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Find the Perfect Digital Video Frame for Your Loved Ones


What to look for in a digital video frame?

It’s rare to find a digital frame that’s solely dedicated to video playback. This feature is usually included with some of the top digital picture frames. Digital video-capable frames are far easier to find and often have all the features you’d expect from a digital video frame.

The first thing worth noting is that almost all digital video frames have limitations on the size and length of videos sent to the frame. This is most commonly seen as a length limit, though there are format and file size limits – usually depending on how you send the videos to the frame. This is the first aspect to look at when choosing a good digital video frame. One of the better options on the market is Pix-Star’s 15” digital frame. You can play video clips up to 2-minutes in length and can send them to the frame via email or through the mobile app. It’s also worth noting that video playback is a free feature on the Pix-Star frame. Some other top frames charge a recurring fee to enable video playback.

Look for a frame that has supports videos of at least 1-minute in length and a variety of formats. It’s a bonus if sound playback is supported (and potentially sound-only clips and audio notes). Video playback should be a free feature that isn’t locked behind a paywall or require a subscription.

Another key feature to look for in a digital video frame is screen size and resolution. Displays with 10” or more in diagonal length are better than smaller frames. They usually have brighter screens and broader viewing angles – exactly when you’d want in a video frame. The aspect ratio should be either 4:3 or 16:9. Display resolution should be over 800×600, especially for larger 10-15” screens.

The number of ways to send a video to a digital video frame is also important. Almost all frames have limits on video playback due to the inherent issue with video compression when sent or transferred to the frame. You should be able to shoot videos in the supported mobile app and send them directly to the frame (or multiple frames). You should also be able to select and send videos you’ve already taken from your gallery. Emailing short videos is also useful, though there are often stricter limits on file size and format. Loading videos onto a USB or memory card and inserting them into the frame is another very helpful feature – especially for elderly users.

What is the best digital video frame with Wi-Fi?

Pix-Star’s digital picture frame is one of the best value digital video-compatible frames on the market. Video playback supports clips up to 2-minutes in length and allows sound to be played through the in-built speakers.

Pix-Star’s mobile app offers one of the easiest-to-use interfaces for quickly sending several videos to your frame. If videos are longer than 2-minutes, you can cut them up into shorter clips and send them through in the order you want them played on the frame. The mobile app lets you record video with sound directly in the app, or select videos already in your gallery.

Pix-Star’s digital video frame allows you to mix in videos with photo slideshows, and even display never photos/videos more frequently. The frame’s large 8GB internal storage and USB compatibility give you plenty of extra space for both videos and photos.

What makes Pix-Star’s digital frame the best choice is its versatility. You’re getting a large, sharp, and bright frame that supports multimedia playback, can sync and download web albums from social media accounts (and more), view the weather and calendar, listen to the radio, and much more. It has a rich feature set while still being one of the simplest and easiest-to-use frames available.

It’s well built and offers all of these features, along with cloud storage and a couple of other unique features – free for life. Most of Pix-Star’s closest competitors have recurring fees for extra cloud storage, unlocking features like video playback, and even linking web albums. Pix-Star’s digital video frame offers arguably the best balance between price, performance, quality, and versatility.

How to send videos to Pix-Star’s digital video frame?

The quickest and simplest way to send video to a Pix-Star digital video frame is through the mobile app. It’s the best because there aren’t limits to the number of video files you can send or the number of frames you can send at the same time.

You can either record video through the app’s video function (you’ll need to provide the necessary access when prompted), or select videos you’ve already taken from your phone’s gallery.

You can then select which frames you want to send the videos to and hit send. Make sure your videos are in a compatible format and within the 2-minute length limit.

Should I use a TV as a digital video frame?

The biggest drawback of using a TV as a digital video frame is the lack of versatility. You don’t have nearly as many sending/receiving options as you would with a frame like the Pix-Star. It’s also a much more complicated process and some TV is more difficult with others. Good smart TV is significantly more expensive than digital video frames.

The biggest advantage of using a TV as a digital video frame is the unlimited video length, larger display, and higher resolutions. They’re usually brighter and have a better viewing angle than most video frames.

In summary, it’s most likely not worth the extra money and lack of versatility – though is a handy option if you have no other choice or absolutely need a large display.

Are digital video frames worth the money?

Dedicated digital video frames are very rare. Most of the top digital picture frames support video playback to some extent, so there isn’t much use of a dedicated frame. They offer far less versatility and functionality while being more expensive and usually quite difficult to use.

You’d be better off buying a good digital picture frame with video functionality. Pix-Star’s frame is a good choice for balanced multimedia support.

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