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Are Skylight Digital Frames Worth Your Time & Money?


How do Pix-Star and Skylight digital frames compare?

Both the Pix-Star and Skylight digital frames are at the top of the digital frame market. They offer premium functionality and frames that are well suited to 2021 and beyond. That being said, there are some key differences you need to pay attention to going forward.

Pix-Star’s digital frames are arguably the most versatile on the market at the moment. They have a robust and complete feature set that caters to families and elderly users with ease. Unlike many other top frames, Pix-Star’s frames can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world. It’s done through the web interface and makes the Pix-Star an excellent choice for families. You can remotely start & manage slideshows, adjust the frame’s settings, link photos from social media and photo-sharing platforms, update the frame’s firmware, and much more.

Skylight digital frames don’t have this functionality. You need to be directly in front of the frame to change settings, start slideshows, etc. You also can’t easily link photos from social media and photo-sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, etc. All of these features are offered on the Pix-Star without charging any extra fees.
On the note of extra fees, the Skylight Plus subscription fee is a serious consideration.

You have to pay the annual recurring fee on top of the price of the frame. We seldom recommend going for a digital photo frame that charges recurring fees as frames like the Pix-Star and others offer all the same features without charging a cent extra.

The Skylight Plus subscription fee unlocks video playback (though still less than the Pix-Star). It lets you use the mobile app to send pictures to the frame. The Pix-Star Snap mobile app already includes this functionality and lets you send videos to several added frames at the same time.

Skylight Plus unlocks cloud backups for your photos; whereas Pix-Star frames come with free-for-life cloud storage. Skylight simply lets you backup your photos; whereas Pix-Star let you remotely manage and control up to 25 connected frame – and manage all of the local & cloud storage from anywhere in the world.

In terms of the display, Pix-Star’s 4:3 aspect ratio takes the top spot. 4:3 is the aspect ratio that most of our smartphones capture pictures in. This means that you don’t need to edit or resize photos before sending them to your Pix-Star frame. They’ll display using the full screen and won’t be boxed in by ugly black pillar bars. This is very common with 16:9 and 16:10 displays used by many top digital frames including the Skylight frame.

When you consider all the features, free-for-life cloud storage, no recurring or hidden fees, and the immersive display, Pix-Star frames are the preferred choice. You can remotely control a family or frames with ease and can start slideshows from anywhere in the world. This high level of usability and elderly-friendliness is very hard to beat. Pix-Star frames quickly earn their place in the modern home and can easily cater to the needs of big and spread-out families.

Are Skylight digital frames good for grandparents?

Skylight frames aren’t known for being very easy to use. While the setup process is relatively simple, the lack of a web interface and remote-control functionality leaves much to be desired. The mobile app is essentially useless unless you pay for the Skylight Plus subscription fee. You also have to create an account (which is locked behind a paywall) to use the mobile app.

By contrast, Pix-Star’s mobile app is very easy to use. You can send up to 250 photos to several frames at the same time (along with videos and audio messages). There’s no need to create an account and anyone in the family can download and use the app.

Skylight frames use swipe and touch controls that can be confusing for elderly users. They don’t come with remote controls and can be tricky to get used to. You can’t remotely take control of the frame via the web dashboard as you can with frames like the Pix-Star. Learn more here about the best digital frames for grandparents and why they’re worth it here.

The awkward display aspect ratio means that many photos won’t display using all the available screen space. This makes it appear smaller and the pictures harder to see. Skylight frames don’t have manually adjustable brightness controls. They’re controlled by a sensor that isn’t very accurate. It results in an overly bright display when it should be dimmed. Pix-Star’s frames offer manually adjustable brightness (can also be adjusted remotely from anywhere) and color settings to get the perfect picture every time.

Is the subscription fee for Skylight digital frames worth it?

Skylight digital frames charge an additional optional recurring fee that’s paid annually. This subscription is known as Skylight Plus and unlocks features like video playback, use of the mobile & web app, cloud backups for your photos, etc.

The issue with these subscriptions is that the features are offered by competing frames like the Pix-Star for free. There are no extra fees or hidden costs. You get free-for-life cloud storage, access to both the mobile app & web interface, the ability to send pictures, videos & audio messages from anywhere in the world, and the ability to remotely control & manage up to 25 connected Pix-Star frames.

If you’re going to buy a Skylight digital frame, the Plus subscription package is a must. Unfortunately, when you factor in this extra cost over the lifetime of the frame, frames like the Pix-Star offer significantly more value for money.

Can Skylight digital frames be remotely controlled?

Skylight digital frames don’t come with remote control. You have to make changes and adjust settings directly on the frame. Skylight frames also don’t offer the ability to remotely control connected frames through the web interface as Pix-Star does.

Can Skylight digital frames play videos and audio?

Skylight digital frames can play video clips once you’ve paid for the Skylight Plus subscription package. Video clips still have limits on how long they can be (which will still be less than what’s offered with Pix-Star frames. Audio from videos can be played on the Skylight frame, though it can’t be manually shut off or muted. On frames like the Pix-Star, videos can be included in slideshow and can be set to play muted (or with their sound).

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