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Is the Nixplay Plus Subscription Package Worth the Money?


What is Nixplay Plus?

Nixplay Plus is an optional subscription package available when using a Nixplay digital frame. Nixplay Plus is required to unlock access to the mobile app, discounts on Nixplay frames, expand cloud storage, add additional connected frames, and increase the length of video clips.

Nixplay Plus costs US$49.99 when paid annually, or US$14.97 when paid quarterly. It’s a recurring subscription fee – not a one-time payment. You cannot transfer the Nixplay Plus subscription to another person or user.

Should you choose not to buy the Nixplay Plus subscription package, you won’t have access to most of the mobile app’s features (such as sharing several photos at the same time, in-app photo editing, etc.).

Without Nixplay Plus, you only get 10GB of cloud storage. It’s worth noting that this storage is inclusive of internal storage. For example, all photos that are sent to the frame need to stream to the cloud. They’re only temporarily held on the frame. Nixplay is a cloud-based digital frame and doesn’t work properly without a constant active Wi-Fi connection.

Purchasing Nixplay Plus increases cloud storage from 10GB to 50GB. It also grants access to the locked mobile app features and lets you connect up to 10 Nixplay frames (compared to the previous 5-frame limit).

In terms of playback, buying Nixplay Plus increases the maximum length of video clips from 15-seconds to 1-minute. Additionally, without the premium subscription, you can only create 5 playlists. Buying the subscription removes this limit.

Is the recurring Nixplay Plus subscription worth it?

The main issue with Nixplay Plus is in the value it offers. For reference, the only other super-popular premium subscription-based digital frame is the Skylight frame. These frames have recently received quite a bit of negative backlash as they charge the same upfront price as competing frames like the Pix-Star – yet they lock most of their features behind their subscription paywall.

For example, Nixplay requires Nixplay Plus to unlock 50GB of cloud storage, increase video playback to 1-minute, grant access to the mobile app (and in-app photo editing), and Nixplay’s 25% member discounts, and the ability to manage & connect up to 10 Nixplay frames.

Pix-Star digital frames offer free-for-life cloud storage, full access to both the mobile app and web interface, remote configuration support, importing photos direct from social media, and multi-frame control groups that let you manage up to 25 Pix-Star frames from one account – many other impressive features.

Pix-Star offers all of these features – and more – without charging a cent extra. No recurring fees. No hidden costs. Yet, despite the enhanced functionality, Pix-Star’s frames have a similar upfront cost as Nixplay’s digital frames.

Now, when you factor in the cost of Nixplay Plus for all the years you’ll use a Nixplay frame, the total cost Skyrockets (just under $50/year) – making Nixplay one of the most expensive digital Wi-Fi frames on the market.

Unfortunately, if you’re going to buy a Nixplay frame, you’ll probably need to pay for Nixplay Plus (or deal with a very limited mid-range-level feature set. This is why we recommend avoiding subscription-based digital frames altogether. They struggle to offer enough value and features to justify the recurring cost – especially when compared with Pix-Star and other top Wi-Fi frames.

Do I need to pay for Nixplay Plus?

While Nixplay Plus is optional for Nixplay users, almost all of the important features the frame offers are locked behind its subscription paywall. For example, most of the mobile app’s functionality isn’t available for non-members.

You can only play 15-second video clips, can’t create multi-frame control groups with more than 5 Nixplay frames, and don’t have online access to cloud storage. You can’t create more than 5 playlists for grouping photos and can’t share photos in larger quantities.

If you’re going to buy the Nixplay smart frame, you need Nixplay Plus – if you want to get performance to match the frame’s upfront price.

Competing digital frames like the Pix-Star offer most of the same – and many better – features without charging any extra or recurring fees. It’s why we recommend avoiding subscription-based digital frames.

Do Nixplay’s frames work without subscribing to Nixplay Plus?

Nixplay’s digital frame can work if you don’t pay for the Nixplay Plus annual subscription – but you won’t have access to most of its features.

This is one of the main complaints against digital frames like Nixplay and Skylight that charge monthly fees. Many other competing frames offer the same – and better features – without charging monthly fees.

If you choose not to pay extra for Nixplay Plus, their frame ends up performing more like what you’d get with a standard mid-range Wi-Fi-capable digital frame.

You can only send a couple of photos at a time. You don’t get online access to manage cloud storage. You only create 5 playlists (to help you divide your photos up). Cloud storage is limited to just 10GB, which fills up very quickly for families – especially if you share a lot of photos taken on most modern photos (high resolution).

Does Nixplay Plus let you play videos?

The Nixplay Plus recurring subscription fee expands upon Nixplay’s video and audio support capabilities. Without Nixplay Plus, you can only send and play 15-second video clips on any Nixplay frames. Should you bite the proverbial bullet and pay for Nixplay Plus, video clips don’t support video clips longer than 60-seconds.

For comparison, Pix-Star’s Wi-Fi digital frames let you play 2-minute video clips without requiring any premium subscription or extra fees. This is more than most of the top digital frames on the market.

Is Nixplay Plus necessary for families?

Nixplay Plus is a must-have addition if you’re buying several Nixplay frames for your families. With Nixplay Plus you’ll be able to play 1-minute video clips, 50GB of cloud storage, access to the mobile app and its locked features, unlimited playlists, and multi-frame control groups with up to 10 connected Nixplay frames.

Unfortunately, none of these features are very unique. For reference, Pix-Star offers 2-minute video clips and extensive audio support (connecting to speakers, headphones, etc.). You get free-for-life cloud storage and automatic cloud backups.

Pix-Star’s mobile app (Pix-Star Snap) is more capable and doesn’t require each user to set up an account. You can send up to 250 photos to several Pix-Star frames at the same time. Additionally, you can include videos in slideshows and play music over them.

Nixplay also misses several essential family-focused features such as remote configuration support, importing photos remotely from social media, and USB/SD card support. Pix-Star offers all of these features comprehensively. You can play slideshows directly from a connected USB/SD card, use the frame offline, control it from anywhere in the world, and much more.

Even with their high price and recurring fees, Nixplay frame and Nixplay Plus don’t have the features and functionality to justify the high cost. They’re harder to use, more limiting, and not ideal for modern homes, families, and/or elderly users.

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