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Should You Buy Digital Picture Frames at Walmart?


Is buying digital picture frames at Walmart worth it?

Digital picture frames at Walmart might not be your first thought when you’re on the market for a new frame – and good reason. Their selection is very limited especially in the upper-mid to the high end of the market. Premium frames available only include a couple of the Nixplay frames and a FeelCare digital frame. The rest of the available selections are low and mid-range frames – something we don’t usually recommend due to their lack of features and poor-quality control.

If you’re going to get a digital picture frame, a premium frame is a good choice. The issue with having a limited selection of premium frames is that you can’t truly compare their features and functionality. You’re less likely to get good value for money and a digital picture frame that’s well-suited to your home & family.

Even if you’re on the market for a mid-range or budget frame, Walmart isn’t the greatest place to shop. The range of frames is severely limited and there isn’t much information to compare them on. In the premium range, frames like the Pix-Star, Aura, and other top frames aren’t available. Unless you already know exactly what you’re looking for, your time and money would be better spent on platforms such as Amazon or directly from the various manufacturers.

Is it better to look for digital picture frames at Walmart or Amazon?

Amazon is widely known to be the best online shopping platform for digital picture frames. They have a massive selection of frames and in-depth information on each. All of this comes together well to help you find the digital frame that suits your needs.

This is especially important in the premium digital picture frame range as the smallest differences and missing features can have a significant impact on the frame’s performance and functionality. Unlike Walmart, frames like the Pix-Star, Aura, and Dragon Touch are available. This lets you accurately compare features and real-world performance across many of the top digital frames by using in-depth product descriptions, star-rated reviews, Q&As, and more.

Amazon has thorough and generous return policies to help reduce the risk on your part when shopping online. This is especially important for digital frames in 2021 as you aren’t always sure if you’re making the right choice.

Amazon’s reviews for each digital picture can be sorted to show only verified purchases. These are purchases that have been proven to be true to Amazon. For you, it only shows real-world reviews from people that have used the frame and are equipped to leave a review. Alternatively, you can read through potentially hundreds of Q&As to find answers to specific questions. You can even ask a new question if you can’t find an existing answer to your question.

To summarize, Amazon’s far broader catalog of digital frames – especially in the premium range – makes you far more likely to get the right frame. By filtering through frames by real-world reviews makes you more likely to get great value for money on your next frame. Learn more about why you should be shopping for digital picture frames on Amazon here!

Are Pix-Star digital picture frames available at Walmart?

Pix-Star’s digital picture frame is one of the most popular frames on the market. They pioneered the idea of a digital picture frame with email and have since built a versatile and capable frame that competes with the best.

Perhaps the most unique features of Pix-Star’s frames are their ease of use, robust feature set, mobile app & web interface, and ability to be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world. Pix-Star’s frames are a top-seller on Amazon and one of the best digital picture frames on the market for families and elderly users.

Pix-Star’s frames come in either a 10-inch or a larger 15-inch model. The displays have a 4:3 aspect ratio that naturally matches the photos taken on most smartphones. This means you don’t need to edit or crop pictures before sending them; which boosts ease of use and enhances the viewing experience.

Pix-Star’s digital picture frames are available on Amazon and directly through the shop.pix-star.com catalog. Along with several other premium digital picture frames, Pix-Star’s frames aren’t available at Walmart. Only a small selection of Nixplay and FeelCare frames are available.

Unfortunately, Nixplay frames charge an additional (though optional) annual subscription fee to unlock the same features that are offered for free on the Pix-Star. Considering that the Nixplay frame’s base price is higher than the Pix-Star, the additional annual fee makes this frame far more expensive over its effective life span.

To summarize, versatile slideshows and enhanced features on the Pix-Star offer excellent value for money. You get free-for-life cloud storage and a digital picture frame that fits into almost any family. They make for an excellent addition to the modern home with their aesthetic appeal and smart features. Pix-Star frames quickly become an important part of your family life – making sharing precious memories easier and quicker.

Can I return digital picture frames to Walmart?

Each product on Walmart has a return policy that dictates the terms and conditions. While there are general return refund policies, you should still make sure to check that the unique policy doesn’t make any significant changes. It’s also worth noting that you should keep the original packaging and accessories in good order in case you want to return the frame in the future. Take note of the time window you have to return the frame to be eligible for replacements or refunds.

Do Walmart digital picture frames offer good value for money?

Due to the small variety of digital picture frames on offer at Walmart, you’re less likely to find a digital frame that suits your needs. There is less information available in the form of in-depth product descriptions, reviews, and Q&As. If you’re going to get a digital picture frame, you want to make sure that it meets your unique needs and requirements.

You’d get a better value digital frame – especially in the premium range – on platforms like Amazon. There are far more products to compare and you can even see peoples’ real-world experience of the frames. Unless you’re set on getting a Nixplay digital picture frame, your time and money would be better spent shopping for a digital picture frame on Amazon.

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