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Hunting for the Best 15-Inch Digital Photo Frames of 2021


What are the best 15-inch digital photo frames of 2021?

Pix-Star’s 15-inch digital photo frames are some of the most functional and versatile frames on the market in 2021. This is due to an excellent balance between usability, price, performance, and features. You can send photos to your frame from anywhere in the world, take control of any connected frame, and it’s all so easy that your grandparents can use it.

Though combining a robust feature set and a smooth and intuitive user interface, the Pix-Star 15-inch digital photo frame cements itself as a solid choice for big families and elderly users – without compromising performance offline or for the individual user.

From a fluid mobile app and web interface to remotely controlling your frame with a handheld remote control, you get everything you’d need from a big digital frame. The 1024×768 resolution display uses a super-versatile 4:3 aspect ratio (arguably the best aspect ratio for any digital photo frame). Photos appear natural and match the 4:3 aspect ratio that our smartphones capture pictures in.

Multimedia playback lets you play both videos and audio (through the inbuilt speakers). You can view 2-minute-long video clips and audio-only notes from your loved ones.

When you combine this with the ability to link photos and photo albums from social media and photo-sharing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, Google Drive & Photos, etc. – you will never miss another moment. Photos are automatically received, synced, updated, and saved to internal storage for offline use.

Free-for-life cloud storage and several Wi-Fi-enabled features like viewing the weather, web radio & music, and more, deliver one of the most complete user experiences you’ll find on a 15-inch digital photo frame.

With 8GB of internal storage space that’s easy to manage and edit through the web interface, you can create folders for displaying customized slideshows. It’s easier than ever to start a slideshow from the main menu (just one button press) and you can adjust both the brightness and color to get the perfect image every time.

In summary, Pix-Star delivers big value without any recurring fees or hidden costs. You get a highly functional 15-inch digital photo frame that’s easy for everyone in the family to use. It links up well with other family members’ frames to form an intuitive and usable network – where multi-frame and remote control help you keep everybody up to date. It offers fantastic value for money and gives you a frame you’ll keep around for years.

Should I choose a 15-inch digital photo frame or something smaller?

15-inch digital photo frames are great for larger rooms that are brightly lit and require broader viewing angles. They’re also excellent for mounting on the wall and viewing from across the room. That being said, 15-inch digital photo frames are usually 20-30% more expensive than standard 10.1-inch frames.

It’s also worth noting that there are far fewer options to choose from as 15-inch frames aren’t as popular as 10.1-inch digital photo frames. There are still plenty of great options on the market such as the Pix-Star frame. You’ll also struggle to find 15-inch digital photo frames at the low-mid-range budget level – especially with touchscreens.

Larger displays usually need to use higher resolutions to maintain the same pixel density (or keep the pixel density above a certain number). These panels are more expensive, which is the main reason you need to pay more for 15-inch digital photo frames. They’ll almost always have the same feature set as smaller frames but will cost a little more.

If your budget supports getting a larger frame, the improved immersion and viewing experience often make it worth it. Unless you have a very small space to put the frame, a 15-inch digital photo frame is an excellent choice. Just make sure you don’t sacrifice features like Wi-Fi connectivity and usability for the larger display – and avoid touchscreen.

Is a touchscreen okay on a 15-inch digital photo frame?

We typically advise that you avoid touchscreens on larger digital photo frames. This is because, for any display above 7-8-inches, touchscreens panels become significantly more expensive. Not only this, but you also have to constantly clean off fingerprints. They reflect the light and make it difficult to see the screen in bright rooms and at angles.

Touchscreens are also more prone to getting scratched and getting damaged by knocks and small falls. They’re also quite a bit more difficult for elderly users to grasp as they often don’t know what icons and areas of the screen are interactable.

There is also a far smaller selection pool for 15-inch digital photo frames that use touchscreens. They usually have to compromise other features and functions to recuperate the cost of the costly touchscreen panel.

How long does a 15-inch digital photo frame last?

Digital photo frame displays are designed to be able to display the same still image for 1,000 hours without taking damage or suffering from burn-in. You’re never going to be in a situation where you need to display a single image for 1,000 hours non-stop – otherwise, you would have bought a normal non-digital picture frame.

Premium 15-inch digital photo frames like the Pix-Star can last for several years with normal use; longer if you take good care of it. If you keep the screen clean and keep the frame somewhere it’s not going to get knocked over or bumped, you can expect a long life from a premium 15-inch digital photo frame.

Should I mount a 15-inch digital photo frame on the wall?

15-inch digital photo frames are fantastic for wall mounting. Many premium models like the Pix-Star 15-inch frame come with support for a standard VESA mount for a secure and versatile wall mount. You can mount these frames in either landscape or portrait too. 15-inch frames are quite big and do a great job at filling up large empty walls and adding a lot of character to a room. They have broader viewing angles and are better than smaller frames for viewing from across the room.

All that being said, you don’t need to mount a 15-inch digital photo frame on the wall. If it comes with a sturdy and steady attachable stand, you can safely mount it on tabletops and mantelpieces. Many premium 15-inch frames like the Pix-Star also do a great job at hiding the power cable. If wall-mounted, you can run the power cable through a hole in the wall to achieve that clean and minimalistic aesthetic.

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