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Why Get the Pix-Star Digital Picture Frame with Wi-Fi?


Is the Pix-Star digital picture frame with Wi-Fi worth buying?

The Pix-Star digital picture frame with Wi-Fi offers great value for money and is one of the most robust feature sets on the market. With features like free-for-life cloud storage, highly customizable slideshows, web album imports, access to a mobile app and web interface, and remote configuration support, Pix-Star’s frames are arguably the most versatile choices for families, modern homes, and grandparents.

Compared to subscription-based competing frames such as Nixplay and Skylight, Pix-Star offers excellent value for money. There are no hidden costs or recurring fees required to unlock Pix-Star’s full feature set. Priced very similarly to Skylight, and a bit cheaper than Nixplay, Pix-Star’s frames are affordable and balance price and performance exceptionally well.

Pix-Star offers more features than Nixplay and Skylight, granting full access to their mobile app and web interface, video and audio support, remote configuration, free-for-life cloud storage, importing photo albums from social media, and much more – all without charging a cent extra.

While there is no perfect digital picture frame, Pix-Star’s frames are great for families and grandparents. Its remote configuration feature, automated photo-sharing through web albums, and multi-frame control groups (manage up to 25 frames from one user account) make Pix-Star arguably the most versatile frame in its price range.

Is the Pix-Star digital picture frame with Wi-Fi good for grandparents?

The Pix-Star digital picture frame with Wi-Fi is one of the only high-end frames that cater to both families and elderly users. For grandparents, Pix-Star’s remote configuration feature is one of the most impactful features, letting you manage and control up to 25 Pix-Star frames remotely using the Pix-Star web dashboard (coming soon to the mobile app too). Here you can adjust each Pix-Star frame’s settings, start and change slideshows, manage local and cloud storage, and import photo albums from social media and photo-sharing sites.

Pix-Star backs up incoming photos to the cloud automatically, so your grandparents don’t need to do much. Incoming photos can be set to display automatically in the currently playing slideshows, making sure your grandparents don’t miss another important moment. You can start slideshows for them, adjust their play order, change stylistic elements, control the motion sensor and auto-on/off schedule, and much more.

No matter where you are in the world, using the Pix-Star Snap mobile app, you can share up to 250 to several Pix-Star frames at the same time. It’s quick, simple, and great for anyone in the family to share photos to grandma’s frame from anywhere!

Which Pix-Star digital Wi-Fi picture frame size is best?

Pix-Star’s digital Wi-Fi picture frame is available with either a 10-inch display or a larger 15-inch display. Pix-Star’s 10-inch digital frame is one of the most popular frames on the market, with a 4:3 aspect ratio, and a 1024×768 display. Its immersive slideshows and highly customizable settings make the Pix-Star 10-inch Wi-Fi frame ideal for bedrooms and small-medium size living rooms.

Pix-Star’s 15-inch digital frame also has a 4:3 aspect ratio and is a bit brighter than Pix-Star’s 10-inch picture frame. This 15-inch frame is ideal for wall mounting in large and well-lit rooms like big living rooms, foyers, master bedrooms, and open-plan kitchens.

Both Pix-Star’s 10-inch and 15-inch frames can mount on the wall by using a standard VESA mount (purchased separately) or the built-in hanging holes on the frame’s back. They support both landscape and portrait orientations and come with an attachable stand (which also supports both orientations) to rest the frame on flat surfaces. Pix-Star’s frames have manually adjustable brightness and color settings, with a broad viewing angle to make sure the display looks great from all angles!

Can the Pix-Star digital picture frame with Wi-Fi play videos?

Pix-Star digital picture frames with Wi-Fi support 2-minute video clips and audio recordings sent via the Pix-Star Snap mobile app. While 2-minute clips might not seem like much, it’s more than almost all other similarly priced digital Wi-Fi picture frames. For example, Skylight and Nixplay require subscriptions to unlock and extend video and audio support, Dragon Touch frames only support 30-second video clips, and Aura’s frames don’t offer any video and audio support whatsoever.

Pix-Star’s frames let you include video clips in slideshows alongside photos, let you set videos to play muted by default, play music over slideshows, and even connect to speakers or headphones. Videos are backed up to the cloud as they’re received. Note that Pix-Star’s frames can only play music over slideshows from a connected USB or SD card.

Does the Pix-Star Wi-Fi digital picture frame charge monthly fees?

Pix-Star’s Wi-Fi digital picture frames do not charge any extra fees or recurring subscriptions. All features and functionality are accessible when you buy one or more Pix-Star frames. We don’t generally recommend buying a digital picture frame with monthly fees as they rarely offer enough unique features to justify the extra cost of the subscription.

For comparison, both Nixplay and Skylight digital picture frames charge monthly fees to unlock and grant access to features including cloud storage, the mobile app, and web dashboard, custom playlists, remote configuration support, video, and audio playback, and more. Pix-Star offers all of these features, along with several others (e.g., web album imports from social media, multi-frame control groups, etc.) without charging a cent extra.

Can I remotely update my Pix-Star digital picture frame over Wi-Fi?

Pix-Star digital picture frames come with a Wi-Fi-enabled remote configuration feature that lets you manage and control up to 25 Pix-Star frames from a single user account from anywhere in the world. Using your frame’s (or multi-frame control group’s) web dashboard, you can adjust each frame’s settings, start and change slideshows, manage cloud storage, import new web albums, update linked web albums, adjust how the motion sensor works, set auto-on/off schedules, and more.

Currently, Pix-Star’s remote configuration feature is only available using the Pix-Star Snap web interface – but it coming soon to the Pix-Star Snap mobile app. Pix-Star doesn’t lock its remote configuration feature behind a subscription paywall either.

To use Pix-Star’s remote configuration feature, make sure your Pix-Star frame is powered on, connected to Wi-Fi, and registered via the Pix-Star web interface. Once registered, you can access your frame’s web dashboard, whereby you can remotely control/manage it, import web albums, manage local and cloud storage, and more.

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