech digital photo frames compare with the Pix-Star?

Omnitech digital photos are available in either an 8.5-inch or 11-inch version. Pix-Star’s digital frames are available as either a 10-inch or large 15-inch digital frame. Screen size is about the only area that these frames are similar. Pix-Star’s frames use a 4:3 aspect ratio (which is better for displaying photos from cameras and smartphones); whereas Omnitech’s frames use an awkward 16:9 aspect ratio.

Pix-Star’s frames have a much higher resolution display with adjustable brightness and color settings. Brightness can be adjusted remotely via the web dashboard or with the remote control (or on-frame controls). Pix-Star’s frames offer comprehensive slideshow control and let you control the play order & frequency of photos. Videos can be included in slideshows and you can set them to play muted (or with their accompanying sound). None of these features are possible on Omnitech’s digital photo frames.

Pix-Star’s digital frames can receive photos from anywhere in the world via email, mobile app, social media & photo-sharing platforms, and more. Alternatively, you can load media to the frame by USB/SD card. There is 8GB of internal storage and automatic cloud backups to make sure all of your photos, videos, and audio messages are kept safe.

Omnitech’s digital frames can only receive photos by USB/SD card (and they’re limited to 16GB). You only get 128MB of internal storage (compared with Pix-Star’s 8GB of local storage). Pix-Star’s frames offer free-for-life cloud storage, automatic backups, and remote-control functionality. They’re easy to use, versatile, and offer reliable real-world performance. Pix-Star’s 10-inch digital frame is arguably the best value for money digital frame on today’s market – and one of the best choices for families and modern homes.

Can Omnitech digital photo frames import pictures from social media?

Omnitech digital photo frames cannot connect to Wi-Fi or the cloud – both of which are essential features for importing photos from social media, photo-sharing, and online storage platforms. To get photos from these platforms onto Omnitech’s frames, you need to manually download them to your computer or phone.

Transfer these photos onto a compatible USB/SD card, insert that card into the frame, navigate to the USB/SD card device via the frame’s menu, and start a slideshow with all the photos. Note that you don’t have much control over the play order and frequency over slideshows when they’re started from a connected USB/SD card.

If you want to import photos from social media or other external sources (known as web album support), Pix-Star’s frames are the ideal choice. Almost a dozen platforms are supported, including Facebook, Google Photos & Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, Flickr, and many more. You can even import photo albums directly from your computer to your Pix-Star frame (wirelessly) and have them save straight to the frame’s internal storage.

Pix-Star’s web albums are available offline and can be remotely managed through the web interface. You can remotely start slideshows from selected web album sources – and change them – from anywhere in the world. It’s one of the most versatile web album features on any digital frame, and comes alongside Pix-Star’s free-for-life cloud storage, 4:3 aspect ratio, and robust feature set!

Can I mount Omnitech digital photo frames on the wall?

Omnitech digital photo frames can be wall-mounted – which is one way to overcome the not-so-sturdy attachable stand. The main issue with wall-mounting these frames is that the only way to control the frame is via the button controls on the frame’s body. This isn’t ideal for elderly users and can be a major inconvenience.

For reference, 10-inch frames like the Pix-Star can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world via the web dashboard. Alternatively, you can use the handheld remote to control the frame within about a 6m range. There is also on-frame button control if you don’t have the remote nearby (which is unlikely as there is a magnetic holder for the remote on the back of the Pix-Star frame).

How to send photos and videos to Omnitech digital photo frames?

Omnitech digital photo frames are non-Wi-Fi digital frames. This means that they can’t connect to the cloud or import photos wirelessly. The only way to send photos to these frames is by USB/SD card – but you have to make sure the USB/SD card is 16GB or smaller. Unfortunately, Omnitech digital photo frames don’t support automatic slideshows – despite claiming to do so. You have to navigate through several menu pages to start slideshows from a connected USB/SD card (there’s no popup menu or automated start).

It’s also worth noting that Omnitech digital frames only have 128MB of internal storage. For reference, premium frames like the Pix-Star have 8GB of internal storage space (which is enough for around 30,000 photos). Some of this 128MB is taken up by the OS, leaving you with very little space for photos. In practice, you need to rely almost 100% on the inserted USB/SD card for your photos.

Omnitech digital frames don’t support video playback. These are ultra-low refresh rate displays with low resolutions. Even if they could play videos, the poor display attributes, and severely limited internal storage further worsen the issue. You can’t send video or audio files to Omnitech’s frames. If you want video-capable digital photo frames, consider Pix-Star’s 10-inch frames. It’s one of the most popular frames on the market and offers both audio & video support.

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