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Why the 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame is a Waste of Money!


Can a 7-inch digital picture frame connect to Wi-Fi?

The vast majority of 7-inch digital picture frame models on today’s market are not Wi-Fi capable. This is a trend that’s commonly found among most cheap and mid-range digital frames. Some of the pricier mid-range digital frames offer Wi-Fi, though it’s seldom done well enough to be practically versatile in the real world.

If you want a Wi-Fi-capable digital picture frame that can cater to the needs of the modern home & family, we suggest saving up a little longer and getting a premium but affordable digital picture frame like the Pix-Star. You’ll get top-class value for money thanks to features like free-for-life cloud storage, extensive Wi-Fi features, a mobile app & web interface, remote control functionality, multi-frame control groups, and web album support.

While premium frames are a little more expensive, a well-chosen frame can effortlessly connect you with your loved ones and remove much of the frustration involved with photo-sharing. Top digital picture frames like the Pix-Star have elderly-friendly design and features, while still catering to big families and even the tech-savvy individual user. Pix-Star sells both a 10-inch digital frame and a larger 15-inch digital frame – and they’re some of the best value-for-money options on the current market!

Do 7-inch digital picture frames use touchscreens?

Touchscreens are more commonly found among smaller frames like 7-inch digital picture frames than they are with larger 15-inch plus frames. This is due in part to the high cost of touch-capable panels for display sizes over 8-inches. Another trend is that many premium frames choose to avoid touchscreens in favor of more durable, feature-rich, and versatile frame builds.

For example, many cheaper touch-capable digital frames don’t offer key features like Wi-Fi or cloud storage, video & audio support, and a decent display resolution. You’ll find that these touch displays are slow and unresponsive, despite adding significantly to the overall cost of the frame.

If you spend any time browsing through touchscreen digital frame reviews on popular platforms like Amazon, you’ll find that they’re plagued by display issues. The screen is often the first component of the frames to give in and stop working. At best, you’ll have to constantly clean the display and deal with the constant scratching and vulnerability to damage from small knocks and falls.

Can 7-inch digital picture frames play movies?

Most 7-inch digital picture frames are found in the cheap or budget end of the market. This section of the market is known for its lack of features and ultra-basic functionality. Video and audio support are features that are limited to just a handful of the best digital frames on the market – and almost exclusively to high-end frames like the Pix-Star.

Even with most premium frames, movies aren’t supported. For example, Pix-Star’s frames can play 2-minute clips with or without their sound – but you can’t load longer videos. While that might not seem like much, it’s more than you get with almost every other frame that supports video playback. These short clip lengths are perfect for sending quick personal updates to your loved ones from anywhere in the world (which Pix-Star also lets you do through the Pix-Star Snap mobile app).

7-inch digital picture frames cannot play video clips or audio as very few feature the software support and don’t have inbuilt speakers. This puts feats like the ability to play full-length movies far out of reach. Movie and content-streaming support are beyond the scope of what digital frames aim for. Instead, they focus on connecting you and your loved ones through intuitive photo-sharing and immersive viewing experiences – along with elderly and family-friendly interfaces and apps.

Does Pix-Star sell a 7-inch digital picture frame?

Pix-Star only sells 10-inch and 15-inch digital picture frames. Over the years, Pix-Star has ventured into other frame sizes but found that they struggle to find a place on the market. 12-inch frames tend to cost the same as 15-inch frames to make – yet they offer little that you can’t get with 10-inch frames. They also found that 7-inch frames are too small – especially for large and well-lit rooms like living & dining rooms.

The 10-inch digital photo frame is arguably the most popular digital frame size on the market at the moment. They can be wall-mounted effectively, rested on a flat surface, and easily switched between different orientations. That being said, the larger 15-inch digital picture frame is quickly growing in popularity. Perhaps this is a clear sign that the market is moving away from small sub-10-inch digital picture frames.

Are 7-inch digital picture frames still popular in 2022?

7-inch digital picture frames have fallen off hard in terms of popularity over the years. Today, they struggle to find a solid place on the market. The price of 10-inch frames has come down a lot, with ultra-popular frames like the Pix-Star 10-inch digital frame costing little more than most mid-range digital frames.

Another major reason for 7-inch frames not being nearly as popular as they once were is their lack of features. Firstly, the small display isn’t well suited to most homes as they can’t be easily seen from across the room or from sharp angles. Secondly, 7-inch frames are usually only found in the budget end of the market – and section of the market that’s known for poor attention to detail and quality control.

Thirdly, 7-inch digital frames seldom have advanced features like Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity. As a result, they can’t wirelessly receive photos from anywhere in the world and don’t come with supporting mobile apps or web interfaces. Additionally, they rarely offer any form of cloud storage. This combines with limited internal storage and restricted USB/SD card support. In the end, you don’t have many options for sending or viewing photos – and video & audio files are rarely supported.

We almost always recommend saving up a little longer and getting a premium digital frame like the Pix-Star. They offer excellent value for money and can easily cater to the needs of the modern home & family through modern advanced features like free-for-life cloud storage, Wi-Fi, remote control functionality, web album support, and multimedia support.

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