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Does Google Photos Digital Frame Live Up to The Name?


How can I view my Google Photos on a digital frame?

Google Photos is a photo-sharing platform where you can organize and store all of your photos and videos. You can easily search through photos, create albums, and invite friends and family to view your albums. Google Photos is easily accessible on mobile and through the web interface. The problems start when you try to get Google Photos to your digital frame.

Some digital frames let you view Google Photos through a feature called Web Albums. Unfortunately, web albums are not a commonly offered feature – and even when it’s available, there are quite a few limitations. If you want to view your Google Photos on a digital frame that doesn’t support web albums, you’d need to download and add them manually.

Luckily, there are some digital frames on the market that can link with Google Photos and several other platforms. For example, Pix-Star’s digital frame is compatible with Google Photos, Facebook, Instagram, and almost a dozen other platforms.

Once you know whether or not your digital frame can link to Google Photos, the next step is to link your account. This is usually done through the web interface for your digital frame (usually where you log in and register the frame). Look for a “web album” or “link/import external media/photos” option. If you’re not sure, consult your frame’s user guide.

Selecting the relevant option should bring up a new page where compatible platforms are listed. Select Google Photos from the list. Type in your login information and proceed to let your frame link to your Google Photos account.

Once your digital frame is linked to your Google Photos account, you should be able to browse through all your albums and photos. You can then select the albums and pictures you want to give your frame access to. Just bear in mind that when you add new photos to these linked albums, they’ll most likely be automatically updated and downloaded to your frame.

When you’ve selected all the pictures and albums you want to sync to your frame, you can close the web interface and view the linked Google Photos albums on your digital frame.

How to view Google Photos on a Pix-Star digital frame?

Pix-Star’s digital frame offers one of the best web album support and functionality on the market. Not only can you link Google Photos to your digital frame, but you can link multiple accounts. You can also link and sync albums from several social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. There is even an option to link to your Dropbox account, and more than a dozen other platforms and social media accounts. This functionality and versatility are almost unmatched at Pix-Star’s digital frames’ price point.

To connect Google Photos to your Pix-Star digital frame, log in to your pix-star.com account (which you should have created when you registered your frame). Once you’re logged in, click on your frame’s dedicated email address at the top of the page.
This takes you to your frame’s web interface. From here you can remotely control your frame, manage web albums, add pictures, and much more. You can manage up to 25 digital frames from each user account.

Click the “Import external pictures” option in the left-side panel. Select the Google Account icon at the bottom right corner of the listed option. A pop-up window will ask you to log in to your desired Google account – though you can log in to another Google account if you wish.

You’ll need a give Pix-Star access by clicking “Allow” on the next window. The pop-up window will close and all of your Google Photos albums and pictures will be listed (back in the browser).

To link an album or photo, select the “Click to link” option on the right-hand side of the page. This then links the Google Photos album to your Pix-Star digital frame. Every time you add a new picture to these linked albums, they’ll be automatically downloaded and displayed on your frame – ensuring your frame is always up to date. Remember that you can log in to several Google Photos account from your friends and family members. This lets your frame display directly from their accounts and keeps you up-to-date on their lives.

Can I view Google photos on a digital frame without Wi-Fi?

You need Wi-Fi when initially connecting Google Photos to your digital frame. You’ll also need Wi-Fi every time you want to link a new account or album within an already-linked account. The same applies when you want your frame to update its web albums and download any photos that have been added to the linked account or album since the last sync.

For frames like the Pix-Star, all web albums like Facebook and Google Photos are saved to the digital frame’s internal storage. You can browse through all the linked albums that have already been synced and saved through the media library – without needing Wi-Fi.

You won’t be able to manage web albums like Google Photos directly on a digital frame. Web albums can usually only be modified and managed through the web interface.

Make sure the frame you’re interested in supports web albums, and that they are saved to the frame’s internal storage to enable offline viewing. This is a feature on Pix-Star frames but isn’t a very common feature among most other top digital frames.

Can I view videos from Google Photos on a digital frame?

Digital frames don’t support video playback from web albums. Web albums are media albums linked from social media networks and photo-sharing platforms like Google Photos.

This is mainly due to how videos are compressed when they’re linked from Google Photos and other web albums. Video playback quality isn’t great, especially when their resolution needs to be scaled down to match the frame’s native resolution.

If you want to view videos on your digital frame, sending them via email or through the mobile app is your best bet.

How to manage Google Photos albums on a Pix-Star digital frame?

All web albums liked to your Pix-Star digital frame need to be managed through the web interface. Head over to pix-star.com and log in to your account.

Once you’re logged in, click on your frame’s dedicated email address at the top of the page. Locate the “Web Albums” heading in the left-hand panel. Under this heading, you should see an option called “View my web album”. Here you can view and organize any web albums that have been previously linked.

You can create new albums, move photos between them, and delete photos you no longer want to show on your frame. Bulk actions are easily performed and you can even force update a selected album to your Pix-Star digital frame.

Selecting the “Play the selected album on the Pix-Star frame” while selecting your Google Photos album, will automatically start a slideshow on your digital frame. This can be done remotely from almost anywhere in the world.

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