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Is a Silver Digital Photo Frame Worth the Higher Price?


What is the best silver digital photo frame?

The Nixplay Smart silver digital photo frame is arguably the most popular in this category. Nixplay Smart digital frames are known for their high price tag, costing 50% – 80% more than competing 9.7-inch and 10-inch digital frames. Nixplay’s silver digital photo frames use a 16:9 display and cannot mount on the wall. There is no in-built wall-mounting system such as a standard VESA mount or hanging holes.

Nixplay’s silver metal finish looks great at first glance. It is polished and has great aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, silver metal finished scratches very easily and you have to clean fingerprints off after each touch. The bright reflective finish is distracting and pulls attention away from the display – especially in well-lit and large rooms.

Nixplay’s silver digital photo frames are subscription-based, requiring Nixplay’s “Plus” subscription to unlock most of the frame’s features and functionality. For example, without Nixplay Plus, you don’t have access to almost all of the mobile app’s features, cloud storage is very limited, there’s no video or audio support, no multi-frame control groups or custom playlists, and more.

Does Pix-Star sell a silver digital photo frame?

Pix-Star does not sell a silver digital photo frame. Like most other competitive digital frames, Pix-Star uses a darker and neutral color finish on their frames. As such, the display appears more vibrant and is better suited to use in large rooms and well-lit spaces. You also don’t have to deal with the constant fingerprints and scratching that plague polished silver digital photo frames.

Pix-Star’s frames are among the most versatile and popular digital frames on the market. Unlike Nixplay’s silver digital photo frames, Pix-Star offers full access to all of its features without buying a premium monthly subscription. You get access to Pix-Star’s mobile app (Pix-Star Snap), video and audio playback, custom playlists, free-for-life cloud storage, web albums to import photos from social media, remote configuration, and much more.

Pix-Star’s digital frames mount on the wall and have a 4:3 aspect ratio. With a broad viewing angle, Pix-Star suits use for big families, modern homes, and large/well-lit spaces. The 4:3 aspect ratio perfectly matches the camera sensor’s aspect ratio for almost all major smartphone brands.

In terms of value for money, both Pix-Star’s 10-inch and 15-inch digital photo frames are arguably the best. They’re also one of the only premium digital photo frame brands that cater to families, elderly users, and modern homes!

Is a silver digital photo frame worth buying?

We don’t recommend buying a silver digital photo frame as they scratch easily and need constant cleaning for smudges and fingerprints. Polished and glossy silver digital photo frames are worse as scratching is more apparent. For matte finish silver digital photo frames, dirt and oil from your skin builds up quickly and don’t look great.

We almost always recommend buying a digital frame with neutral or dark grey color and a matte finish. They are less distracting and draw attention to the display. Any space around photos such as black bars from conflicting aspect ratios is less distracting and slideshows are more immersive.

What is the best cheap silver digital photo frame?

The JuLam silver digital photo frame is one of the better budget silver frames. It supports using a 32GB SD card and uses a 4:3 aspect ratio (which matches most smartphone camera aspect ratios). The 8-inch display has a 1024×768 resolution and you can play slideshows directly from the connected SD card.

With all of that said, these silver digital frames are also extremely limited in terms of smart features. There’s no Wi-Fi connectivity or cloud storage – or cloud/Wi-Fi-enabled features. You can’t share photos to the frame via mobile app or from social media. There’s no way to remotely manage your frames, sync up multiple frames for families, or mount the frame on the wall.

We don’t recommend buying cheap digital frames as they offer poor feature sets and often don’t last very long. More premium digital frames cater to families and modern homes, working with Wi-Fi and cloud functionality to connect families and loved ones – no matter where they are in the world.

Do silver digital photo frames last for a long time?

Silver digital photo frames do not last for a very long time. The light-colored silver display shows minor scratches easily – making the frame appear of worse quality than it would in a neutral color. Silver digital photo frames with polished finishes are worse for scratching and smudging, which is why we recommend getting matte-finish displays.

Silver digital photo frames with a matte finish aren’t much better than glossy finishes. Dirt and oil buildup from touching and holding the frame show easily and isn’t easy to clean. Darker or more neutral colors tend to do better in hiding dirt, scratches, and smudges – which is why top frames like the Pix-Star and many more choose darker, matte finish colors.

Is there a 15-inch silver digital photo frame?

Only a handful of the top digital frame brands offer a 15-inch silver digital photo frame. There are some minor brands such as Muxika and Rdeoud that offer 15-inch silver digital frames – but they are not common and aren’t popular – meaning you take on more risk in buying them.

When it comes to 15-inch digital frames, Pix-Star is one of the best – both in terms of value for money, and in versatility. Pix-Star’s 15-inch digital photo frames offer free-for-life cloud storage, a great mobile app and web interface, video and audio support, remote configuration support, importing photos direct from social media, and much more.

Pix-Star’s 15-inch frame has quickly become one of the most popular frames on the market. Its 4:3 aspect ratio is ideal for immersive slideshows and photos from modern smartphones. They mount on the wall, don’t have a distracting or easy-to-scratch frame, and have excellent built quality. Pix-Star’s 15-inch frames are available on the Pix-Star Shop or via their official Amazon page.

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