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Best Large Digital Picture Frames You Need to Get Today!


What are the best large digital picture frames of 2021?

The Pix-Star 15-inch frame is arguably one of the best large digital picture frames of 2021. They’re just the right size for a big family, well-let room, and modern or large homes. Pix-Star’s frames can send & receive photos, videos, and audio messages from anywhere in the world. You can send via the mobile app, web interface, email, USB/SD card, and more. It’s a feature-packed frame that caters capably to families, modern homes, and elderly users.

Pix-Star’s frames are renowned for being very easy to use, set up, and manage. You can manage & control up to 25 connected Pix-Star frames remotely via the web dashboard. Here you can adjust their settings, start customizable slideshows, change slideshow sources, update the frames’ firmware, and much more. It’s a versatile and simple way to make sure that all the frames in the family get the right pictures, videos, and audio messages at the perfect time.

When you consider Pix-Star’s massive value for money, affordable price point, and no hidden or recurring fees, it’s a tough option to ignore. Unlike Aura frames, Pix-Star’s frames offer video & audio playback, along with a 4:3 aspect ratio (compared to Aura’s frames, unfortunately, 16:9 aspect ratio). Compared to Skylight & Nixplay frames, Pix-Star’s frames don’t charge any additional subscription fees. Instead, they offer all the features that other top frames lock behind a paywall for free (e.g., free-for-life cloud storage, video & audio support, etc.).

How to set up the best large digital picture frames?

The best place to set up the best large digital picture frames is in high-traffic – or large & well-lit – rooms like the living room, welcome lobby, dining room, open-style kitchens, master bedroom, etc. Some of the best large digital frames like the Pix-Star can be controlled in multi-frame control groups (with up to 25 connected Pix-Star frames) from anywhere in the world. It’s great for multi-room houses and families that live in different houses (or in other parts of the state/country).

Make sure to set up a large digital frame out of direct sunlight and away from any water and heat sources. If you plan on resting the frame on a flat surface, make sure to keep it away from pets and children that might mistake it for a toy. Also, take into account that the power supply cable needs constant access to a plug point (battery-operated digital photo frames are not very versatile or popular on today’s market).

Are large digital picture frames worth it for my home?

If you have a large family or any big rooms (especially rooms that are well-lit), large digital picture frames are an excellent choice. They offer a broader viewing angle, can be seen more easily from a distance, and do a fantastic job at filling up empty walls by drawing attention.

Many large digital picture frames can be wall-mounted, giving them even more aesthetic appeal for your home. Additionally, they can receive photos, videos, and audio messages from anywhere in the world (often through a supported mobile app). This lets you view up to the moment updates from your loved ones around the world, and display them in a classy & personalized way in your home.

While they’re a little more expensive than standard 8 to 10-inch digital frames, larger frames (12-inch and up) have a unique appeal. We prefer neutral color frames as they enhance immersion and help you to dive more effortlessly into your favorite moments & memories.

If you have the budget (we recommend sticking to the sub-$250 range) for a frame like Pix-Star’s 15-inch large digital frame, it’s well worth the money. It fits easily into the modern home & family, links into multi-frame control groups, imports photos from social media, and much more.

Do the best large digital picture frames use touchscreens?

Most of the best digital picture frames don’t use touchscreens as they’re a lot more expensive for display panels larger than 8-inches. These touchscreens are a lot less durable in the long run, and they constantly need to be cleaned and wiped down. Their displays (especially matte-finish displays) are fingerprint magnets and more prone to scratching.

The higher price of the touch display often needs to be offset by sacrificing other features and functions like free cloud storage, a mobile app or web interface, video support, etc. It’s seldom worth buying a touchscreen digital frame due to all else you’re at risk of missing out on. While it may seem like a more modern choice, they struggle to compete with top non-touch frames like the Pix-Star in terms of value for money, versatility, and durability.

Can I use a smart TV as a large digital picture frame?

Large digital picture frames can overlap in terms of function at a point where the digital frame gets expensive enough. This price sensitivity is a large part of why digital frames need to be affordable, yet functional & versatile.

At the price point of premium digital frames like the Pix-Star, getting a smart TV instead isn’t a very good choice. The TV will be a lot more expensive and won’t offer nearly enough versatility for displaying photos within slideshows, sending & receiving photos, and offering features like free-for-life cloud storage.

That being said, moving up the price scale to where premium art frames like the Meural digital art frame are priced – the situation is quite different. At that price point, you could get a high-resolution (and significantly larger) smart TV that can receive photos wirelessly or by USB.

While digital frames are never going to offer the video support that TVs offer, they’re still excellent choices within the $150 to $250 range. Any digital frames priced above that upper ceiling are going to struggle to compete with smart TVs and tablets (especially if their displays are larger than 17-inches).

We usually recommend sticking to the $150 to $250 range for a digital frame like the Pix-Star. Value for money is excellent and you get a frame that effortlessly connects everyone in the family – including elderly users and anyone that isn’t very tech-savvy.

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