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Should You Buy a Sony Digital Photo Frame?


Is a Sony digital photo frame the best choice for grandparents?

The Sony digital photo frame claims to be one of the simplest and easiest frames to use on the market. They have a low entry price that hooks a lot of attention and seems to have many features found in a more expensive frame. Unfortunately, in practice, Sony digital photo frames struggle to live up to the Sony brand and reputation. The final product is rather underwhelming, especially when it comes to usability and functionality.

Ease of use and simplicity is perhaps the most important features in a digital photo frame for grandparents. Sony digital photo frames seem to exemplify this at first, but that quickly fades the more you use the frame. Firstly, the on-frame button controls are small and awkwardly placed. It’s difficult to be accurate and navigating through menus quickly becomes frustrating. Sadly, the remote controller doesn’t work very well either. The combination of small, low-resolution screens and a not-so-great button layout on the controller makes the frame difficult to operate at any sort of distance.

Sony digital photo frames are severely limited when it comes to sending and receiving media. You can only load photos to the frame via USB or with an SD card. Contrast this with digital frames like the Pix-Star; you can send media with the mobile app, via email, through the web interface, and even by linking to web albums on social media and photo-sharing platforms. The Sony digital photo frame’s lack of functionality and versatility here makes it very difficult for grandparents.

Grandparents don’t enjoy spending hours on a computer trying to sort through hundreds or thousands of images. All of this combined with a rather difficult-to-use interface with small button controls can quickly cull their interest in the frame.
That being said, the colors are quite accurate and the display isn’t the worst. The price is low, so you shouldn’t go in expecting a top-performing digital frame.

Is the Sony digital photo frame better than the Pix-Star?

This isn’t an easy comparison to make. Pix-Star’s digital frames are arguably one of the very best digital frames on the market. They have a premium build quality, extensive Wi-Fi functionality, and one of the largest and richest features sets available on a digital frame.

On the other hand, Sony digital photo frames are not nearly as popular or widely known as the Pix-Star. These frames are entry-level budget models designed with very limited functionality and are meant to be as simple to use as possible.

The biggest difference between the Pix-Star and the Sony digital photo frame is Wi-Fi connectivity. Pix-Star’s frames make extensive use of Wi-Fi for sending/receiving media for multiple sources (at the same time) while enabling the use of features like weather apps and listening to the radio.

Pix-Star’s frames can also be controlled remotely over a Wi-Fi connection through the web interface. This feature lets you control every setting you would be able to change in-person. This type of versatility and functionality is out of the reach of Sony digital photo frames. They are offline and don’t support Wi-Fi connectivity or remote control capabilities.

Other major differences between Pix-Star’s and Sony’s digital photo frames are screen size, display resolution, and brightness. Pix-Star’s digital frames use a 1024×768 display with a 4:3 aspect ratio; whereas Sony digital photo frames use an 800×480 display with a 16:9 resolution. 4:3 aspect ratios are the best for photos, while still being good for video playback. Combine Pix-Star’s higher resolution screen with the ability to control color settings like hue – and you have a far more immersive viewing experience.

Pix-Star’s dominating feature set, ease of use, remote control capability, and versatility make it one of the best on the market – though this isn’t to say that Sony’s digital photo frames don’t have their place. They display colors well and are quite useful despite not being Wi-Fi capable – they just can’t stand against a premium flagship frame like the Pix-Star.

How to send pictures to a Sony digital photo frame?

Sony digital photo frames are not Wi-Fi capable. The only way media can be sent to and received on the frame is on a USB stick or SD card. There are slots on the back of the frame to insert the USB or memory card.

Bear in mind that internal storage on Sony digital photo frames is quite limited – meaning you’d most likely need to leave the USB/SD card connected at all times.
It’s also worth noting that photos need to be in a compatible format before being sent to a Sony digital photo frame. The same applies when formatting USB drives for use with different operating systems like Mac.

Are Sony digital photo frames worth the money?

Sony digital photo frames are designed to be entry-level, budget digital frames. Going in, you shouldn’t be expecting top-of-the-line features and performance. Sony digital photo frames aren’t going to compete with market leaders like Pix-Star.

Sony digital photo frames use relatively low-resolution displays starting at 800×480. This is low compared to most other frames on the market and will impact image quality. That being said, their frames have relatively vibrant picture quality– though skin tones are quite washed out.

Sony digital photo frames are very limited when it comes to features and functions. Their frame lineup doesn’t have Wi-Fi compatibility, meaning that you can only use USB sticks and memory cards to send photos to a Sony digital photo frame. There are no features like listening to the radio, remote control capabilities, linking web albums from social media, and no mobile app.

All-in-all, Sony digital photo frames are okay considering their intended purpose. That being said, they struggle to find a place on the market and slightly more expensive frames can do a lot more. With premium digital photo frames being so affordable, owning a Pix-Star or Skylight frame makes far more sense in 2021 and beyond.

Can Sony digital photo frames play video?

Sony digital photo frames do not support video playback and can only display still images. Considering the low-resolution screen, video playback wouldn’t be great anyway.

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