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Should You Buy a Digital Photo Frame at Walmart?


Is the Pix-Star frame better than the Nix digital photo frame from Walmart?

The Nix digital photo frame from Walmart comes in quite a few different variations. From small 7” screens to larger 15” displays, there is quite a wide range of available choices.

On the other hand, the Pix-Star is one of the best-selling digital photo frames on Amazon and a top-of-the-line flagship digital frame. Pix-Star’s frames are known for their ease of use and ultra-functional feature set.

Pix-Star is usually the better choice when you consider the functionality and versatility of their frames. The main reason for this is Wi-Fi compatibility. Nix digital photo frames from Walmart aren’t Wi-Fi compatible. This means that the only way you can send photos to the frame is on a USB or SD card that needs to stay connected at all times. Contrast this with the plethora of options for sending media to Pix-Star frames. You can send through email, the mobile app, link web albums through the web interface, via USB/SD card, and more.

Pix-Star frames have a far more versatile and useful aspect ratio. Its 4:3 is much better for a combination of photo and video playback, and arguably the best digital frame aspect ratio for photos. Nix digital photo frames from Walmart have an awkward 16:10 aspect ratio. The result is black bars on the top and sides of most pictures and videos. You’ll need to manually crop photos before sending them to a Nix frame.

Pix-Star’s frames also have unique features like remote control capability and web album compatibility. You can even view weather reports, listen to the radio, and play games; whereas the Nix digital photo frame from Walmart is quite basic.

Nix digital photo frames from Walmart have some minor issues like the motion sensor not working consistently and the auto-on/off function being difficult to set up. The remote control is also quite hard to use as the buttons are laid out weirdly and don’t have much range. You need to stand directly in front of the frame for the remote control to work. It’s the combination of these minor issues that make the Nix digital photo frame from Walmart quite difficult to use – especially for elderly users.

What digital photo frames are sold on Walmart?

Walmart’s digital photo frame range isn’t nearly as broad as other mass retail sites like Amazon. Walmart sells a relatively small number of digital frames – especially in the high-end range. The Nixplay digital frame is the most expensive and one of the only premium digital photo frames on Walmart.

Most of the digital photo frames sold on Walmart are low to mid-range frames. They generally don’t have Wi-Fi connectivity and are very basic in terms of features and functionality. While this means the price is lower, you get what you pay for. Most frames have low resolutions and small displays, with the only way to send photos to the frame being via USB/SD cards.

Other high-end digital photo frames like the Pix-Star aren’t available on Walmart. There are plenty of competing frames that offer features and functions you’d find on a Nixplay frame – without charging recurring fees or a high initial purchase price.

If you’re looking for a high-end digital photo frame, Walmart shouldn’t be your first choice. If you want a low-end frame, they have a lot of options; though not nearly as many as Amazon has.

Can I buy a Pix-Star digital photo frame at Walmart?

Pix-Star’s digital photo frames aren’t available on Walmart – though you can buy them through Amazon or directly from Pix-Star’s website.

Walmart doesn’t sell many premium digital photo frames. They have quite a wide selection of low to mid-range digital photo frames, but not as broad a selection as Amazon.

Are cheap digital photo frames on Walmart better than the Pix-Star?

Cheap digital photo frames from Walmart seem fantastic at face value. They claim to offer features and functions you’d only find on far more expensive frames. Almost all cheap digital frames aren’t Wi-Fi capable. This means you can’t send pictures to the frame by email, mobile apps, web interfaces, or any online methods.

The only way is to load pictures onto a USB or memory card and insert it into your frame. You usually need to leave the USB/SD card connected to the frame at all times as they usually have very small internal storage.

Another big drawback of cheap digital photo frames from Walmart is their displays. Expect lower quality screens and durability that isn’t on par with what frames like the Pix-Star offer.

Is it better to buy a digital photo frame from Walmart or Amazon?

Amazon is almost always better for buying digital photo frames than Walmart. Prices of appliances and smart items are often around 10% cheaper (though more expensive for many household items, food, etc.). This isn’t always the case, and many digital frames have roughly the same price regardless of where they’re sold.

Along with sometimes being cheaper, digital photo frames on Walmart don’t have nearly as much accompanying information as you’d find on Amazon. Amazon lets you browse through hundreds and even thousands of verified purchase reviews. You can read reviews at each star rating to learn about both the good and bad aspects of the frame.

Low-star reviews like the one and two-star ratings often hint at quality control issues or major issues that break or ruin the user experience. Three-star reviews are usually quite balanced and offer quite a bit of critical feedback. Four-star reviews usually lean to the positive side but often have one or two negatives listed. Five-star reviews usually focus on the best aspect of the digital frame.

Another feature you don’t get when buying digital photo frames on Walmart is the Q&A section. Amazon lets you read through hundreds of questions and answers. You can search by keyword or ask a new question. Answers are usually provided by people who’ve already used the frame or know a lot about it. Amazon even recommends “frequently bought together” sections to help you choose the best accessories and add-ons for your frame.
In summary, there is a lot more information on Amazon and you’re more likely to make a better buying choice – especially if you can’t test the frame in person. This doesn’t mean you can’t find a good digital photo frame at Walmart, Amazon offers more in the premium range like the Pix-Star and others.

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