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Are Wooden Digital Photo Frames Good for Modern Homes?


Are wooden digital photo frames still worth buying?

Wooden digital photo frames are not very common in today’s market. While standard picture frames are often wooden, this isn’t something that carries through to electronic picture frames. Part of this trend is due to the reduced durability of wood as a material for digital frames. They’re more prone to warping, cracking, and falling apart over time – especially if they’re in direct sunlight or humid environments.

Wooden digital photo frames are often more expensive due to the higher price of the materials and their aesthetic appeal. With most digital photo frames, you want to draw as much attention to the display as possible, especially with larger 10 to 15-inch digital frames. Neutral and grey/black colors tend to be more immersive, enhancing the viewing experience and making the display pop.

Premium digital photo frames like the Pix-Star have durable builds and stunning appeal. They offer excellent value for money and reliable real-world performance. There aren’t many premium wooden digital frames, meaning you’re less likely to find the frame that’s right for you, your family, and your home. Standard digital frames offer a wider selection of frames that suit different needs & setups – which is why we don’t often recommend choosing a wooden digital photo frame.

Does Pix-Star sell wooden digital photo frames?

Pix-Star doesn’t sell any wooden digital photo frames. This is due to the reduced durability and oftentimes higher cost of wooden frames. Pix-Star chooses materials that offer enhanced durability while still delivering an aesthetic appeal. This is also balanced with their cost to make sure that you’re getting the best value for money possible – a core selling point of Pix-Star’s frames.

Pix-Star is one of the most well-known digital photo frames on the market. They’re known for their easy-to-use frames and robust feature set. They offer free-for-life cloud storage, the ability to be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world, photo-mail, web albums, and much more. Pix-Star’s frames also come with a mobile app & web interface that lets you send photos to the frame from anywhere in the world.

You don’t have to rely on a constant cloud connection to get your photos thanks to the frame 8GB internal storage. All received photos are saved to the frame’s internal storage and can be automatically backed up to the cloud. Cloud & local storage can be remotely managed easily via the web interface.

Pix-Star’s digital photo frames come with access to both the mobile app & web interface. Here you can send photos, videos, and audio files directly to your frame’s internal storage. You can also remotely control & manage up to 25 connected Pix-Star frames.

Web albums are also linked via the web interface. Web albums refer to the imported photo albums saved on social media, photo-sharing, and online storage platforms. Pix-Star supports almost a dozen different platforms, and linked albums can be set to automatically update to all linked frames when new photos are added.

Pix-Star’s frames are available in either a 10-inch or 15-inch version, both of which offer an immersive display and a 4:3 aspect ratio (which is probably the best aspect ratio for photo-playback). Pix-Star’s slideshows are versatile and easily adjustable. You don’t need to leave slideshows to adjust their settings, and you have fine control over the play order & frequency of photos. Videos can also be included in slideshows (they can even be set to play muted), and you can play radio stations & audio files over slideshows.

How long do wooden digital photo frames last?

Wooden digital photo frames aren’t the most durable frames. Wood is far less durable than other common finished like plastic and stainless steel. They’re more likely to warp and crack over time – though much of this depends on how they’re treated. If the frames are mounted on the wall in direct sunlight or humid spots, they aren’t going to last very long.

In terms of the display, much of its longevity depends on the quality of the display. Most digital photo frames’ displays are designed to be able to display the same image constantly for up to 1,000-hours without being damaged. In reality, you’re never going to go past this limit as these frames are designed to play slideshows, not static images. Displaying a static image all day and changing them daily isn’t going to cause any damage to the display.

How to set up wooden digital photo frames?

Wooden digital photo frames are arguably best placed on walls. This draws attention to their aesthetically pleasing design, letting you add a unique appeal to how you view and share your favorite photos & videos. With that said, many digital photo frames can’t be wall-mounted. You need to make sure they come with a standard-VESA mount or dedicated hanging holes.

When you’re setting up wooden digital photo frames, make sure they’re kept out of direct sunlight. Spending several hours each day in direct sunlight can cause the wood to warp over time. Warping is a major concern with wooden digital frames as they’re not the most durable frames in the long run. They’re more likely to warp and crack, especially if they’re placed in a humid environment.

Can I DIY build a wooden digital photo frame?

If you have the technical know-how, DIY building wooden digital photo frames offer an excellent personalized way to view and share your memories. That being said, most premium digital frames already have frames built around them, so there isn’t much need to DIY build a surrounding frame. Adding a wooden frame around normal digital frames will make the screen appear small and make the frame quite bulky and thick.

We usually recommend DIY building a wooden digital photo frame for frames that can’t be wall-mounted. This is commonly found among mid-range and cheaper digital frames. Since they can’t be wall-mounted, you can build a housing frame to rest the frame. The wooden housing frame is then mounted on the wall, and the normal digital frame fits into it. This is quite technically demanding and will take quite a bit of time – so it might not be worth it when compared to buying a digital frame with a pre-made wooden finish.

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