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Here’s the Best Digital Photo Frame 2021 Has to Offer!


What is the best digital photo frame for 2021?

Pix-Star’s 10 & 15-inch frames are a top pick for the best digital photo frame 2021. They have a massive feature set with tons of versatility and functionality without charging any extra hidden or subscription fees. Pix-Star’s digital photo frames are known to be the easiest premium frames to use on the market – especially for large families and elderly users.

With features like free-for-life cloud storage, extensive Wi-Fi connectivity & functions, a well-designed mobile app & web interface, remote control capabilities, weather forecasts, alerts & reminders, and sending photos to any connected frame from anywhere in the world – Pix-Star’s frame quickly earn their place in even the busiest homes.

The 1024×768, 4:3 display perfectly matches most photos which boost immersion and helps you forget you’re looking at a digital display – no annoying black bars or awful auto-cropping. Adjustable brightness and color settings let you easily get the perfect picture for any event, theme, room, or home. You can fix washed-out skin tones in just a couple of settings – all without having to leave the slideshow.

User-friendliness is one of Pix-Star’s core pillars. The frames are easy and simple enough for your grandparents to use without sacrificing functionality and versatility for the average user or the rest of the family.

There’s also an excellent balance between price and performance, which gives the Pix-Star an edge over the other top digital frames. You don’t have to pay any additional subscription fees to unlock cloud storage, video playback & support, use of the mobile app & web interface, and much more!

Considering the massive boost in functionality, Pix-Star’s price point is fantastic and deliver more value than you’re paying for – especially considering that many competing frame charge additional annual recurring fees.

How to find the best digital photo frame for my home in 2021?

You need to think about which room you’re going to place the frame in. If it’s going to be in the living room, it’s likely the lighting will be better and you’ll need a digital photo frame with a broader viewing angle. Aim for over 250cd/m2 of brightness, a viewing angle > 90 degrees, and a screen size of at least 8-inches.

Another important consideration is if you’ll wall-mount the frame or rest it on a flat surface. Wall-mounting a digital photo frame usually requires inbuilt hanging holes or support for a standard VESA mount. You should avoid DIY hanging frames if they haven’t been designed for it as the ports and power inlet can get blocked when mounted. Frames like the Pix-Star have an attachable stand, support for a standard VESA mount, and dedicated hanging holes – so you have several different options.

If you have other family members that want to send photos to your frame, Wi-Fi/cloud capabilities are essential. Wi-Fi enables features like emailing photos, the use of a mobile app or web interface, and remotely controlling connected frames. With digital photo frames like the Pix-Star, Wi-Fi also lets you link your frame directly to photo albums on social media and photo-sharing sites, and lets you control up to 25-connected frames from a single account.

In summary, getting the perfect frame for your home is all about catering to your unique needs. Versatile frames like the Pix-Star can usually fit comfortably into any home, though you’ll need to be more selective if you’re looking for a cheap-mid-range digital photo frame.

Is the Pix-Star the best digital photo frame in 2021 for grandparents?

The smooth and simple user interface is what makes the Pix-Star frame so well-suited to grandparents. It’s one of the only premium digital photo frames that specifically cater to elderly users. This is achieved through features like the ability to control any connected frame remotely, manage a family of Pix-Star frames (up to 25) from a single user account, and send pictures to any connected frame from anywhere in the world.

With Pix-Star’s frames, you can use the web interface to remotely start slideshows, change settings, manage the frame’s storage, create new folders & albums, adjust the brightness and color settings, and much more. Combine this with a simple and easy-to-access mobile app and you can easily make sure that your grandparents always have the latest photos.

What are the best digital photo frame features and functions of 2021?

Web album support is one of the most useful and appropriate digital photo frame features of 2021. Web album support is limited to just a handful of premium digital photo frames – the most prominent of which is the Pix-Star frame.

Web albums are photos and photo albums on social media account, photo-sharing platforms, online cloud storage platforms, etc. In Pix-Star’s case, web album support lets you link and sync these albums directly to your Pix-Star frame. They’re saved to internal storage and can be viewed offline and in slideshows.

Pix-Star’s supported platforms for web albums include Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, Flickr, and more. These albums are linked via the web interface in just a few short minutes. They can be set to automatically update whenever you add new photos to any connected album.

Multiple Pix-Star frames can be linked to the same album, and you can link multiple accounts from the same platform to multiple connected frames at the same time. Web albums are saved to the cloud and managed via the web interface. Here you can remotely start slideshows and organize the storage, create playlists & albums, and more! It’s one of the most versatile web album digital photo frames on the market and offers a wonderful way to automate sharing new photos with the family – without leaving anybody out.

What to look for in the best digital photo frame display of 2021?

A display’s resolution, viewing angle, screen finish, and aspect ratio are the most important features worth paying attention to. For any digital photo frame with a display larger than 8-inches, ensure the resolution is above 800×600. This ensures that pictures are crisp and clean, which helps the frame better mimic a real photograph.

Viewing angle is an often overlooked but essential feature as it determines how clear the display is when viewed at an angle. Make sure the viewing angle is above 80-degree wide and broad enough to view from wall to wall in the room.

Screen finish refers to matte or glossy finishes. We prefer matte finishes as they aren’t reflective. This enhances immersion and lets you easily view the screen at angles and from across the room. On a side note, avoid touchscreens are the fingerprints leave oil residue on the display that very tough to clean off. They’re also significantly more expensive and quite a bit less durable than non-touch digital photo frame displays.

Finally, the aspect ratio should be 4:3. Another common – but not nearly as efficient – aspect ratio is 16:9. The benefit 4:3 displays have over other aspect ratios is that they perfectly match most smartphone cameras (photos are taken in 4:3) and point-and-shoot cameras. The result is that photos display using the full screen and aren’t boxed in by horrible black pillar bars. This leads to enhanced immersion and a better overall viewing experience.

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