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Digital Picture Frames at Bed Bath and Beyond


Should I look for digital picture frames at Bed Bath and Beyond or Amazon?

If you’re looking for digital picture frames at Bed Bath and Beyond, you’re probably wondering if it’s the best place to be shopping? Perhaps a friend told you they sell digital picture frames, or you were just browsing through their catalogs and came across one. You’ve probably also heard that Amazon has a killer selection. Here’s what you need to know to get the best value for your money.

The digital picture frame selection at Bed Bath and Beyond is quite limited. While they have quite an attractive catalog of non-digital picture frames, this sentiment doesn’t necessarily carry through to the digital frames. Amazon features a much broader and diverse selection of digital picture frames, including top-sellers like the Pix-Star frame.

Not only is the selection broader, but you also have significantly more information to work with on Amazon. You can read through hundreds of verified-buyer reviews at different star ratings. The one and two-star ratings can sometimes be dictated by an isolated bad experience – but they usually inform you about major issues or quality control problems. Unresolved reviews can also hint at poor customer support.

Three, four, and five-star reviews help you see the balance between the strong and weak points of the frame you’re interested in. You’ll find some more critical-leaning reviews and some unshakingly positive ones. When you combine all the information in these reviews with the hundreds of questions and answers, you can paint an accurate picture of how the digital picture frame in question performs in the real world.

You can even ask an original question that’s unique to your situation and needs, and have it answered by someone who has used the frame or knows a lot about it. While this system isn’t foolproof, you almost always get more than enough information to get the right frame for you, your home, or your family. Just make sure to take the time to read through as many Q&As and reviews as possible before buying.

Amazon has a much wider selection of frames at all budget levels – but most importantly in the premium range. Comparing the top frames is a great way to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck and finding a frame that caters best to your specific situation and needs.

Unless you specifically need to buy a digital picture frame at Bed Bath and Beyond, you’re more likely to get the right digital frame from Amazon – and get better value for your money.

Are digital picture frames at Bed Bath and Beyond any good?

As mentioned above, the selection of digital picture frames at Bed Bath and Beyond is very limited. You can mainly choose from a narrow selection of Aluratek and Brookstone digital picture frames. There is a vastly more expensive Lenovo smart frame, though the aspect ratio is so elongated and awkward that almost every single photo you load onto will be cropped or boxed in by unsightly black bars. You can also find a SimplySmart Home photo frame and an Amazon Echo – though its display is tiny as isn’t great for use strictly as a photo display.

Almost all of these frames sit comfortably in the mid-range of the digital picture frame market, with Aluratek’s 10-inch frame being the closest you’ll find to a premium digital frame. That being said, all these frames struggle to compete against industry titans like the Pix-Star and Skylight frames. While they do have some Wi-Fi and cloud capabilities and related features, the user interface and viewing experience are often the biggest letdowns.

You also have to consider that most of the digital picture frames at Bed Bath and Beyond have 16:9 or wider aspect ratios. This means that most of the pictures taken on cameras and smartphones (4:3) will be auto-cropped, boxed in, or distorted in one way or another.

If you’re after a premium frame that doesn’t cost much more than the mid-range digital picture frames at Bed Bath and Beyond, it’s probably not worth spending your money here. If you’re happy to get a mid-range frame without seeing much else in the market and don’t mind a good dose of FOMO, you might be okay getting a Bed Bath and Beyond digital frame.

Is the Pix-Star better than a digital picture frame at Bed Bath and Beyond?

Pix-Star’s digital picture frame is one of the very best on the market. It comes in both a 10-inch and a 15-inch model and specifically caters to elderly users and large families. Though it’s full Wi-Fi and cloud compatibility, you get features like remote control functionality, a mobile app & web interface, weather, web radio & music, the ability to display photos and albums from social media and photo-sharing sites, and much more.

This functionality and versatility give you plenty of handy functions and means you’re never more than just a few moments from sharing photos and memories with your loved ones. Pix-Star’s user interface is smooth, intuitive, and fluid – one of the main reasons it’s a great frame for grandparents.

With its 1024×768 display and the most versatile 4:3 aspect ratio, you get an uninterrupted and immersive viewing experience. Photos appear natural and the aspect ratio fits most photos taken on phones and full-frame cameras. You can mount the Pix-Star frame on the wall, and there’s an attachable stand that supports both landscape and portrait orientations.

Free-for-life unlimited cloud storage is what sets the Pix-Star apart. While many other top digital frames charge for additional cloud storage and have subscription fees in place to unlock features like video support – it’s all free on the Pix-Star. No hidden costs and no recurring fees.

In summary, if your budget supports it, you’ll probably get much better value for money with the Pix-Star than you’d get with a digital picture frame at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Can I play videos on a digital picture frame at Bed Bath and Beyond?

The Aluratek digital picture frames at Bed Bath and Beyond can’t play video clips, but the Brookstone frame can display videos – but with limitations on their length and size.

Which digital picture frame at Bed Bath and Beyond connects to Wi-Fi?

Both the 8 and 10-inch Aluratek frames can connect to Wi-Fi. You can send photos from your phone or through linking web albums. Brookstone’s digital picture frame at Bed Bath and Beyond has a basic cloud function for the family and lets you send photos directly from your phone to the frame. You can also send through email or by linking web albums.

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