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Best Electronic Digital Picture Frames 2021 Has to Offer!


What are the best electronic digital picture frames 2021 offers?

Pix-Star arguably has the best electronic digital picture frames 2021 has to offer – evidenced by advanced features like free-for-life cloud storage, no hidden fees, fluid & simple interfaces, a mobile app & web interface, and one of the most robust feature sets on the market. These frames are designed to cater to the modern home & family – while still being one of the only top electronic frames to actively cater to elderly users.

Pix-Star’s digital picture frames offer a comprehensive remote-control feature that lets you control almost every aspect of the frame from anywhere in the world. This is perfect for elderly users as they don’t need to lift a finger to view the latest pictures, videos, and audio messages – no matter how far they are from you. They can also receive photos & other media from anywhere in the world via the mobile app & web interface (or via email).

Web albums (photo albums on social media, online storage, and photo-sharing platforms) can be linked & synced to your frame’s internal storage from anywhere in the world. These albums are available offline and slideshows can be remotely started from web albums via the web interface.

You can effortlessly manage all the Pix-Star frames in the family by creating multi-frame control groups. Here you can manage & control up to 25 connected Pix-Star frames, adjust their settings, start slideshows, and much more. It’s an exceptionally versatile feature that caters to modern needs.

Pix-Star’s 4:3 display is stunning. It offers an immersive viewing experience, manually adjustable brightness & color settings, and a broad viewing angle. Pix-Star offers both a 10-inch frame and a larger 15-inch electronic frame. They quickly earn their place in your home & family – and are comfortably one of the best value-for-money electronic frames on the 2021 market!

What to look for in the best electronic digital picture frames in 2021 for grandparents?

The best electronic digital picture frames in 2021 for grandparents need to be exceptionally easy to use. This extends beyond just being basic. Versatile frames like the Pix-Star find an excellent balance between ease of use and functionality. Menus need to be shallow and the interface needs to be intuitive. This is what often trips grandparents up when using a frame. You don’t want deep menus or a slow-to-respond interface.

On a closely linked note, avoid touchscreens on electronic picture frames. Yes, touchscreens are extremely common on our smartphones (and are becoming more popular on laptops & TVs – but that simply isn’t the case for digital frames. They’re far more expensive than non-touch panels and this cost needs to be recuperated somehow. They’re much less durable and are more prone to scratching. They’re also complicated for elderly users.

How to play videos on the best electronic digital picture frames of 2021?

To play videos on the best electronic digital picture frames of 2021, make sure the videos are in a supported file format and within the frame’s video length or size limits. For example, Pix-Star’s electronic frames let you play 2-minute video clips (which is more than almost all other frames on the market); whereas Nixplay’s frames only let you play 15-second clips (and up to 1-minute clips if you pay for the premium annual subscription plan).

Pix-Star’s digital frames with video support let you include videos in slideshows. They can be set to play with their sound or muted. Alternatively, you can view these video files via Pix-Star’s media gallery. Here you can also move them around and create custom playlists – along with your favorite photos.

Do the best electronic digital picture frames of 2021 need Wi-Fi to work?

Most of the best electronic digital picture frames of 2021 offer offline functionality – though this isn’t a universally offered feature. With Pix-Star’s frames, all received photos (including those synced as web albums from social media & photo-sharing platforms) are saved to the frame’s internal storage.

All of your photos, videos, and audio files are available offline for viewing in slideshows, moving around (except web albums), and more. You’ll need to reconnect to Wi-Fi to sync & download new photos, use Wi-Fi-dependent apps like weather & radio, and manage the frame remotely.

By contrast, Aura’s electronic photo frames need to be connected to Wi-Fi at all times. They rely on an active connection to the company servers to receive photos each day. Without Wi-Fi, these frames are essentially useless – which is surprising considering they’re one of the most expensive frames on the market.

How many photos can the best electronic digital picture frames of 2021 hold?

The number of photos an electronic digital picture frame can hold depends on many variables. The first of these is the size of the frame’s internal storage. Most of the best electronic frames like the Pix-Star come with 8GB of internal storage (some have 4GB and some have 16GB). 8GB is more than enough – even more families – especially when the frame supports USB/SD cards and cloud storage. 8GB is enough for around 30,000 photos at the Pix-Star’s native resolution.

Another key consideration is the frame’s native resolution. Digital frames with high-resolution displays and photos to match are going to need much more storage space for the same number of photos. This is why it’s important to scale photos up or down to match the frame’s resolution as it helps avoid wasting storage space.

USB/SD card support lets you connect an external storage device directly to the frame. Many premium frames offer a plug-and-play feature that lets you play slideshows directly off the connected device – saving on internal storage space as a result. Frames like the Pix-Star don’t have any size restrictions on connected USB/SD cards – giving you essentially unlimited storage space.

Finally, cloud storage lets you back up all of your photos to the cloud. With most frames, even if you delete something on the frame’s local storage, its cloud backup will still exist (unless you set it to delete both copies). This further expands your available storage space and keeps your photos at the same time. Cloud-based electronic photo frames like the Pix-Star offer free-for-life cloud storage and automatic backups – so they’re excellent choices for 2021 and beyond!

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