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Find the Best Digital Picture Frame with Wi-Fi Today!


What is the best digital picture frame with Wi-Fi?

Pix-Star’s frames are a top competitor for the best digital picture frame with Wi-Fi on the market at the moment. They have a 10” and a 15” model and are renowned for their ease of use, value for money, and rich set of features. Pix-Star’s digital picture frames are arguably the best for elderly users and large families. They make great use of Wi-Fi through features like web album compatibility and remote-control capability. Let’s take a look at what makes the Pix-Star one of the best digital picture frames with Wi-Fi out there.

Pix-Star digital picture frames make excellent use of their Wi-Fi and cloud capabilities. There are no recurring or hidden fees (as you’d find with Nixplay or Skylight) that unlock additional cloud storage or extra features. This means you get the same versatility and functionality from a Pix-Star frame that you’d get from other top digital frames – without needing to pay monthly or annual fees.

Ease of use and simplicity is a major selling point for Pix-Star. Features like remote control capability, simple and easy-to-navigate menus, a well-designed web interface & mobile app, and fine control over the frame’s settings make the Pix-Star extremely versatile. Whether you’re a single user, or part of a large family (especially ones that include elderly users and non-tech-savvy people), Pix-Star frames cater to you.

Elderly users can have their frame remotely controlled to start slideshows, manage the frame’s storage, update firmware, sync web albums, and more – all without needing to lift a finger. The ability to link up to 25 frames to a single user account makes the Pix-Star one of the best digital picture frames with Wi-Fi on the market.

Pix-Star frames have a versatile 4:3 display that’s well suited to a combination of video and photo playback. You can listen to audio through the frame’s inbuilt speakers and even connect to external speakers to enhance your experience. Images and videos are sharp and color-accurate. You’re also able to adjust color settings like hue and saturation to get the image that’s perfect for you. Some other popular digital picture frames charge monthly fees to enable video playback or to get full use from the mobile app – but all of this is free on the Pix-Star.

Pix-Star’s robust set of features is perhaps their most prominent strength. You get access to features like weather apps, listening to the radio, calendars & reminders, and more. The ability to link photo albums from popular social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), photo sharing sites (Google Photos), and even online storage platforms like DropBox make the Pix-Star a class leader. These web albums can be automatically set to update when new photos are added to the linked album. All of this is quick and easy to set up and manage through the web interface.

The combination of robust features, simplicity, a great display, and build quality, and unique features makes the Pix-Star a top competitor for the best digital picture frame with Wi-Fi on the market. You’d be hard-pressed to find another frame that offers as much as the Pix-Star without charging monthly or annual fees – and without charging a higher base price.

What is the best feature to look for in a digital picture frame with Wi-Fi?

The best feature to look for in digital picture frames with Wi-Fi is cloud compatibility. While it might be enough to just have a frame that can send/receive media through email and possibly through a mobile app – cloud storage and synchronicity take the frame to the next level.

Cloud-capable frames like the Pix-Star regularly update and sync with the cloud to make sure your photos and videos are safely backed up. This feature also lets you monitor and manage content through the web interface (which is essential), make changes, and create new playlists to be automatically displayed on the frame.

Cloud compatibility also lets the frame link to and sync web albums (photos imported from external sources like Facebook and Google Photos albums). This is an incredibly useful feature for families that link many frames to a single account. On frames like the Pix-Star, you can link up to 25 accounts and set them to automatically download and display the linked albums. When you add new photos to those albums, they’re synced and displayed on all the connected frames. This saves a lot of time and effort from having to micro-manage every frame and send media to them individually.

Do the best digital picture frames with Wi-Fi support video playback?

This depends on the brand and model of the frame. Some frames charge a monthly fee to unlock video support and the ability to send videos to the frame with the mobile app. Even with the monthly fee, there are almost always limits places on video length and format.

Pix-Star’s frames offer video support for free. It has slightly more flexible limits that allow you to play videos up to a maximum length of 2-minutes (which is more than most competing frames).

Many of the best digital picture frames with Wi-Fi offer video support to some extent, so make sure you check before buying. Frames that offer this feature make it very clear that it’s a supported function. If you can’t find any information on video playback – it’s most likely not possible on that frame.

Do the best digital picture frames need Wi-Fi all the time?

Most of the best digital picture frames with Wi-Fi only need Wi-Fi for sending/receiving new media, updating the frame’s firmware, syncing and updating web albums, and using Wi-Fi-dependent weather and radio apps.

Many of the best digital picture frames with Wi-Fi like the Pix-Star frame let you view slideshows, manage the frame’s internal storage, connect a USB/SD card to view its content, and more, without connecting to Wi-Fi. Media and web albums that have been previously saved to the frame’s local storage can usually be viewed offline.

What is the best way to send media to a digital picture frame with Wi-Fi?

Mobile apps are the fastest and easiest way to send media to many of the best digital picture frames with Wi-Fi. For example, Pix-Star’s mobile app is called Pix-Star Snap. You can take videos and photos, and record audio, directly in and through the app. There’s also an option to select media from your gallery. All of the selected and/or recorded media can then be sent to multiple frames at the same time.

Mobile apps are the best way to send media because they don’t usually have strict limits on file type, size, and quantity like sending to the frame via email. Mobile apps are also more accessible as we’re used to using our phones, and always have them with us. Mobile apps are typically faster and less effort-intensive than sending media to a digital frame by email.

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