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Are Digital Frames without Video Support Still Worth It?


Should I buy digital frames without video or audio support?

We don’t suggest buying digital frames without video & audio playback and support. Video & audio speaks in a way that photos cannot – and it’s an excellent supplement to great photo slideshows. Imagine sending a quick video clip from the beach with your family to your grandparents half the world away. With frames like the Pix-Star, this is an effortless function. You can also send voice notes, pictures, and videos from your gallery via the Pix-Star Snap mobile app to your frames anywhere in the world.

Video playback makes sharing special moments with your loved ones a little more tangible. They don’t need to be high-resolution or perfectly captured videos to be effective either – which is part of the reason that most digital frames limit their video playback to 720p (more isn’t always better).

We generally suggest getting a premium digital photo frame. They offer the best value for money, smooth interfaces, the ability to send photos, videos, and audio wirelessly, remotely control your frames from anywhere in the world, import photos directly from social media & photo-sharing sites, and much more.

Almost all of these features – and many more – and only found in a handful of premium digital frames like the Pix-Star. Many mid-range frames are only marginally cheaper than premium frames like the Pix-Star, yet they offer significantly less in terms of features, functions, quality, and real-world performance. If you want a frame that connects the family, makes sharing quick and simple and offers an immersive deep-dive into your favorite moments & memories – premium digital frames with video & audio support are the way to go!

How to use digital frames without video support or playback?

Most cheap and mid-range digital photo frames don’t offer video & audio playback as a supported feature. This means that even if you wanted to, you couldn’t include videos in slideshows, or play audio messages, listen to the radio & web music, etc.

You can use digital frames without video & audio support much like you’d use a normal digital photo frame. You can start slideshows, manage your frame’s storage, choose which files & folders to include in slideshows (usually a feature that’s limited to premium frames), and much more.

Since we almost always recommend going for a high-end digital frame, video & audio support are included more often than not. Unless there’s a specific reason you don’t want video or audio support, premium frames offer the best value for money and versatility.

Do Pix-Star’s digital frames come without video playback?

Pix-Star’s digital frames are one of the few top-end frames that include both video and audio playback and support. With some other top frames, video & audio are supported – though you need to pay an annual subscription fee to unlock this feature or extend its limits (e.g., both Nixplay & Skylight frames require an annual subscription).

Pix-Star’s digital photo frames can play 2-minute video clips and audio files – which might not seem like much on paper, but is more than almost all other premium digital frames (e.g., Dragon Touch offers 30-second clips, Nixplay let you play 15-second clips, etc.).

Pix-Star’s digital picture frames can include videos in slideshows, and even let you set them to play muted. Additionally, audio files and the audio from the videos can be played through the frame’s inbuilt speakers. Alternatively, you can connect to external speakers, headphones, or earphones via the Pix-Star frame’s USB port or 3.5mm audio input port.

Pix-Star’s digital frames are known to be some of the most versatile on the market today. You get features & real-world performance that caters to families, homes, and elderly users. You can send photos, videos, and audio files to your frames from anywhere in the world via mobile app, the web dashboard, email, and more. Additionally, you can load videos, photos, and audio files to your Pix-Star frames via USB/SD card.

How to start slideshows on digital frames without including videos?

Since most digital frames come without video playback as an added feature, you won’t need to worry about having to intentionally exclude them. This is common with most cheap and mid-range digital frames, with only a couple of premium digital frames offering video support & playback.

Frames like the Pix-Star let you adjust how and if videos are to be included in slideshows. These settings can be adjusted via the slideshow settings section from the main settings page. Alternatively, you can access these slideshow settings without leaving the current slideshow by pressing the “Menu” button within the slideshow.

To start slideshows on digital frames without videos being included, there are two options. Firstly, you can start a slideshow as you normally would, but use the slideshow settings to set videos to be excluded. The second way is to access the Pix-Star Media Gallery on your frame and select all the files & folders you want to include in the slideshow. You could also move all of your video files to a single folder, and then exclude that folder from any future slideshows.

Can digital frames play videos without sound?

Most digital frames come without video playback and support – and even fewer offer audio playback or inbuilt speakers. Even among the top frames, popular choices like the Aura frame don’t offer either video or audio playback. With that said, other top frames like the Pix-Star offer versatile video & audio support (especially when compared with most other top frames).

Pix-Star’s frames are one of the only digital frames that give you the choice to include videos in slideshows – with the option for them to play muted. With most digital video frames, videos can be played via the file explorer or media gallery, with few allowing videos to be included in slideshows.

With Pix-Star’s frames, you can edit slideshow settings without needing to leave the current slideshows. This can be done by simply pressing the “Menu” button while viewing a slideshow. Here you can set whether or not you want to include videos in slideshows – and if they should play muted (or with their accompanying sound). Additionally, Pix-Star’s frames can connect to external speakers to provide a more immersive audio & video experience.

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