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Your One-Stop Guide to a Digital Photo Frame with Email!


How does a digital photo frame with email work?

A digital photo frame with email needs Wi-Fi capabilities. This means that any digital photo frame without Wi-Fi support or features can’t send or receive photos by email. It’s also worth noting that many digital photo frames like the Pix-Star use the frame’s email address to receive photos from the mobile app (and other Pix-Star frames).

This email function is arguably the most common Wi-Fi photo-sending feature on the market at the moment. That being said, more and more digital photo frames are starting to adopt the use of mobile apps and web interfaces to makes sending quicker and easier.

It’s important to know that there are some limits on sending photos to a digital photo frame by email. You can’t send as many photos in one go due to the size restrictions of most email providers. You can’t add multiple photos into a zipped (compressed) folder into the email as digital photo frames can’t unzip and decompress the folder.

All that being said, photo email is still incredibly popular and useful. You can send quick emails to your digital photo frame from anywhere in the world – just by adding the photos as an attachment and sending them to your frame’s unique email address.

Another important takeaway is that the extent and easy-of-use of the photo-mail feature vary wildly between brands and models – with some Wi-Fi frames not offering it at all.

What is the best digital photo frame with email?

Pix-Star pioneered and created the idea of a digital photo frame with a dedicated and unique email address. Since then, Pix-Star has come a long way and has refined the sending and received process. Now, sending photos to any Pix-Star frame is easy as long as you have a unique email address. You can send photos as attachments in an email from your phone, tablet, or computer with ease. Photos can be set to automatically display on the receiving frame – ensuring your loved ones never miss another moment.

Pix-Star’s real benefit extends far beyond just emailing photos. You can remotely control frames in your multi-frame account (up to 25 frames), change their settings, start slideshows, manage storage, and much more. This combines excellently with Pix-Star’s web album feature that lets you sync and view photos from selected photo albums on popular social media and photo-sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos, etc.

It’s a fantastic frame for big families that have elderly users or are spread over a wide area (especially if they don’t visit or see each other very often). The Pix-Star Snap mobile app lets you send up to 250 pictures to multiple frames at the same time – and lets you send videos and audio to your frame.

The web interface lets you import photos from your computer, link web albums, manage the cloud storage for all your frames, remotely control them, and much more. Pix-Star’s digital photo frames are impressively versatile and easily earn their place as some of the very best digital photos frames on the market at the moment.

Can I send videos to a digital photo frame by email?

Videos cannot be sent to digital photo frames by email. Generally speaking, you can only send photos by email – and even then – there are restrictions on the number and size of files sent. To send videos to your digital photo frame, you should use either the mobile app or do it via USB/SD card. If your frame lock sending videos with the mobile app behind a paywall, your best option is to use a USB/SD card – but you need to be by the frame in person.

Some digital photo frames like the Pix-Star let you send videos to the frame with the mobile app without needing to pay for any premium subscription fees. You can also use USB/SD cards to load and copy videos to your Pix-Star frame’s internal storage.

Can I block people from emailing photos to my digital photo frame?

Managing accepted contacts and senders isn’t a universally offered feature and is limited to only a handful of the best digital photo frames with email. Some frames like the Pix-Star are quite versatile in this sense as you can add email addresses and contacts to a “not accepted” or “blocked” list. Any photos sent by them will be put into the “spam” section where they can be managed or allowed should that be something you’d want to do.

The same applies to Pix-Star’s mobile app. You can manage who can send photos and other media to your Pix-Star frame. This lets you securely control the type of photos being sent to your Pix-Star frame – and makes sure you’re only getting the photos you want.

Are pictures sent to my digital photo frame by email saved to the cloud?

Check if your digital photo frame offers cloud storage and functionality. Bear in mind that cloud storage and related features are a premium feature – and as such – they’re usually only found on the top digital photo frames like the Pix-Star.

It’s also worth noting if your digital photo frame charges a recurring subscription fee (usually paid annually) to unlock or expand cloud storage and features. If this is the case, you won’t get access to (or will have access restricted) to cloud storage and automatic backups.

If you don’t want to deal with subscription fees or hidden costs, Pix-Star’s digital photo frames offer free-for-life cloud storage and all related features come unlocked and ready to go. There are no recurring or hidden fees.

Pix-Star automatically backup all your photos and other media to the cloud. This storage is easily managed through the web interface dashboard. You can move photos around, perform bulk actions, and link new photos/albums. The web interface is where you’ll remotely control your connected frames to start slideshows, change settings, etc. It’s a feature that ties in well with the Pix-Star frame’s most useful features and functions.

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