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Digital Photo Frame Sale Tips for First-Time Buyers

What should I look for in a digital photo frame sale?

You might be one of the lucky ones that come across a great digital photo frame sale – but how do you know you’re getting good value for money? Here are a couple of features and functions you should be on the lookout for.

First off is to check the frame’s display. Digital photo frames on sale should have at least 800×600 pixel displays and a 4:3 aspect ratio. This ensures your pictures are crisp and clear, without being auto-cropped or boxed in by black bars around the sides. On the note of displays, aim to get a frame with adjustable brightness that offers manual adjustments. Adjustable color settings are a bonus but not widely offered.

In terms of features, you should get a digital frame with Wi-Fi and cloud support. This is essential and is one of the biggest versatility boosters for digital frames. A great example is the Pix-Star frame. You get full Wi-Fi and cloud compatibility, along with all the related features; including remote control functionality, web album support, web radio & music, sending photos via the mobile app and web interface.

Slideshows are another extremely important aspect of digital photo frames on sale. They can make or break the viewing experience and influence how you share precious moments with your loved ones. Look for a frame that lets you start slideshows with just one or two clicks. This is usually in the form of a “play all photos” option in the main menu. Additionally, you need to be able to adjust the playback order, speed, and transitions, with a wide range of options to suit different moods and rooms.

Some digital photo frames like the Pix-Star have slideshow options that let you play the most recent photos from the past “x” number of days more frequently – or exclusively. You can also include photos linked from social media and photo-sharing platforms in your slideshows, even when you’re offline.

The final area worth paying attention to is build quality. Make sure the attachable stand is high-quality and sturdy. You don’t want the frame to wobble or be prone to falling while resting on a flat surface. You should also have the option to mount the frame on the wall (usually with a standard VESA mount). Avoid touchscreens as they’re less durable, more fingerprint prone, and will wear much faster. They’re also significantly more expensive on any frame larger than 8-inches.

Where is the best place to buy a digital photo frame on sale?

If you want to find a digital photo frame sale with as much accompanying information, reviews, and recorded real-world experience, Amazon is probably your best bet. Here you can find in-depth information on all the features of the frame, how it works, and important things you should know about it (shipping, included items, frequently bought together with, and so on).

On top of all of this information, you can also read through dozens or hundreds of user reviews from people who have bought the frame before. Each review is attached to a star rating (out of a possible five-star max) and you can see the overall average rating of the digital photo frame on sale. These reviews help paint an accurate picture of the frame’s real-world performance and can hint at any possible quality control or performance issues.

You can browse through hundreds of questions and answers about the frame features, packaging, and so on. You can even ask your questions and have them answered by people who have used the frame or know what they’re talking about.

All-in-all, digital photo frame sales on Amazon are more complete and you’re far more likely to get a frame you won’t be disappointed in – getting better value for money and a regret-free digital photo frame purchase.

Are there any digital photo frame after-sale costs to buying a frame?

Some digital photo frames have post-sale additional costs. These are usually in the form of recurring one-time fees or monthly/annual subscription fees. You’ll find this in a few of the top digital photo frames; the paywalls usually block full unlimited access to cloud storage and features like video playback support and unlocking full use of the mobile app/web interface.

If you’re looking for a top digital photo frame that doesn’t have any additional or recurring fees, Pix-Star’s frame is an excellent choice. You get free-for-life unlimited cloud storage and multimedia support (video and audio) with inbuilt speakers.

What are some post-sale digital photo frame setup tips?

When setting up a digital photo frame post-sale, make sure you connect to a home or office Wi-Fi that doesn’t require web authentication. This is because digital frames don’t have an inbuilt web browser, so you won’t be able to complete the web authentication without a third-party device to do it on the frame’s behalf. Connect to a network that requires a simple username and password like most home Wi-Fi networks (some routers still require web authentication so you need to check beforehand).

Another key tip has to do with wall-mounting a new digital photo frame post-sale. Most digital frames have USB/SD ports on the back of the device. Depending on how well the frame is designed, wall mounting might block access to these ports, especially if the frame wasn’t designed with a standard VESA mount-type. Make sure you check you’ll still have access to these ports as they offer a great offline alternative to sending photos and other media to your frame.

Should I buy a digital photo frame on sale secondhand?

When you’re buying a second-hand or refurbished digital photo frame resale, it’s generally better to stick to the main platforms like Amazon. This is because you can go through plenty of reviews about the resale’s quality and real-world performance. You can also leverage Amazon’s return policy and find a safer overall purchase.

That being said, the price often isn’t much lower than new digital photo frame sales. You might be better off paying a couple of extra percent for a brand-new frame. That way you get a full warranty and can get the frame directly from the manufacturer. It’s less likely to be faulty and is well worth the slightly higher price.

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