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Don’t Miss the Best Digital Picture Frames with Video!


How do the best digital picture frames with video work?

The best digital picture frames with video use a mix of internal storage, USB/SD card support, mobile apps, and versatile slideshows to store, display, and share your favorite video clips. While many top digital frames support videos, there are almost always limits on the size and/or length of supported video clips.

For example, Nixplay digital frames only let you play 15-second video clips, with the Nixplay Plus premium subscription plan unlocking the ability to play 1-minute video clips. For reference, Pix-Star’s digital picture frames can play 2-minute video clips without charging any extra hidden or recurring fees.

The best digital picture frames with video playback support also let you include videos in slideshows. These video files can be received to the frame’s internal storage via a supported mobile app (e.g., the Pix-Star Snap) or through a connected USB/SD card.

What is the best way to send videos to digital picture frames?

The best way to send videos to a digital picture frame is through a supported mobile app. While mobile apps are not commonly offered (limited to just a handful of the best digital frames on the market), they’re exceptionally versatile, familiar, and efficient. For example, Pix-Star’s digital frames let you send 2-minute video clips to any of your Pix-Star frames. The video clips are selected from your phone’s gallery.

Alternatively, you can view videos on your Pix-Star frame from a connected USB/SD card. Make sure the video clips are in a supported format and don’t exceed the 2-minute restriction (which is more than almost all other premium digital frames offer). Pix-Star’s frames then let you include video clips in slideshows and set them to play with – or without – their recorded sound.

It’s worth noting that most digital picture frames with video support only let you load and view videos from a connected USB/SD card. In most cases, these video clips cannot be included in slideshows or played with sound. Make sure to check the specific video-related features and restrictions if video sharing is an important part of how you connect with your loved ones.

Which are the best digital picture frames for video playback?

The Pix-Star frame is arguably the best digital picture frame for video playback for 2022 and beyond. Not only are there no extra or hidden fees required to unlock video-related features, but Pix-Star supports 2-minute video clips too (which is more than almost every other premium digital frame on the market).

You can send video clips to the Pix-Star frames from anywhere in the world right from your smartphone’s gallery via the Pix-Star Snap mobile app. Alternatively, you can load videos to the frame through a connected USB/SD card. Videos sent via the mobile app are saved to the frame’s internal storage and backed up to the cloud.

Pix-Star’s frames also offer manually adjustable brightness and color settings to let you find the perfect picture for any scene or occasion. You also have free-for-life cloud storage and automatic cloud backups to keep all of your photos safe.

Perhaps Pix-Star’s most versatile feature is its remote-control functionality. Here you can remotely manage and control up to 25 connected Pix-Star frames from anywhere in the world via the web dashboard. You can adjust your frames’ settings, start & manage slideshows, manage local & cloud storage, and much more.

Finally, Pix-Star’s web album feature lets you import photo albums from external sources such as social media, online storage, and photo-sharing platforms. Supported platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos & Drive, Flickr, Dropbox, and more.

Web albums are saved to the Pix-Star’s internal storage for offline use and can be remotely managed (you can even start slideshow remotely from specific web albums – or the entire web album folder). Web albums can be set to automatically stay updated and will sync any new photos from linked albums to all connected frames.

Can the best digital picture frames play videos in slideshows?

Even among the best digital picture frames with video support, the ability to include videos in slideshows isn’t universally offered. While many top digital frames offer video playback, there are limits to their functionality. For example, Nixplay and Skylight frames charge extra recurring annual fees to unlock and extend video playback, Aura’s frames don’t play videos or audio files, and Dragon Touch frames can only play 30-second video clips.

Pix-Star’s digital picture frames support video playback without needing to pay any extra or hidden fees. What’s unique about Pix-Star’s frames is that these video clips can be included in slideshows. You can set the included videos to the play muted or with their recorded sound. Since Pix-Star’s frames can connect to external speakers or headphones, these quick video clips can be very immersive and personal ways to share special moments with your loved ones – no matter where they are in the world.

Do the best digital picture frames with video use touchscreens?

Few of the best digital picture frames with video support also use touchscreens. Not only are touchscreen relatively irrelevant on digital frames with remote-control functionality, but they’re also significantly more expensive for any display panel that’s larger than 8-inches. There are multiple other concerns with durability as touch displays are both scratch and fingerprint-prone – especially when they’re used with cheap digital frames.

Touch displays will need to be cleaned after every use as the oil from your fingers and skin builds up on the display. This can ruin immersion or become annoying to clean after each use. The issue is worse with matte-finish displays as the oil and dirt are much harder to clean off without damaging the display.

The higher cost of the touch-capable panel needs to be offset by sacrificing other features and functions you’d expect at the frame’s price point. Sacrificed features include video & audio support, free cloud storage, ease of use, and access to a mobile app or web interface. In some cases, these frames charge optional subscription fees to unlock the aforementioned features and functions – something we vehemently recommend avoiding.

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