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Going Digital with a Unique Picture Frame Collage!


How can I make a picture frame collage?

Making a great picture frame collage can completely overhaul the look of a room, wall, or space. It’s a unique, creative, and attractive way to showcase your favorite memories, photos, and family moments. There are two main ways to make a picture frame collage. The first is with standard picture frames and printed pictures; the second and more modern way is to use a digital frame with a picture collage feature.

When you’re making a picture frame collage with standard picture frames, you need to buy several frames. Changing pictures can also be difficult – and there’s always a risk of accidentally knocking the frame off the wall. You also have to be willing to make dozens of holes or mounts for all of the pictures. These collages can be expensive when you consider the price of the frames (particularly aesthetic and wooden frames), the cost of printing the photos, etc.

Another key consideration is that printed photos fade over time. They lose their color, depth, and original appeal – especially if they’re hit by direct sunlight for a couple of minutes every day. Updating the frames with new pictures is a slow and often frustrating process – though it’s arguably easier if you take most of your photos on a DSLR than with a smartphone (which isn’t usually the case nowadays).

On the other hand, using a digital picture frame is an excellent way to create unique, customizable, and versatile collages. With top digital frames like the Pix-Star, you’ll probably save money too. You don’t need to buy and mount a dozen picture frames. Simply get one 10-inch or 15-inch Wi-Fi digital frame, mount it on the wall (or rest it on a flat surface), and send pictures to it right from your phone/social media/email, etc.

Make sure the Wi-Fi picture frame offers cloud storage, versatile slideshows with customizable settings, and a mobile app. You don’t want a digital frame that’s hard to send photos and videos to. You also want USB/SD card support, a collage feature that doesn’t leave black spaces around photos, etc. Below, we look at one of the best digital Wi-Fi picture frames on the market at the moment – and why they’re at the top!

Can a digital picture frame display a collage?

Pix-Star’s digital picture frame can create unique collages and slideshows. Pix-Star’s collage feature lets you include either 4 or 5 pictures in a single collage. It also has settings that let you remove black spaces around pictures, boosting immersion, and eliminating distractions that plague many other popular digital frames.

Pix-Star’s collages change photos one at a time as it cycles through all of the picture positions. You can adjust how often pictures change through the slideshows. What’s great here is that you don’t need to leave the slideshow to adjust most of its settings. Simply press the “Menu” button on the remote control or the frame. alternatively, many slideshows are adjustable remotely via the frame’s web interface.

What is the best picture frame for collages?

Pix-Star’s 15-inch digital frame is particularly great thanks to the 1024×768 display and 4:3 aspect ratio. This perfectly matches most of the photos we take on our smartphones and DSLRs without needing any cropping, zooming, or distortion.

Pictures and videos display in unique slideshows that offer loads of controls and customizations. You can send and hold thousands of photos on Pix-Star’s frames’ internal storage. You can even load gigabytes of pictures to a USB/SD card and view slideshows directly on the frame. There are play order, transition, and frequency settings that let you personalize which photos you see.

Pix-Star’s collage feature lets you display photos in groups of either 4 or 5. Set the frame to ignore photos that are too small. Pix-Star can also remove black spaces around the photos by expanding photos that take up between 75% and 100% of the display. Photos change one at a time and can play from specifically selected folders and files.

Pix-Star has two unique and very capable main features. The first of these is their remote configuration support. Here you can use the web dashboard for your frame to manage and control up to 25 connected Pix-Star frames from anywhere in the world. You can adjust their settings, start and manage slideshows, manage local and cloud storage, sync new photos, update their firmware, and more.

Pix-Star’s web albums feature offers the ability to import photos directly (wirelessly) from external sources. Support for a dozen external sources includes Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive & Photos, Flickr, a folder on your computer, Dropbox, and more.

Once you’ve linked a photo album via Pix-Star’s web album feature using the web interface, it will sync to any connected Pix-Star frame. These web albums can automatically update whenever you add new photos, automating most of the photo-sharing process. Simply drag and drop photos you want to share to a linked web album. Pix-Star will take care of the rest.

How to send photos to a Wi-Fi picture frame for a collage?

Pix-Star’s frames offer several photo-sharing methods to fill their unique slideshows and collages. The most popular of these is the Pix-Star Snap mobile app. Send up to 250 photos directly from your phone to any of your Pix-Star frames at the same time. You can also send 2-minute videos and audio clips.

Pix-Star support sending pictures over email. It’s quick, easy, and is added as attachments. Be sure not to drag and drop them into the body of the email as some email clients will add them as HTML.

Pix-Star’s web album feature lets you import photos directly from social media, photo-sharing, online storage platforms, and even wirelessly from your computer. These imported photo albums save to local storage and are available offline. This feature ties in well with Pix-Star’s remote configuration feature that lets you start slideshows and adjust settings remotely via the web interface.

Finally, Pix-Star offers full USB/SD card support and doesn’t restrict its maximum storage capacity. A plug-and-play feature lets you play slideshows directly from the USB/SD card on the frame – all without copying anything to the frame’s internal storage. You get virtually unlimited storage space and a simple way to share photos in bulk with family members and grandparents that you don’t see too often!

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