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Digital Picture Frames with Email Explained in 10 Minutes


How do digital picture frames with email work?

Digital picture frames with email have taken the digital frame market by storm. Almost all of the top digital picture frames have dedicated and unique email addresses that are used for sending and receiving pictures and other media. Most of these digital picture frames with email also have some form of Wi-Fi capability that enables useful features like viewing the weather and listening to the radio.

Digital frames with email work by assigning a fixed, unique, and dedicated email address to each frame. This email address is used to connect the frame to the web interface and mobile app, in addition to working as normal through ordinary emails.

Digital frames with email are usually dependent on Wi-Fi and require an active connection to send/receive photos/videos. Digital picture frames with email are now the most common on the market. The idea was created by Pix-Star and has now been widely adopted. On top of email support, many of the top digital picture frames like the Pix-Star now include cloud storage and related features to further boost the effectiveness and functionality of these frames.

Are digital picture frames with email worth the money?

While they’re almost always more expensive than non-Wi-Fi frames, digital frames with email are well worth their higher price. You get a massive boost in functionality and versatility over what you get with offline frames. It also opens up new avenues for sending photos to the frame that weren’t possible without email/Wi-Fi capabilities.

With offline frames, the only way to send pictures was by loading them onto a USB or memory card, inserting them into the frame, and copying them across to the frame’s internal storage. Now, digital picture frames with email let you send photos through a mix of mobile apps, web interfaces, USB/SD card, directly via email, and even through connecting and syncing photos from social media accounts and photo-sharing platforms.

In addition to this, you get access to helpful features like calendars, alerts & reminders, web radio & music, and much more. The boost in versatility offers huge value and scales far beyond the relatively small increase in price. You still get offline capabilities as most digital picture frames with email comes with significant internal storage where photos and other media are saved for offline use.

Once you’ve used a digital frame with email or cloud compatibility, it’s hard to go back to traditional offline frames. Digital photo frames with email quickly become an important part of family life and earn their place in your home.

How to set up a digital picture frame with email?

Most modern digital frames with email have set up wizards that guide you through the initial setup process. With good digital picture frames with email, there is often comprehensive supporting literature and user manuals to get you set up correctly.

The general process starts with connecting the frame to a stable Wi-Fi network. This usually needs to be a home network that doesn’t require web browser authentication (most digital picture frames with email don’t come with inbuilt web browsers).

Once you’ve connected to Wi-Fi, you need to connect the frame to your user account. This is usually done through the web interface and involved registering your frame’s unique email address. Once you’ve gone through this process, you should be able to access and manage your frame through the web interface. Note that this isn’t a widely offered feature and is only limited to a handful of the top digital frames with email like the Pix-Star.

Once your frame is registered on the web interface, you should be able to start using it as normal. If your frame comes with a supported mobile app, you just need to input the unique email address and the app should save it for future use. It might help the troubleshooting process to test sending pictures to your frame with email, the web interface, the mobile app, and web albums (if web albums are supported) to see that everything is in working order.

What is the best digital picture frame with email?

Pix-Star pioneered the idea of digital frames with email addresses. They led the charge into expanding these frames’ abilities and functionality – creating what is now one of the best digital picture frames with email on the market.

Pix-Star’s digital frames with email come in two sizes; a 10-inch frame, and a larger 15” frame. They’re packed full of features without compromising on ease of use and simplicity. Pix-Star’s frames are known for how easy they are to use for grandparents and large families. A remote-control feature and the ability to control up to 25 frames through the web interface make it easy to stay connected with your loved ones.

Pix-Star’s frames support multimedia playback and have inbuilt speakers to play their audio (along with audio notes). A 1024×768 pixel display and a versatile 4:3 aspect ratio mean you don’t need to worry about unnecessary cropping or your photos appearing unnatural or surrounded by black bars. The viewing experience is immersive and you can adjust the display’s color and brightness settings to further improve this experience.

Pix-Star frames can display photos and albums from social media and photo-sharing sites including Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos/Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, and more. These photos are automatically downloaded and synced once they’ve been linked to your frame (or multiple frames). They’ll also be automatically updated whenever you add new photos to the connected albums.

It’s the combination of these features that make the Pix-Star frames one of the most functional and versatile picture frames with email on the market at the moment. They’re fantastic gift ideas for grandparents and work effortlessly well for large families that are spread out.

How to send photos to digital picture frames with email?

Ultimately, all photos/videos/audio are received to the frame via their dedicated email address. The number of ways to send media to digital picture frames with email depends on the specific frame. The most common is directly through an email. All you have to do is send the pictures as attachments, and send them to the frame’s email address.

Another common way is to send media through the frame’s mobile app. Here you can natively capture new videos or photos, or select them from your phone’s gallery. You can then send them directly to your frame or to multiple frames (as long as you have their unique email address).

Other ways include importing external pictures from social media sites and photo-sharing platforms. This web album feature isn’t commonly offered and is done best by top digital picture frames with email such as the Pix-Star.

Many digital picture frames with email still let you load photos onto the frame via USB/SD card. Load the pictures or videos onto the USB/SD card, insert it into the frame, and display away! Most digital picture frames with email will require you to copy the USB/SD card’s content to the frame’s internal storage before you can display them.

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