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Here’s Why Pix-Star 15-Inch Photo Frames Are So Popular!


Are Pix-Star 15-inch photo frames any good for families?

Pix-Star 15-inch photo frames are designed to cater to families without sacrificing versatility and ease of use for individual and elderly users. With features such as free-for-life cloud storage, an intuitive mobile app & web dashboard, and versatile slideshow settings.

Perhaps the best feature for families is Pix-Star’s free-for-life cloud storage. All of your photos & other media are automatically backed up and saved as they’re received to your frame. You can create a multi-frame control group that lets you manage and control up to 25 Pix-Star frames from a single user account. Here you can change their settings, start & manage slideshows, make changes to local & cloud storage, bulk manage photos, and much more – from anywhere in the world.

Pix-Star’s web album feature lets you link all your Pix-Star frames to social media, photo-sharing, and online storage platforms. You simply select the photo albums you want to link and to which frames they’re to be synced. These web albums are downloaded to the receiving frames and saved to internal storage for offline access.

Web albums can be included in online or offline slideshows and can even be set to automatically update when new photos are added to a linked album. It’s a great way to share photos with all the frames in the family without the recipients needing to lift a finger.

Pix-Star’s mobile app (Pix-Star Snap) is made with families in mind. You can share pictures, videos, and audio messages with several frames at the same time. There’s no need to create an account when downloaded and using the app – it’s accessible for everyone in the family. It’s easy to use and lets you send up to 250 photos to multiple frames at the same time. Here’s a guide on how to send photos from your iPhone to your Pix-Star frame. It takes just a couple of short minutes and everyone in the family will have the latest pictures & videos. Here’s another helpful guide for Android users to transfer pictures to their Pix-Star frame!

Pix-Star’s frames are perfect for big and small families. Whether you’re spread out all over the country, or see each other 3-times a week, Pix-Star frames have features for you. They quickly earn their spot in your home and make sharing precious moments with your loved ones quick & simple.

How to send photos to Pix-Star 15-inch photo frames?

Pix-Star 15-inch photo frames offer several ways to send photos to all connected frames. The most common method is by email. Simply add the images to an email addressed to your frame’s unique email address and hit send. Make sure to add the photos as attachments as drag-and-drop doesn’t work.

Pix-star’s mobile app lets you send up to 250 photos to several frames at the same time. It’s quick and easy to use and doesn’t require account creation (or a premium subscription like some other premium frames). You can send photos, videos, and audio messages too. Photos can be selected from your phone’s gallery – or you can capture new photos directly inside the app via your phone’s camera.

Pix-Star’s web album feature lets you link & sync selected picture albums from social media and photo-sharing platforms. Supported platforms include Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram, Flickr, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. You can link several accounts within the same platform to all your connected frames. Alternatively, you can link several frames to the same photo albums. You simply need to load the new photos to the universally linked album and can then set the albums to automatically update any newly added photos.

As the only offline method, you can load photos to the Pix-Star frame by USB/SD card. Make sure they are in a supported format (Pix-Star supports most common photo formats). You can also load videos and audio files using this method. Slideshows can be started directly from the USB/SD card or the contents can be copied to the frame’s internal storage first.

Can Pix-Star 15-inch photo frames be controlled remotely?

Pix-Star 15-inch photo frames can be remotely controlled through the Pix-Star web dashboard. This is also where you register the frame when it first gets set up. From the Pix-Star dashboard, you can control & manage up to 25 connected Pix-Star frames from anywhere in the world. You can adjust their settings, remotely start & manage slideshows, make changes to their cloud & local storage, and even update the frame’s firmware.

This is an excellent feature for elderly users and families that want to keep them involved. You can start slideshows from anywhere in the world on any connected frame. Custom slideshows can be started from selected sources such as web albums, photos received via email, etc. This feature offers versatile control over how your loved ones view precious moments – without them having to do anything!

How to start slideshows on Pix-Star 15-inch photo frames?

Slideshows can be started directly from the Pix-Star’s home page – with just two clicks. On the home screen, navigate to the “Start a slideshow with all the frame’s picture” tile and press “ok” on the remote. This starts a slideshow with all of the frame’s pictures. Note that slideshow settings will still be in place (e.g., playback frequency, settings that ignore small pictures, etc.).

Slideshows can also be started from the “Media Gallery” which is accessed from the home screen. Here you can select all the photos and folders you want to include in a slideshow. You have full control over which photos, sources, and folders to include in the slideshow. You can also set the frame to include videos into slideshows (with or without sound) and can even play audio files & radio stations over slideshows.

Can Pix-Star 15-inch photo frames play video & audio?

Pix-Star 15-inch photo frames can play both videos and audio. Videos can be sent to the frame via the mobile app or by USB/SD card. They can be included in slideshows or viewed individually. Video playback is supported for video clips up to 2-minutes in total length (more than almost all other premium digital photo frames).

You can play audio files, web music & radio, and audio messages on the frame too. This is thanks to the frame’s inbuilt speakers. Alternatively, you can connect external speakers & headphones/earphones. These are a USB port and a 3.5mm audio jack to connect with.

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