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Is a Large Digital Frame Just What Your Home Needs?


What is the best large digital frame for families?

Pix-Star’s 15-inch large digital frame is one of the best large frames on the market. You get a high-resolution display in the superior and versatile 4:3 aspect ratio. You can easily adjust both the brightness and color settings without having to exit the slideshow. You can resume slideshows right to where they left off, and even start them with a single button press from the main menu.

All of these user-friendly features combine excellently with the smooth and intuitive user interface on the frame, mobile app, and web interface. You can control up to 25 frames from a single user account and manage all their cloud storage through the web interface. It’s a fantastic way to keep everyone in the family up to date with the latest pictures and videos.

One of the best features of Pix-Star’s large digital frames is their web album compatibility. You can link and sync any photo or photo album from social media and photo-sharing sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google Drive & Photos, Dropbox, and more. These albums are saved to your frame’s internal storage and can be accessed offline once synced. They’ll be updated automatically on every linked frame whenever you add new photos to any linked albums.

Combine this web album feature with the ability to send any photo, video, or audio via the mobile app, to several frames at the same time – from anywhere in the world. This level of versatility and control is hard to come by in the large digital frame market. You can import external pictures through the web interface and make sure all your connected frames get access to these photos.

Pix-Star’s large digital frame is incredibly capable and scales well for large families – all while staying true to ease of use and simplicity for not-so-tech-savvy users like grandparents. Pix-Star’s frames help your family stay connected and in touch as effortlessly as possible without isolating individuals. You also have extensive offline features thanks to USB/SD card support and 8GB of internal storage space.

Free-for-life cloud storage, a remote-control function, and Wi-Fi features like web radio & music, weather, etc. are the icing on the cake. The Pix-Star is one of the most versatile and functional large digital frames on the market and offers you incredible value for money. You can mount or hang them on the wall, or easily rest them on a table or mantelpiece with the sturdy attachable stand.

In summary, the Pix-Star frame quickly earns its place in your home and becomes an important part of how you connect and interact with your loved ones!

Are touchscreens good on a large digital frame?

Touchscreens are very expensive on large digital frames. It’s significantly more expensive to produce a large single-panel touchscreen than it is to make a smaller one. This is why most touchscreen digital frames are 8-inches or smaller.

That being said, even on smaller digital frames, touchscreens aren’t a great choice. They’re fingerprint magnets and are far more prone to getting scratched and scuffed over time. You’ll find that they need to be constantly wiped down and that fingerprints make viewing the display at an angle very difficult. This is especially troubling for large digital frames as their main selling point is their broad and improved viewing experience.

Avoid touchscreen on large digital frames as they often need to sacrifice features and functionality to compensate for the higher price of the touchscreen display – or charge a very steep price if you don’t want to make any sacrifices to the frame’s capability.

Why are large digital frames so expensive?

Large digital frames are more expensive than smaller ones for the same reason that large smartphones are expensive – display, display, display. Larger displays are significantly more expensive to produce than small displays. This is why almost all budget digital frames are 8-inches and smaller. Most premium digital frames sit around the 10-inch mark (diagonal screen measurement), with many of them offering a larger brother model with a 12-15-inch display.

Some of the additional costs come from the larger and thicker frame body. This is needed to keep the frame balanced, especially for self-standing frames. In some cases, large digital frames need additional storage space or processing power, leading to slightly more expensive variations.

That being said, many large digital frames don’t increase in price too much. For example, the Pix-Star 15-inch frame is only around 25% more expensive than the 10-inch frame. That’s 50% more screen real-estate for only a ~25% increase in price.

How to set up and place a large digital frame?

When you initially open a new large digital frame, you’ll be guided by the setup wizard to connect to Wi-Fi (for Wi-Fi-capable frame), or on how to connect a USB/SD card. Once you’ve made it through that interface setup and connected the frame to the mobile app and web interface (consult your frame’s user documentation for frame-specific setup guides), you can think about where to set your frame.

Most large digital frames come with an attachable stand that slots into the back of the frame. Choose a frame that has a stand that’s not a single-pole or extension as they’re quite easy to accidentally knock over. This stand should be adjustable for switching between portrait and landscape orientation and should do a decent job at hiding the power inlet.

A couple of the top large digital frames like the Pix-Star come with a standard VESA mount and hanging holes for mounting or hanging the frame on the wall. The VESA mount is the most secure, though you need to make sure the USB/SD card ports are still accessible while the frame is wall mounted.

Large digital frames are best used on big open walls as they tend to fill up spaces well. They also draw attention to themselves easily – which is why wall mounts are arguably the best choice. You should be able to control the frame remotely via a mobile app or web interface, or at least with a handheld remote-control unit.

Does a large digital frame need Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi and cloud compatibility and support give large digital frames a big boost in versatility and functionality. They enable features like remote control, multi-frame control, sending photos via email, mobile apps, the web interface, and importing web albums.

This makes them great for large families that own several frames and want to view the same photos as soon as they’re uploaded. This is far slower and can be a grueling task to gather and send all the photos to each frame-owner in the family, load them onto a USB/SD card, and only then view them on their frame.

While Wi-Fi and cloud-capable large digital frames are more expensive, they’re worth it. It lets you connect and stay in touch with your loved ones effortlessly and makes photo-sharing in large families and with grandparents frustration-free.

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