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Is Buying an Amazon Digital Picture Frame the Right Choice?


Why should I buy an Amazon digital picture frame?

Buying an Amazon digital picture frame is usually a better choice than going through other online shopping platforms. Amazon has a larger digital picture frame selection and usually quite a bit more product information, reviews, FAQs, etc.

Having a broad product selection is the main reason Amazon is one of the best places to buy a digital picture frame. Many competing sites like Walmart only have a handful of options on offer – making it difficult to get a good idea of what value you can get at different price points. Amazon particularly stands out as the top choice for buying a premium digital picture frame.

You can read through hundreds of reviews and different star ratings. This lets you paint a reliable and accurate picture of how the frame performs in the real world – but be sure to read as many reviews as you can. Additionally, there are hundreds of questions and answers about the frame and its operation that you can browse through. You can even ask a new question and have it answered by somebody that has used the frame – or by the manufacturer.

When you combine all of these features, along with a broader digital frame selection, you’re far more likely to get the best possible value for money – and a digital picture frame that doesn’t disappoint. It might help to take some time to write down 5-10 important features and rank them by importance. Use this to thin out the herd and show you frames that give you what you need most.

What is the best Amazon digital picture frame?

The 10-inch Pix-Star frame is one of the best-selling digital picture frames on Amazon. This is mainly due to their unique balance between usability and versatility, with one of the most robust and rich feature sets on the market. You get free-for-life cloud storage, multimedia support, Wi-Fi and cloud capabilities & features, web album support, and much more.

You can send photos from anywhere in the world through email, mobile app, importing external photos via the web interface, and by USB/SD card. You can control and manage up to 25 connected picture frames. There’s also a remote-control feature that lets you change settings, start and manage slideshows, update the firmware, etc. You have almost the same level of control as you would using the frame in person.

One of the main reasons the Pix-Star frame is a top-seller is the web album support. You can import external photos and albums from social media and photo-sharing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, Flickr, and many more. These albums are saved to the Pix-Star’s internal storage and automatically updated when new pictures are added. You can connect several frames to the same account, and multiple accounts on the same platform to one or more frames. It’s a fantastic and effortless way to make sure everybody in the family sees the latest photos – and grandparents don’t have to lift a finger.

Pix-Star’s frame uses a versatile 4:3 aspect that perfectly matches photos taken on most smartphones and digital cameras. You can adjust the display brightness and color settings without needing to leave slideshows – or it can be done remotely.

When you consider the smooth user-friendly interface, intuitive and tactile handheld remote control, broad viewing angle, a simple mobile app/web interface, and a larger 15-inch model available, the Pix-Star quickly becomes a very tough frame to beat. There are no hidden costs or recurring fees, and features like cloud storage and video playback/support are not hidden behind a paywall – as is the case with several other top digital picture frames.

What to look for in an Amazon digital picture frame for grandparents?

Any digital picture frame for grandparents needs to support remote control. You should be able to take control of the frame remotely, start slideshows, change settings, move and sync pictures, etc. Features like web album support and the ability to import photos from social media and photo-sharing sites. This lets your grandparents see all your (and other family members’) selected and synced photo albums automatically without needing to lift a finger.

You should avoid touchscreens as they can be confusing for elderly users, are more expensive, and not as durable in the long run. If there’s a mobile app, it needs to be very simple and effortless to use. You will probably use the app far more often than your grandparents as you’ll be the one sending more pictures.

Cloud storage is another super-handy feature as it can usually be controlled remotely. This lets you move photos around, create themed albums, and start slideshows. On the note of slideshows, look for an Amazon digital picture frame that lets you start slideshows directly from the main menu with as few clicks as possible. You should also be able to start slideshows remotely and have them automatically resume when the frame is switched back on.

Are cheap Amazon digital picture frames any good?

Like all other cheap devices, there’s always a little give-and-take at play. When you’re looking for a cheap Amazon digital picture frame, you need to make sure you know what matters most to you. If you want to display photos taken from your phone, get a cheap frame with a 4:3 aspect ratio. If you want a frame that connects to Facebook, find a Wi-Fi-capable frame. If you need a frame that can work without a stable internet connection, look for a cheap Amazon digital picture frame that lets you load photos by USB/SD card.

Write down your 3-5 most important needs and required features, rank them by how important they are, and use this to help you separate the wheat from the chaff. There is a lot of cheap frames available, so take your time and eliminate ones that don’t match your written requirements.

Don’t forget to read as many reviews as possible, and filter them by keyword (according to your written requirements) to see how they perform in these areas in the real world.

Bear in mind that you get what you pay for. No matter how good a cheap digital picture frame seems on paper, it seldom lives up to it in practice. The more reviews you read, the more likely you are to weed out the frames that have major issues.

Can I return an Amazon digital picture frame?

Amazon usually has very generous and client-focused return and refund policies – though they’re almost always limited to a set number of days after purchase. Make sure you read through the specific return policy of the Amazon digital picture frame you choose.

Don’t assume you can return it without making sure first! Make sure to keep all the original packaging, receipts, and accessories in case you need to return the frame. Take note of the warranty period as you may need to send it in for exchange should there be any issues.

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