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Is the 12-Inch Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame Any Good?


Should I buy a 12-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frame?

The 12-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frame isn’t nearly as popular or common as the 10-inch or 15-inch frame. There are far fewer brands that sell a 12-inch frame. Fewer options mean less competition, and that leads to fewer innovations and features. You’re less likely to find the right frame with the right features – especially compared to 10-inch and 15-inch frame ranges.

Another key consideration is price. The 12-inch Wi-Fi photo frame tends to cost almost the same as 15-inch frames. Their display size is less common, harder to source, and as such, is more expensive. By comparison, 15-inch display panels are far more common, so there’s a bigger demand, and lower prices.

If you’re looking for a large digital frame, you’d get better value for money with a 15-inch Wi-Fi photo frame. If you’re looking for a smaller digital frame, the 10-inch Wi-Fi photo frame is excellently priced, versatile, and easy to find. For a much lower price, you’d get almost the same display size as the 12-inch frame – but with more features and functions.

The 12-inch digital Wi-Fi frame falls into an awkward place on the market. They don’t have a firm footing. While this isn’t to say they’re bad frames, they just don’t have the necessary value for money. This is particularly true when compared with the uber-popular 10-inch frame and the increasingly popular 15-inch Wi-Fi frame.

We suggest either saving up a little longer for a 15-inch Wi-Fi frame. Pix-Star sells arguably the best 15-inch frame, along with a robust feature set and high build quality. If the 15-inch Wi-Fi frame is out of your budget, or too big, go for a 10-inch Wi-Fi frame. They’re just as versatile, but offer excellent value for money, great features, and are well suited to the modern home & family!

Does Pix-Star sell a 12-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frame?

The Pix-Star Wi-Fi digital frame is one of the most popular and versatile. They’re available with either a 10-inch display or a larger 15-inch display. Both of Pix-Star’s Wi-Fi frames pack the same features, along with free-for-life cloud storage and offline functionality.

Pix-Star does not sell a 12-inch Wi-Fi photo frame – although they have explored their feasibility. The main problem that Pix-Star discovered with the 12-inch Wi-Fi frame is their high cost. The display panel is less common and there is less demand on the market. To keep the frame competitively priced, and accordingly cheaper than their 15-inch frame, they have to cut out important features.

In the end, the 12-inch digital frame doesn’t command its own space on the market. They cost close to what you’d pay for a 15-inch frame, yet offer the viewing experience of a 10-inch frame. They are much more expensive than the 10-inch Wi-Fi frame, yet offer less in terms of features.

We suggest getting Pix-Star’s 10-inch Wi-Fi photo frame for the average home and family. You’ll get great features like free-for-life cloud storage and access to the Pix-Star Snap mobile app and web interface. Advanced features like remote configuration support and importing photos from social media further add to Pix-Star’s versatile real-world usage!

Are 12-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frames expensive?

The 12-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frame is often seen as too expensive for what it offers. They tend to cost the same as the much larger 15-inch frame – but can’t match their immersive slideshows.

Much of this is due to there being much less demand for 12-inch Wi-Fi frames. They don’t offer anything unique – especially when compared to the 10 and 15-inch frames. In the real world, the 12-inch frame will perform more like a 10-inch frame with the price tag of a 15-inch frame.

If you’re after value for money, the 10-inch Wi-Fi photo frame should be your go-to. They’re packed with great features, suit most standard rooms, and can easily replace the need for traditional photo frames.

If you need something with a little more uniqueness, the 15-inch frame is a great choice. While they’re more expensive, great value for money choices like Pix-Star’s 15-inch Wi-Fi frame won’t break the bank. You’ll get an enhanced viewing experience and a digital frame that can effortlessly fill a space.

While the 12-inch Wi-Fi picture frame isn’t useless, it struggles to offer anything unique enough to justify its price. They’re in an awkward spot, which is why you don’t see many of them on today’s digital frame market!

Are 10-inch or 12-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frames better?

The 10-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frame is by far the most popular frame on today’s market. The product range on offer is broader and deeper than the 12-inch Wi-Fi frame range. More brands offer a 10-inch frame, especially in the premium frame range – meaning you’re more likely to find the right one for your home and family!

Not only are 10-inch Wi-Fi picture frames cheaper, but they’re also more versatile. Due to the higher demand on the current market, 10-inch frames offer more competitive features like free-for-life cloud storage and mobile apps. Top frames like the Pix-Star offer mobile apps, remote configuration, importing photos direct from social media, and much more – all without charging extra fees (as some frames like Nixplay and Skylight charge monthly fees).

The 12-inch Wi-Fi frame is marginally larger than the 10-inch frames – yet their price is much higher. Most 12-inch frames cost close to – or more – than what you’d pay for a 15-inch Wi-Fi frame. You will get better value for money from both a 10-inch frame and a larger 15-inch one (if you’d like the larger display)! We suggest avoiding 12-inch digital frames if possible. Check out Pix-Star’s 10-inch digital Wi-Fi frame, they have big discounts right now!

Do 12-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frames play videos?

Few 12-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frames can play videos. These frames are typically limited in the features they offer due to the high cost of their display panels. To keep the 12-inch Wi-Fi photo frame competitively priced, features like cloud storage, video playback, and access to a mobile app are often sacrificed.

This is one of the main reasons we suggest going for the more popular 10-inch digital photo frame with Wi-Fi. If bigger is better for you, check out 15-inch Wi-Fi digital frames. Here’s a secret – they cost about the same as the 12-inch digital Wi-Fi frame, so you get excellent value for money!

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