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Is a Wooden Digital Photo Frame as Good as It Looks?


Is a wooden digital photo frame worth buying?

A wooden digital photo frame can add a unique touch to your home – but at what cost? Wood-themed design can be very visually pleasing. They often do a better job at matching rooms with laminate flooring or similar aesthetics. That being said, wooden digital photo frames are not nearly as common as other types.

There are a few options on the market, though most of them are in the low-mid-range price-wise. Aluratek makes a couple of wooden digital frames that you can choose from. Unfortunately, the selection isn’t the best and most of those frames are very limited in terms of functionality and performance. They go for the aesthetically pleasing look to counterbalance the lack the versatility and functionality.

You’re also severely limited in the premium range. The selection of wooden digital frames is so narrow that you only have a handful of choices (Nixplay is one notable example). This makes it far less likely that you’ll get good value for money or a digital frame that meets your unique needs.

Wooden digital frames are quite a bit harder to clean to usually use distressed wood and layers of laminate. There are also a couple of frames that use synthetic plastic designed to mimic wood grains. Most of the aesthetic frames can be quite a bit more expensive than other types – though usually less expensive than white.

Wood isn’t a great choice if you live in a humid environment as they are more prone to warping. They also not quite as durable in the long run – but make up for this with their uniqueness and attractive appeal.

In summary, you can go for a wooden digital photo frame if you don’t mind paying a little bit more. That being said, you shouldn’t choose a frame-based solely on having a wooden frame while ignoring potential missing features. Since most of these wooden digital photo frames are found in the low-mid range of the market – you’ll less likely to get a frame that competes for the top spot.

Is the Pix-Star a wooden digital photo frame?

Pix-Star’s frames are one of the strongest competitors for the top spot as the best digital photo frame on the market at the moment. Their frames come in a robust matte finish with a natural dark-grey color profile that draws attention to the stunning 4:3 display. Everything about the Pix-Star caters to the user experience, and using a wooden digital frame didn’t play a role in that goal. Pix-Star’s frames offer more durability and versatility than you’d find on almost any wooden digital photo frame on the market. It’s a premium frame and one of the best for families and elderly users – they are well worth the money.

Can I build a wooden digital photo frame?

You can DIY build a wooden frame for your digital photo frame. The dimensions, thickness, and scale all depend on your frame’s specs. Just make sure not to block access to the frame’s USB/SD card ports, power inlet, and 3.5mm audio jack port (if it’s available). It’s also worth noting that wood can bend and lose its shape over time, especially if you live in a humid or exceptionally dry environment. You need to take this into account when designing the frame.

How long will a wooden digital photo frame last?

This depends on the quality of the digital photo frame, who made it, and the type of wood used. A synthetic wooden digital photo frame that simply uses a standard plastic frame with a wood grain décor will last just as long as other digital frames. They might suffer from a little discoloration over time, though you won’t have to worry about warping.

Laminate layers of wood are occasionally used and are probably the least durable. They’re more likely to peel and separate over time. They’re arguably the least durable but thankfully aren’t very common. Solid wood frames will be significantly more expensive and harder to find. You need to take good care of them to avoid warping and damage through wear and tear. Make sure you don’t use these in humid, overly-hot (kitchens), or overly-dry environments as you’ll speed up the wear and tear process.

What to look for in a wooden digital photo frame?

The most important thing to look for in a wooden digital photo frame is build quality. Make sure you read through as many reviews and Q&As as you can tolerate, especially as lower star ratings (three or less). This will help you build a better idea of how the frame performs over time in the real world – and if there are any major issues with durability and build quality.

There’s a lot more that goes into making a great digital photo frame than just the aesthetic appeal. You need to consider essential features like Wi-Fi and cloud capabilities. Digital photo frames that can’t receive photos over Wi-Fi and through mobile apps/web interfaces feel very outdated in 2021 and beyond. Features like cloud storage and compatibility let you connect to social media and photo-sharing accounts, manage your grandparents’ frames remotely, make it far more convenient for the whole family, and much more.

On top of this, the merit and wow-factor of wooden digital photo frames will likely fade as soon as you get used to them. If you chose a digital photo frame solely based on this appeal, you might be stuck with something hard to use, has limited features, and doesn’t fit functionally well into your home.

It’s worth sacrificing a little on the aesthetic appeal for enhanced performance, unique features, and the user experience.

Make sure the screen has at least 800×600 resolution with a 4:3 aspect ratio, supports multimedia playback, offers Wi-Fi/cloud compatibility & features, and can work offline via USB/SD card support and internal storage space. With these features, you’re far more likely to find a wooden digital photo frame that’s versatile enough for the whole family, simple enough for the elderly, and functional enough for the individual.

As a final pointer, make sure the wood in the frame is well crafted. You should avoid layers of laminate wood strips as they are more prone to warping and can separate over time. Alternatively, you can get a plastic or synthetic frame with a woodgrain finish. Just make sure it’s not a stick-on finish that will scratch off easily.

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