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Finding the Best Digital Picture Frame for Your Family


How can I choose the best digital picture frame to buy?

Despite there being many choices for the best digital picture frame – only a handful truly stand out above the rest. Not all features are equal, and some give you better value than others.

Perhaps the most important feature to look for is Wi-Fi connectivity. Nowadays, almost every household has Wi-Fi. A digital picture frame that makes the best use of this will quickly become indispensable.

On the topic of Wi-Fi, it is best if your digital picture frame can work without Wi-Fi. It should be able to display photos and videos already stored onto the digital picture frame’s internal storage. Many of the best digital picture frames like the Pix-Star have almost all functions available without being connected to Wi-Fi (minus sending/receiving and syncing/updating).

The key to finding the best digital picture frame is balance – specifically a balance between being feature-rich, while still being easy to use (especially for the older generation). You should find a digital picture frame with a broad set of features, especially when it comes to sending/receiving media.

For example, the Pix-Star digital picture frame is one of the best because of how many features it has. You can send pictures and other media via email, mobile apps, the web interface, syncing with social media profiles, and more.

It’s the versatility of these features that will mean you will always have options for sending media to your loved ones – no matter where you are in the world. If these features are easy to use and simple to navigate and get a handle on, you’ve got the winning formula.

Finally, the best digital picture frames have excellent displays. They’re clean, sharp, and fingerprint-free (which is why a touchscreen isn’t always the best choice). Try to get a digital picture frame with at least an 8 to 10-inch display or larger (check out Pix-Star’s 10-inch digital frame), and a resolution of at least 800*600p. Again, higher resolutions than this are better and will improve the video playback and image quality – though they will be a bit more expensive (though nowhere near as much as the expensive Memento digital frames).

What is the best digital picture frame for my grandparents?

When you’re buying a digital frame for your grandparents, they aren’t the only ones that will be interacting with it. You and the rest of the family are the ones who send and upload images and other media for your grandparents to view.

It’s for this reason that you need a broad set of features for sending/receiving – and more importantly simplicity and ease of use.

Your grandparents most likely aren’t technologically savvy. Try explaining to them how to create and use an Instagram account and you’ll see for yourself. The best digital picture frame for them is one that’s quick and easy for both parties to use – without driving each other crazy.

Pix-Star’s digital picture frame is probably one of the best on the market for grandparents. Pix-Star’s main focus is its ease of use and versatile features like controlling your grandparents’ frame remotely – from anywhere in the world. You can change settings like brightness and manage all of the frame’s content and how it’s displayed. All you need is access to the Pix-Star.com web interface and an “online” digital picture frame.

You can send media like pictures, videos, and audio through channels like email, the web interface, the mobile app, and more. You can even set your grandparents’ Pix-Star frame to sync with selected albums on social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. These photos will automatically sync to and display on their frame. When you add a new picture to those albums, the frame will update and show the new images too.

Your grandparents will hardly ever have to touch the frame or deal with updating/syncing new photos – it can all be done remotely and very easily. Pix-Star frames are hands down some of the best digital picture frames on the market for the older generation.

Are any of the best digital picture frames battery-powered?

Battery-powered digital frames are not common. They have limited use as battery life is usually around 2-5 hours. This means the digital picture frame will need to stay plugged in most of the time – pretty much eliminating the advantage of going battery-powered.

Screen resolution also isn’t as high as their plugged-in counterparts. You can’t leave them on throughout the day on a mantelpiece without a visit to the charging port.

That being said, if you only want a digital picture frame that you turn on and pass around at family gatherings, a battery-powered frame might be a good choice.

What is the best way to mount a digital picture frame?

Many of the best digital picture frames have their unique mount types. For example, Pix-Star’s digital frames use a standard VESA mount for secure wall mounting and hook-type holes.

This is the case with many of the best digital picture frames. The hook-type mounts can also be used to connect a stand or leg to the frame.

You should avoid mounting digital frames flat on walls as many of them have features on their backs like USB ports and memory card slots – some also have button controls on the back.

Do the best digital frames have monthly fees?

Some digital frames like the Skylight frame have an annual fee to unlock additional features. Other frames like the Nixplay frame have monthly fees for additional cloud storage.

That being said, not all of the best digital picture frames have recurring fees. For example, Pix-Star’s frames have no extra charges for more storage or to unlock additional features. Once you pay the initial price for the digital picture frame, you have access to all the features and free cloud storage forever. If you’re debating between getting a cheap digital frame like the Nextar, or something more premium, here’s a great read.

Aura frames have some features like a picture print subscription when you can pay for up to 5 printed pictures selected from your phone via the app. A few other brands on the market have similar additional services that all need to be paid for outside of the initial purchase price.

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