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Ultimate Guide to the 15-Inch Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame!


Is the 15-Inch Wi-Fi digital photo frame worth buying in 2022?

The 15-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frame is a versatile and immersive photo hub for the modern home and family. Their modern features help you stay connected through intuitive photo-sharing, personalized slideshows, and an easy-to-use interface.

Most 15-inch Wi-Fi frames are found on the higher end of the market, with Pix-Star’s 15-inch frame being arguably the most popular at the moment. These frames use Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity to receive, send, and manage photos, videos, and audio files.

The large display boosts immersion and can easily fill a big space. Most 15-inch digital picture frames can mount on the wall. They’re great for displaying special family photos, art, and even professional photographs. Whether you’ve got a home studio or just want to reminisce over memories with your loved ones – 15-inch frames are a great addition to the home.

Through highly customizable slideshows, you can easily control which photos and videos to display. With Pix-Star’s 15-inch wifi digital frame, this can include photos from several sources like social media, the mobile app, email, and much more. You can control the play order and frequency of photos in slideshows, include videos, and even manage them remotely via the web interface.

Many of the best 15-inch Wi-Fi picture frames can interconnect and work remotely. While some of these charge monthly fees (more on this later), they’re great for families that are spread out over the state/country/world. They’re affordable too, so you can get several frames, gift one to your grandparents, etc.

In summary, the 15-inch photo frame with Wi-Fi is still relevant, popular, and not going away any time soon. They make photo-sharing effortless. You can get your grandparents involved, connect with loved ones anywhere in the world, and even automate much of the photo-sharing process. We recommend checking out the Pix-Star 15-inch digital frame for a versatile, interconnected, and highly personalized digital frame!

Is the 15-inch frame the best digital photo frame size?

The best digital photo frame size for you depends on your budget and available space. While 15-inch Wi-Fi frames are more expensive, they have a unique appeal. They’re better for big and well-lit rooms such as the living room. You’ll find they fill big spaces better than 10-inch digital frames. They’re also easier to see at an angle.

The 10-inch digital Wi-Fi frame is still the most popular and common digital frame size. They often have the same features as 15-inch frames and tend to cost around 20-30% less.

If you’ve got a big family or home – or simply prefer the enhanced immersion of a larger display, the 15-inch Wi-Fi photo frame is ideal for you. They’re great for displaying artwork and family or professional photos. That being said, they can look a little awkward when rested on a flat surface – but are excellent on the wall.

In summary, the 15-inch frame is the best digital frame size for immersion and the viewing experience. They’re ideal for the modern home and family, fill empty spaces aesthetically, and are great for art and special photos – if they suit your budget! Top brands like Pix-Star sell both a 10-inch Wi-Fi frame and a larger 15-inch frame.

What to look for in a 15-Inch Wi-Fi digital photo frame?

Not all features are equal in the digital frame world. Some you’ll find a lot more practical in the real world. Others no so much. Below we dive into some of the must-have features to look for in a 15-inch Wi-Fi picture frame. While not every frame offers these features equally well, make sure they at least pay some attention to them. Let’s dive in!

Cloud Storage and Wi-Fi

Cloud storage and Wi-Fi are arguably the two most important features on a 15-inch digital frame. They enable advanced features like photo-sharing from anywhere via mobile app, web interface, social media, email, and more. They also lay the foundation for features like remote configuration support and online access.

Top Wi-Fi frames like the Pix-Star offer free-for-life cloud storage and automatic backups. On the other hand, some popular frames like Nixplay and Skylight lock cloud storage behind a subscription paywall – but more on that below.

No Monthly Fees

Avoid Wi-Fi digital photo frames that charge monthly fees. They rarely offer unique features that competing non-subscription frames don’t offer.

For example, both Nixplay and Skylight frames charge monthly fees to unlock cloud storage, the mobile app and web interface, video and audio support, online access, etc. The similarly-priced Pix-Star frame offers all of these features for free. No subscriptions, no hidden costs.

Digital frames with monthly fees don’t work well when using only the “free version”. Most features are locked behind the paywall – leaving you with a frame that’s not much better than much cheaper mid-range options.

There are enough premium frames like the Pix-Star that offer the features in this list without charging a cent extra. You’ll get better value for money. The last thing you want is to add to the growing list of subscription-based services – especially with the idea becoming increasingly popular in 2022!

A Great Mobile App

Smartphones are incredibly popular and accessible for on-the-go photography. Few people carry a DSLR with them wherever they go. Since most of our photos live on our smartphones (or are easily accessible through apps, social media, etc.), an intuitive mobile app is a no-brainer.

Get a Wi-Fi digital frame that doesn’t require every user to create an account. You should be able to send photos in bulk and to several frames at the same time. Additionally, video and audio support are great features in a digital frame’s mobile app, but not essential.

For example, the Pix-Star Snap mobile app lets you send up to 250 photos to several Pix-Star frames at the same time. It’s quick, simple, and elderly-friendly. You can send 2-minute video clips and audio messages too. We’ll dive into the Pix-Star Snap mobile app in more depth later on.

Remote configuration Support

For families, elderly users, and multiple homes/frames, remote configuration support is arguably the most essential feature. It lets you control and manage all of your frames from anywhere in the world – usually through a web dashboard or mobile app. Here you should be able to adjust the frame’s important settings and motion sensor, start and manage slideshows, and access storage online.

Pix-Star offers one of the best remote configuration features on the market, and we’re going to unpack it more down below. This feature is ideal for families and elderly users. You can set slideshows to play from anywhere, without the frame’s owner having to lift a finger.

Social Media Imports

This is a feature that’s only offered by a couple of the best digital Wi-Fi frames – but it’s incredibly versatile. It’s commonly referred to as web albums. Here you can import photos from social media sites, and often from online storage and photo-sharing platforms.

All digital frames support different platforms and sources, with most of them only supporting one of two (e.g., Google Photos or Facebook). Web albums need to be available offline, set to automatically update newly added photos, and be accessible/manageable remotely.

Why Choose the Pix-Star 15-Inch Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame?

The Pix-Star 15-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frame is one of the most versatile and feature-rich premium frames on the market today. They’re one of the few top frames that cater to the modern home, family, and elderly users. These are Wi-Fi and cloud-capable frames, they’re quick and simple to set up, and don’t charge any extra or hidden costs. Let’s take a look at some of the Pix-Star Wi-Fi frame’s key features.

Free for Life Cloud Storage

Pix-Star offers free for life cloud storage with every Pix-Star frame. This comes with automatic backups, online access, and remote management. Unlike other popular digital frames with Wi-Fi like Nixplay and Skylight, Pix-Star doesn’t charge any extra recurring or hidden fees to unlock/expand cloud storage.

It’s ideal for families as you can share in bulk and not worry about lost photos. Access and manage cloud storage remotely through your frame’s web dashboard, make changes, and start slideshows. Deleting photos from the cloud can also reflect locally on each frame if you choose.

Pix-Star Snap Mobile App

The Pix-Star mobile app is one of the best digital frame apps on the market. Send up to 250 photos to several Pix-Star frames at the same time. Load videos and audio messages (maximum length of two minutes) directly from your phone to your frame(s).

Transfer entire collections and folders from your phone’s gallery to any/all of your Pix-Star frames. You don’t need to create an account to use the Pix-Star Snap mobile app. It’s quick to install and only requires the receiving frame’s unique email address (only needs to be added once).

Set your Pix-Star frame to add incoming photos into the current slideshow the moment they’re received. This ensures none of the family’s frames miss any of the latest updates.

Remote Configuration Support

Use Pix-Star’s web interface and dashboard to access, manage, and control up to 25 frames from a single user account. Manage their cloud (and local) storage, adjust general, slideshows, and motion sensor settings, start and control slideshows, update firmware, and much more – all from anywhere in the world.

In this web interface, you can browse sources and start slideshows from them. Additionally, you can change these sources no matter where you are in the world. It only takes a couple of clicks and reflects shortly on the frame. Manage connected frames, link and add new frames, update their firmware, and much more.

Video and Audio

While video and audio playback are still limited by length on Pix-Star frames, it’s more than almost all other popular Wi-Fi frames. Play video clips with a maximum length of up to 2-minutes. Other popular frames like Nixplay and Skylight, video and audio playback are locked behind their subscription paywall.

Send video and audio messages to your Pix-Star frame(s) through the mobile app or by USB/SD card. Note that audio files (not voice messages) can only play from a connected USB/SD card. Include videos in slideshows, set them to play muted by default, and more. It’s a great feature as many top digital Wi-Fi frames don’t let you play videos in slideshows along with photos.

Pix-Star lets you play audio files over slideshows and listen to them individually. There’s a file explorer whereby you can select which files and folders to include in slideshows. Connect to external speakers, headphones, or earphones for a more immersive audio and viewing experience!

Offline Functionality

Unlike many other top frames like Nixplay, Aura, and Skylight, Pix-Star offers extensive offline functionality. They have 8GB of internal storage, USB/SD card support, a well-designed file explorer, and a plug-and-play slideshow feature.

Simply insert a USB/SD card into the frame and start a slideshow using the popup menu. It takes only two button presses and a couple of seconds. Pix-Star doesn’t restrict the maximum size of supported USB/SD cards, giving you access to unlimited storage space.

Offline functionality and features are great for families and grandparents. We suggest avoiding digital frames that require a constant Wi-Fi connection or connection to the company/third-party cloud servers. If these servers go offline, you won’t have access to your photos or frame settings.

Web Albums and External Imports

Perhaps Pix-Star’s most unique feature is its web albums. Web albums refer to photo albums imported from external sources like social media. Pix-Star supports a dozen external sources including Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive & Photos, Flickr, direct from your computer, and more.

Set your Pix-Star frame up to automatically download newly added photos from any linked web albums via the web interface. It’s easy to manage and works no matter where you are in the world.

Automate photo-sharing using this clever method. Create a folder on your computer, fill it with photos, and import it as a web album through your Pix-Star frame’s web dashboard. You can link several frames to this album through the same process.

Once linked, set this web album to automatically update whenever you add new photos. This will sync the folder to all linked Pix-Star frames. Set these frames to play newly received photos in the current slideshow.

To share photos with all the frames in the family, simply drag and drop them into the synced folder on your computer – Pix-Star will take care of the rest. You can do this with any of the supported platforms. Link several photo albums on any of your social media or photo-sharing accounts. It’s the perfect setup for families and one of the most versatile on the market!

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