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Why a Digital Photo Frame with a Motion Sensor is Worth It!


We dive into why a digital photo frame with a motion sensor is the best choice – and when you should choose one. We answer the most common and popular questions to help you understand the inner workings of these frames and the situations they work best. Let’s get started!

How does a digital photo frame with a motion sensor work?

Digital photo frames with motion sensors aren’t very common and are usually limited to the top digital frames on the market. These frames work by using the motion sensor to wake the frame up when movement within the sensor’s range is detected. With some digital frames like the Pix-Star, the frame will wake up to the same position in the slideshow as when it went to sleep.

Since motion sensors are usually only found on premium digital photo frames, you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to functionality and performance. This usually includes Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you send photos to the frame remotely from anywhere in the world. In some cases, this can even include remote control features that let you set auto-on/off schedules to wake the frame up or put it to sleep.

Motion sensors on digital photo frames usually have a limited range and angles. For example, if the frame is set up so that it doesn’t face the entrance to the room (or the highest traffic areas), it might be at too much of an angle to detect the movement. Of course, this depends on the quality of the motion sensor and the frame that’s using it.

There are also maximum ranges. If you have a very large room (like a living room that’s combined with a kitchen or dining room, the frame might struggle to detect movement at the far side of the room. These are all considerations worth spending some time on before making your choice. We’re going to dive into them in more detail in the answers below.

What is the best digital photo frame with a motion sensor?

Pix-Star’s frames are arguably the best digital photo frames with motion sensors on the market at the moment. Not only are they one of the most versatile frames on the market, but they’re extremely well-priced and don’t have any extra recurring or hidden fees after the sale.

Pix-Star’s frames use the motion sensor to put the frame to sleep when nobody is in the room. The range and angle are wide enough to cater to almost all standard rooms like living rooms, master bedrooms, dining rooms, etc. The Pix-Star frame will automatically wake up and return to the same place in slideshows (when it was turned off).

A unique feature of the Pix-Star is that it will still receive photos and other media while the display is off. This ensures you never miss a moment and won’t need to backload photos manually when the frame wakes. This might not seem like a big issue, but it’s very frustrating to deal with and results in you missing important updates from your loved ones – without your knowledge.

Pix-Star’s frame has an excellent 1024×768 display with a broad viewing angle and a versatile 4:3 aspect ratio to enhance immersion. You can send photos and other media to your Pix-Star from anywhere in the world via the mobile app or web interface. Emailing photos is another great way to send photos and was pioneered by Pix-Star; they’ve refined and perfected the process over almost a decade.

Pix-Star’s digital photo frames can be remotely controlled via the web interface. Here you can change settings, start & manage slideshows, create & edit new folders & albums, adjust the color and brightness, and more. You can control up to 25 connected frames from a single user account and anybody in the family can use the mobile app to send photos to connected Pix-Star frames. Free-for-life cloud storage is unlimited and keeps all your photos safe – and it’s all effortlessly managed through the web interface!

Where to put a digital photo frame with a motion sensor?

Digital photo frames with motion sensors work best in the most popular rooms in the house. The best places include the living room, dining room, master bedroom, entry/guest area/lobby/foyer, etc. These higher traffic areas are best because they make full use of the motions sensor’s auto-on/off function.

While you can use these digital photo frames in any room, you need to be careful where you place them. Wall mounting is an excellent option, just make sure that the frame points toward the area where you spend the most time in the room. This avoids issues where the frame doesn’t turn on because the motion sensor is at too much of an angle to detect motion.

If you plan on resting your digital photo frame on a flat surface, make sure nothing is blocking the motion sensor. Depending on where the motion sensor is located on the frame, this could be something as simple as a large coaster or piece of décor. It’s not likely to happen but is still worth considering.

Is a digital photo frame with a motion sensor good for big families?

Digital photo frames with motion sensor are excellent for big families as it saves your frame’s display from being on 24/7. Without a motion sensor, you’d likely need to leave the frame displaying photos all the time – even when there’s nobody in the house.

Even in big families, there are often when there’s nobody in the house due to school, work, or sleep schedules. These are great times to let your frame rest – though it’s not something you want to have to track and manage manually. This responsibility usually falls on the already-burdened parents, adding yet another annoyance to the list. Digital photo frames with motion sensors (like the Pix-Star) take care of this for you, making sure slideshows pick up where they left off so that you and your loved ones never miss a moment.

Can my grandparents use a digital photo frame with a motion sensor?

The best part about digital photo frames that use motion sensors is that they’re great for elderly or not-so-tech-savvy users. They don’t need to worry about manually waking the frame up when they walk into the room. With frames like the Pix-Star, you can simply start a slideshow remotely using the web interface (from selected folders or with all the frame’s photos) and let the motion senor take care of the rest!

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