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Does the 20-Inch Digital Photo Frame Beat the Best?


Is a 20-inch digital photo frame the largest frame size?

The 20-inch digital photo frame is large but is still far from being the largest on the market. Digital frames can get as large as 32-inches and over, though they are far less common, and often double as TVs, digital art frames, and ambient displays. These very large digital frames are significantly more expensive and cater to a small niche of the market, e.g., professional photographers, artists and art galleries, professional studios, etc.

Most digital picture frames fall into the 8-inch to 20-inch size range, with 10-inch and 15-inch digital frames being the most popular by a wide margin. 10-inch digital photo frames tend to offer the best value for money, with affordable prices and robust feature sets – particularly for Wi-Fi and cloud frames like the Pix-Star 10-inch frame.

15-inch frames are typically 25% to 40% more expensive than 10-inch frames, often offering slightly more features, though this varies from brand to brand. 20-inch digital photo frames are far less common, with only a handful of brands offering a frame that’s 20-inches or larger. While they offer a bigger display, they don’t typically do much than most 15-inch frames can do, leaving them with relatively few unique traits, making it hard to justify their higher price tag and often limited feature sets.

Does Pix-Star sell a 20-inch digital photo frame?

Pix-Star sells both a 10-inch and a larger 15-inch digital photo frame but doesn’t offer a 20-inch frame. In today’s market, the most popular digital photo frame size is 10-inches, with 15-inch frames quickly increasing in popularity. Both Pix-Star’s 10-inch and 15-inch frames can mount on the wall in landscape and portrait, play video and audio, and offer highly customizable slideshows.

Pix-Star’s frames are so popular for their robust and easy-to-use feature set. You get free-for-life cloud storage, remote configuration support, access to Pix-Star’s mobile app and web interface, multi-frame control groups (with up to 25 Pix-Star frames), and much more.

Unlike competing brands like Nixplay and Skylight, Pix-Star doesn’t charge any additional subscription fees or hidden costs. Both Nixplay and Skylight lock most of their important features behind their “Plus” subscription paywall. Pix-Star offers almost all of these features – and many more – without charging a cent extra, making their large digital photo frames some of the best value-for-money frames on today’s market!

Do 20-inch digital photo frames need Wi-Fi?

Most large frames like the 20-inch digital photo frame offer Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity. As many large digital frames are found in the premium end of the market, Wi-Fi and cloud are more commonly offered features.

Note that there is no golden rule for Wi-Fi digital photo frames. Some brands sell frames that need Wi-Fi at all times to function properly, while others offer extensive offline features and viewing options.

For example, Pix-Star’s 15-inch digital photo frames offer 8GB of internal storage and extensive USB and SD card support. You can play slideshows directly from a connected USB or SD card or copy its content to your Pix-Star’s internal storage.

Pix-Star’s file explorer lets you choose exactly which files and folders you want to include in slideshows, giving you full offline control over what photos you see and how they display. Note that Pix-Star saves all incoming photos (via the mobile app, web albums, email, etc.) save both locally on the frame and to the cloud.

Does the 20-inch digital photo frame have a touchscreen?

Very few 20-inch digital photo frames use touchscreens due to their prohibitive costs for larger and higher resolution panels. It’s far more common to find 7-inch to 10-inch digital frames with touch displays as they aren’t as expensive to make.

We don’t generally recommend buying a digital photo frame with a touchscreen as features often have to be sacrificed to keep the frame competitively priced. This is why most high-end, premium digital frames rarely use touch displays, especially with advanced features like remote configuration, letting you remotely change the frame’s settings, start slideshows, manage local and cloud storage, and much more – without having to be anywhere near the frame.

Are 20-inch digital photo frames popular?

20-inch digital photo frames are not very popular, falling well behind both 10-inch and 15-inch frames in terms of popularity. With many more brands offering 10-inch and 15-inch digital frames, more competition leads to more robust feature sets, better quality control, and affordable prices. Large digital photo frames can cost significantly more than popular frame sizes like 10-inch and 15-inch frames.

Can I mount a 20-inch digital photo frame on the wall?

Many 20-inch digital photo frames, along with 10-inch and 15-inch frames can mount on the wall. Make sure to check they have a wall mounting system before buying. Firstly, check that using a standard VESA mount is supported as it offers a robust and secure wall mount that supports both landscape and portrait setups. Secondly, check for dedicated hanging holes for easy wall mounting. Hanging holes are great for moving the frame around your home without having to commit to a standard VESA wall mount.

For example, Pix-Star’s frames include support for using a standard VESA mount and offer built-in dedicated hanging holes on the frame’s back. The frame’s mount setup supports landscape and portrait, and its software allows for slideshows in either orientation. Pix-Star’s frames also let you rotate images individually within slideshows, along with offering manually adjustable color and brightness settings. With Pix-Star’s broad viewing angle and highly customizable settings, you can always get the perfect slideshow.

Can I watch movies on a 20-inch digital photo frame?

While some 20-inch digital photo frames can play videos, they can rarely play long video clips and movies. For example, Pix-Star’s 15-inch digital frame let you play 2-minute video clips, which is more than almost all other competing frames on the market. You can include these short video clips in slideshows alongside your favorite photos or view them individually using Pix-Star’s media library.

Note that some high-end digital frames like Nixplay and Skylight charge a subscription fee to unlock their video and audio playback features. Other top digital frames like the Aura frame don’t support audio or video at all and are designed to be an ambient display.

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