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The Large Wi-Fi Picture Frame Explained in 5-Minutes!


What is the best large Wi-Fi picture frame in 2022?

The Pix-Star 15-inch frame is probably the best large Wi-Fi picture frame on the market in 2022. They offer excellent value for money thanks to their robust feature set, no subscription fees, great build quality, and intuitive mobile app and web interface.

Pix-Star’s 15-inch Wi-Fi picture frame is particularly great for families thanks to their free-for-life cloud storage. Each frame offers online access to its cloud storage and even offers remote configuration support. Here you can manage cloud and local storage remotely via the web interface. It’s easy to set up and lets you manage and control up to 25 Pix-Star frames from anywhere in the world.

Pix-Star’s mobile app (Pix-Star Snap) is probably the most capable mobile app in this price range. Send videos, audio messages, and photos to any of your Pix-Star frames at the same time. Pix-Star Snap supports sending up to 250 photos to several frames at the same time. You can also send entire collections and folders to make bulk photo-sharing even more effortless.

One of Pix-Star’s best features for 2022 is its unique web album feature. Here you can connect each of your Pix-Star frames to a dozen external sources such as social media and photo-sharing sites. Supported platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos, Google Drive, and more.

Perhaps the most useful part of Pix-Star’s web albums is how they automate photo-sharing. Simply link all your Pix-Star frames to a web album (you can even link a folder on your computer), fill it with photos, and set the album to automatically update whenever you add new pictures. To share photos with all of your Pix-Star frames, simply drag and drop them into the synced folder/album and Pix-Star will send them to all linked Pix-Star frames.

Finally, Pix-Star’s slideshow controls and aspect ratio produce top-of-line slideshows. They’re easy to customize and offer an elderly-friendly interface. Control slideshows remotely using the web interface, adjust their settings, and even change slideshow sources – no matter where you are in the world.

Slideshow settings include the ability to adjust the play order and frequency of photos, play videos in slideshows alongside photos, play music from a connected USB/SD card, and even play slideshows directly from a USB/SD card – giving you virtually unlimited storage space.

Pix-Star’s 15-inch Wi-Fi picture frames are affordable, costing less than almost all other premium large Wi-Fi digital frames. They’re easy to use, quick to set up, and offer arguably the most versatile and robust feature set on the market. Pix-Star is excellent for families and is one of the only brands that specifically cater to the elderly user and anyone not so tech-savvy!

What is the best size for a large Wi-Fi picture frame?

The best large Wi-Fi picture frame size is 15-inches. This measurement refers to the diagonal, corner to corner size of the digital picture frame’s display. While aspect ratio does impact this measurement, the screen’s viewable area remains roughly the same. Aspect ratio is more impactful for reasons we’ll discuss below.

The 15-inch digital Wi-Fi picture frame size is arguably the best for several reasons. First of all, many brands offer 15-inch Wi-Fi frames. Pix-Star’s 15-inch frame is probably the most popular at the moment, but it’s not the only option. The variety of choices leads to more competition, which in turn leads to more ingenuity and better prices.

Value for money and features are still great as not too much of the frame’s “budget” goes into the display. This is one of the main reasons we suggest avoiding 2K and 4K digital frames. Their higher resolution displays lead to sacrificing too many key features like cloud storage, mobile app, or a subscription-free business model (which some premium Wi-Fi frames like Nixplay and Skylight use – something we recommend avoiding).

While 10-inch digital Wi-Fi picture frames are more popular industry-wide, 15-inch Wi-Fi picture frames are quickly catching up. They’re great for filling up large spaces like walls in the living room, or a wall facing the entrance to your home. Larger displays on Wi-Fi digital frames lead to enhanced immersion, broader viewing angles, and well-lit rooms (as they often offer more brightness to compensate for the large screen size).

Large Wi-Fi picture frames are particularly great for home studios and displaying professional photos and art. Pix-Star’s frames are easy to interconnect and are elderly-friendly. An easy setup process and smooth interface are the final touches to a great overall digital picture frame with Wi-Fi!

Can I use a monitor as a large Wi-Fi picture frame?

You can use a TV or computer monitor as a large Wi-Fi picture frame but beware of their limitations. The first is their aspect ratio. Most TVs and computer monitors use 16:9 displays. These are great for video consumption and gaming, but not great for photos. Most smartphones capture photos in 4:3, so 16:9 displays leave photos with black bars around their top, bottom, and/or sides.

Another issue is the lack of features. You won’t get much onboard storage and slideshow controls are extremely limited. You will often have to manually browse through photos and won’t be able to adjust the play order or frequency. You also can’t easily customize slideshow transition, include videos, and play slideshows from specific files and folders (or direct from a USB/SD card).

When you consider that the price of a large Wi-Fi picture frame is often much lower, it’s a more versatile and better value for money pick. You get plenty of customizations, motion sensors, remote configuration support, linking to social media to import photos, mobile apps/web apps, and multi-frame control groups.

Do large digital picture frames need Wi-Fi?

Pix-Star’s large Wi-Fi picture frame only needs Wi-Fi for sending/receiving new photos and using the remote configuration feature. Some secondary features like weather and radio will also need Wi-Fi to work properly.

Unlike many other popular premium Wi-Fi digital frames, Pix-Star fully supports USB/SD cards (no size limits) and offers extensive offline functionality. You can browse local storage, start and manage slideshows, and adjust almost all of the frame’s settings.

Pix-Star lets you play slideshows direct from a connected USB/SD card. This gives you unlimited storage space that doesn’t rely on an active Wi-Fi connection. Since all of Pix-Star’s photos are saved for offline use when received on the frame, it’s an ideal choice for families and elderly users.

It’s worth noting that many other Wi-Fi picture frames cannot work offline. Skylight and Nixplay photo frames charge monthly fees and don’t offer USB/SD card support. As such, they aren’t great for offline usage. Aura frames and Skylight frames don’t have internal storage and need a constant Wi-Fi connection to stream and display photos on the frame. We recommend avoiding these digital frames, particularly for families and grandparents.

Can you send pictures to a large Wi-Fi picture frame?

Pix-Star’s large Wi-Fi picture frames let you send photos using several access methods. These include emailing photos to many Pix-Star frames, using the Pix-Star Snap mobile app to send up to 250 photos in one go, and using the web dashboard to import photo albums from social media. These are all available remotely and only take a couple of seconds to display on the frame.

Pix-Star also supports USB/SD cards. You can play slideshows directly off an inserted USB/SD card without having to copy anything to the frame’s internal storage. It’s great for effortless photo sharing – particularly for bulk photo-sharing – for elderly users and families (and if you take most of your photos on a DSLR or digital camera).

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