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Kohl’s Digital Photo Frame – What You Should Know


Which Kohl’s digital photo frame options are available?

Kohl’s digital photo frame selection is extremely limited compared to what you’d find with online shopping sites like Amazon. Kohl’s has less than 10 models to choose from. Their best-rated frame is the Aura Mason 9-inch digital photo frame. Other brands include the Simply Smart digital frame and the Aluratek digital frame.

At the entry-level or budget range, Aluratek’s 8-inch models are your only choice. You can choose between the auto-slide show frame and the motion-sensor models. Both have quite poor ratings – which shouldn’t be surprising given their price.

You can choose between the 8-inch Simply Smart digital frame and Aluratek’s 10-inch frame for the mid-range. Both of these frames hover around the $100 mark when they’re on sale, but around 30% more when there’s no active sales discount.

At the upper end, the Aura Mason and Aura Smith frames are your only options. The Aura mason sits at around $200 and the Aura Smith 10-inch frame asks for a whopping $400. Bear in mind that these prices might not be the same universally and can change at any time. There’s also a slightly cheaper 10-inch Simply Smart digital frame, but it doesn’t quite deliver the performance and features you’d expect from a premium-priced frame.

At each of these price ranges, Kohl’s digital photo frames are severely limited. Top-performing frames like the Pix-Star aren’t available at Kohl’s and Aura frames are known to be some of the most expensive frames on the market. Both the mid and budget ranges offer only a couple of frames to choose from and no real frame of reference for new buyers.

Should I buy a Kohl’s digital photo frame?

The biggest issue with Kohl’s digital photo frames is the limited number of choices. You have less than 10 frame models to choose from, spread over only 3 brands. For new buyers, you don’t have a great frame of reference or deep knowledge of what’s available on the market.

On other online shopping platforms like Amazon, you can choose from dozens and even hundreds of different digital photo frames. On top of this, each frame has hundreds of ratings and reviews to give you a better idea of their real-world performance and durability. You can learn about common issues and their workarounds, ask and answer questions about the specifics of a frame, and get more in-depth information about the frames.

Reading reviews from verified buyers at each of the star ratings lets you paint an accurate picture of how the frame lives up to its claims. This is especially useful for first-time digital frame buyers that don’t have a lot of experience with the market or the specific functions of the devices.

Shopping at a place like Amazon gives you a much broader selection, especially at the budget and premium range. Amazon gives you access to top-selling digital frames like the Pix-Star and helps you better understand what compromises you’d need to make for certain features.

Unless Kohl’s is your only option for whatever reason, your money is much better spent where you have a larger selection of frames to choose from, and where there are more real reviews, questions, and answers. You’re more likely to get a frame that performs as expected and more closely meets your and your family’s digital frame needs and budget.

Is the Pix-Star better than a Kohl’s digital photo frame?

The Pix-Star digital frame is one of the most versatile and capable frames on the market. They’re not as expensive as Aura frames and have unique features like free-for-life cloud storage, remote control functionality, web album support, and a smooth user interface on the frame, mobile app, and web interface.

It’s one of the best frames on the market for elderly users that doesn’t compromise on functionality for the rest of the family. You can control up to 25 frames from a single account and send photos to all of them at the same time. This level of versatility is hard to find – especially when you consider how easy these frames are to set up and use.

Pix-Star also sells a larger 15-inch (same price as Aura Mason 9-inch) that offers an immersive experience that’s hard to find on smaller screens. You can mount these frames on the wall easily thanks to both a standard VESA mount and normal hanging holes for either orientation. There’s also a sleek attachable stand that offers a robust and sturdy way to rest your frames on a table or mantelpiece.

Linking your frame to several social media and photo-sharing platforms lets you easily keep everyone in the family connected. Whenever you add new photos to the connected albums, they’ll be automatically downloaded and updated on all connected frames. You’ll find it’s a fantastic feature for keeping grandparents involved and large families interconnected.

While there is no perfect digital frame, Pix-Star’s digital photo frame offers enough unique features to beat out most other frames. Their smooth user interface, mobile app, and web interface give you plenty of ways to send media to your frame – no matter where you are. You’ll get great value for money and a frame you can keep around for years to come.

Can Kohl’s digital photo frames play video?

Usually, you’ll find that premium digital frame support video playback, but unfortunately, you don’t get this feature with the Aura Mason. It’s one of Kohl’s digital photo frames’ most premium models. Their mid-range Simply Smart frames don’t support video playback either – though the more expensive 10-inch frame does support videos.

Can I return a Kohl’s digital photo frame?

Generally speaking, all Kohl’s digital photo frames are eligible for returns. You need to read the specific policy for each frame under the “Shipping & Returns” tab next to the “Product Details”. Here you’ll see the various return requirements for frames bought online and in-shop.

The return period is normally around 180-days after the purchase date and 30-days for premium electronics. There is a different return policy for defective or damaged products. To be safe, make sure you read each frame’s return policy before buying – as it may differ from the general policies.

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