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Know This About Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame for Grandparents


Should I buy a Wi-Fi digital picture frame for my grandparents?

Buying a Wi-Fi digital picture frame for your grandparents is a meaningful gift idea for 2022. You can pre-load the digital frame with special memories and treasured moments. With top Wi-Fi digital frames like the Pix-Star, you can even remotely start slideshows via the web interface. These slideshows are highly customizable and their settings can be adjusted from anywhere in the world.

Getting elderly users involved with the rest of the family via a tech device can be tricky. Luckily, some of the top Wi-Fi digital frames like the Pix-Star are made with elderly users in mind. You can load photos to the frame from anywhere (via mobile app, email, and web interface).

A handful of the best digital picture frames also support web albums. This feature lets you import and sync photo albums from social media, photo-sharing, and online storage platforms. They’re saved to internal storage and can be remotely added to slideshows. It’s one of the most convenient and versatile Wi-Fi digital picture frames for families and elderly users.

Many of these top digital frames also support USB/SD cards. with these frames, you can start slideshows directly from the USB/SD card. Simply swap the USB/SD card out when you next visit your grandparents to give them all of the latest photos. It’s an intuitive and simple way to share photos with them without all the unnecessary frustrations of teaching them to use Instagram or a Smart TV!

What is the best Wi-Fi digital picture frame for grandparents in 2022?

Pix-Star offers one of the best Wi-Fi digital picture frames for grandparents for 2022. Their digital frames can be remotely controlled and configured from anywhere in the world. This feature is offered via their web interface. Here you can also import photos from external sources like social media and photo-sharing sites. Very few premium digital picture frames offer a useful and intuitive web dashboard. You can even create and manage multi-frame control groups, the ideal setup for families and elderly users.

Pix-Star’s mobile app is perfect for families that want to get their grandparents more involved. You simply need to set their frame-up in their home, add their unique email address to the mobile app, and share away. Send up to 250 photos to several frames at the same time. Set photos to display in the current slideshow the moment they’re received. You can even send videos and audio messages to your grandparents’ Wi-Fi digital picture frames directly from your phone – no matter where you are in the world.

When you consider Pix-Star’s ease of use, simple menus, and remote configuration support, it’s the ideal digital picture frame for elderly users. They’re quick and simple to set up. They offer highly customizable slideshows with settings that can be adjusted without needing to exit the slideshow. These frames fit well into the modern home & family, they’re affordable, and unlike some other top frames (Skylight or Nixplay), there are no monthly fees!

Can grandparents use a Wi-Fi digital picture frame?

The Wi-Fi digital picture frame is one of the best gifts for your grandparents. They’ll have no trouble using these frames or managing them. Some of the top Wi-Fi digital frames like the Pix-Star have a remote configuration feature. This lets you adjust and manage almost all of the frame’s settings from anywhere in the world. You can start slideshows, manage local and cloud storage, update their firmware, and much more.

The Wi-Fi digital picture frame is particularly well suited to grandparents due to their slideshows. You can set newly received photos to show in the current slideshows. slideshow settings can be adjusted without leaving the slideshow. The handheld remote is responsive and intuitive. They can set the perfect slideshow for any occasion or situation.

Top Wi-Fi digital frames are made to be user-friendly – but this doesn’t mean they’re only for grandparents. For example, Pix-Star’s digital frames offer free-for-life cloud storage. They can import photos directly from social media & photo-sharing sites via the web interface. They can receive up to 250 photos in one go via the Pix-Star Snap mobile app. These are all excellent features for families and modern homes. These frames are versatile enough for the tech-savvy individual, yet simple enough to keep your grandparents connected and sharing effortlessly.

How to start slideshows on Pix-Star’s Wi-Fi digital picture frame for grandparents?

Pix-Star lets you start slideshows remotely – one of their most useful features. Simply log in to your frame’s web dashboard and head to the “Configure my frame” section. Here you can start a slideshow from specific sources (e.g., photo albums synced from Facebook, or pictures loaded to the frame from the mobile app). Slideshow settings can be adjusted remotely via the same section in the web interface.

The second option is to start slideshows directly on the Pix-Star frame. This can be done via the home screen with a single button press by selecting “Play all the frame’s pictures”. This starts a slideshow with all of the pictures on the frame’s internal storage (including web albums that have been previously synced).

The final option is to start a custom slideshow via Pix-Star’s media gallery. Click on “My media library” to enter the file explorer. Here you can select all the sources, files, and folders you’d like to include in the slideshow. Note that slideshow settings are still applied to all slideshows, regardless of how they’ve started.

You can even start a slideshow from a connected USB/SD card. You won’t need to copy any pictures to the frame’s internal storage first. You can play audio files from the connected USB/SD card over slideshows and copy videos to the frame’s internal storage. It’s a great offline way to start slideshows – especially if you have tons of photos on various USB/SD cards (e.g., from your camera or a visit from your children).

Should Wi-Fi digital picture frames for grandparents use touchscreens?

We don’t recommend buying a Wi-Fi digital picture frame that uses a touchscreen – especially for grandparents. They’re rarely easy to use and cost a whole lot more. This higher cost often leads to sacrificed features like cloud storage, mobile app, and remote configuration support. These are all key features for an elderly-friendly digital picture frame.

Touchscreens are less durable, prone to scratching, and need to be cleaned very often. They usually have glossy display finishes, so they’re hard to see from angles or in well-lit rooms. Premium digital picture frames rarely use touchscreens, and they’re most commonly found among cheaper and smaller (less than 8-inches) digital frames.

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