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What to Look for in a Kid-Friendly Digital Picture Frame


What is the best kid-friendly digital picture frame?

Pix-Star offers an excellent kid-friendly digital picture frame that’s packed with useful features for the rest of the family. You can easily send pictures from anywhere and the frame is both video & audio capable. Pix-Star’s frames come in either a popular 10-inch size and a large 15-inch version. A 1024×768 4:3 display delivers an excellent viewing experience with simple menus that are easy to navigate.

Pix-Star’s digital frames let you listen to the web radio & music. This is great for improving your kids’ listening skills. Radio channels are available from all over the world and many of these are based in the US. Radio channels can be sorted by country or genre, making it easy to find suitable channels for your kids to listen to. They can learn about other cultures and accents, and learn about many different types of music.

Pix-Star’s digital picture frames can be connected to external headphones, earphones, and speakers. This can be done through the USB port or via the 3.5mm audio input port. This enhances the audio quality and can also be used to support video playback.
Pix-Star’s frames support 2-minute video clips & audio messages. These clips can be sent to the frame with the Pix-Star Snap. You can send the same clips to several frames at the same time.

While 2-minute clips might not seem like much, it’s more than almost all of the other top digital frames – and is offered without charging any additional recurring subscription fees or hidden costs. You can also send video clips to the frame by USB/SD card.

If you’re worried about privacy or your kids’ frames receiving inappropriate photos, Pix-Star frames can be set to require manual acceptance of new photos. Additionally, you can add specific emails addressed to a “blocked” list. These addresses can’t send photos to that frame any longer. You can remotely manage photo-mail and the folders that slideshows are played from the web interface. It’s perfect for making sure your kids and family only see the photos they should – and not be inundated with unnecessary or inappropriate photos.

Finally, Pix-Star’s frames have several games including snake, sudoku, minesweeper, and others. It’s a great way to pass the time and keep your kids’ brains active with fun puzzle games. They can use the handheld remote controller to play the games with. This helps to build better hand-eye coordination with classic and simple games. Read here to learn why 10-inch digital picture frames are excellent choices for the modern home & family!

What to look for in a great kid-friendly digital picture frame for families?

Kid-friendly digital frames need an element of control to fit well into the family. You should be able to easily control who can and cannot send photos, videos, and audio messages to the frames your kids interact with. This is essential as you don’t want inappropriate pictures being sent to the frame. Luckily, frames like the Pix-Star give you plenty of control over the email addresses and contacts that the frame can receive from. Creating a blacklist is simple and you can control photo folders and web albums easily through the web dashboard.

Frames should have Wi-Fi capabilities and the ability to be controlled remotely by a parent or adult. This ensures slideshows can be started from specific folders that you want your kids to view. Frames like the Pix-Star have versatile remote-control functionality that’s managed through the web dashboard. Additionally, you can create new folders inside your social media account specifically for linking to your kids’ frames. You can then load photos into this dedicated album and have them automatically updated to all connected frames.

How to set up a kid-friendly digital picture frame?

Avoid mounting the digital frame on the wall as this could encourage kids to hang off it and even try to climb it. You want the frame to have a robust and firm attachable stand that leaves the frame mobile and safe from kiddy parkour. You still need to teach your kids that the frame isn’t just a toy and can be damaged if knocked off the table or treated too harshly.

The remote control needs to be big enough to not be a choking hazard. Frames like the Pix-Star have very safe remote controls and offer tactile and quick response times. You should also teach your kids to put the remote control back with the frame when they’re done using it. Pix-Star’s frames have a magnetic holder on the frame’s rear when the remote control can be slipped onto for safe-keeping.

Make sure that the power supply cable isn’t running along the floor or carpet. This can easily cause your child to trip and/or pull the frame off its rested surface. Frames like the Pix-Star have an adjustable stand that does a great job at hiding the power inlet so you don’t need to worry about your child playing around with it too much.

Can kid-friendly digital picture frames play video & audio?

Some kid-friendly digital photo frames like the Pix-Star can play both videos and audio. It’s worth noting that almost all digital photo frames place limits on the length of videos and audio clips that are supported by the frame. Pix-Star’s frames offer 2-minute video playback support – which is more than almost all of the other top digital frames on the market. It’s also worth noting that many top frames like the Nixplay and Skylight charge additional subscription and recurring fees to unlock features like video playback, cloud storage, use of the mobile app, etc. See our Skylight vs Pix-Star comparison here to see who takes the top spot!

Frames that can play audio often have inbuilt speakers or can connect to external speakers, headphones, or earphones. This is usually done via a USB connection or a 3.5mm audio input port. In some cases (as with Pix-Star’s frames), videos can be included in slideshows and be set to play muted/unmuted. Additionally, audio notes, songs, and radio stations can be played over slideshows for a touch of extra personalization.

How long do kid-friendly digital picture frames last?

Digital picture frames are designed to last 1,000-hours while displaying the same image continuously without suffering from any screen burn-in or other adverse effects. This is more than enough durability and significantly more than you’d need in practice. If you wanted a single photo shown for 1,000-hours straight without other photos mixed in, you’d be better off just printing and framing that one photo.

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