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Don’t Buy the Aluratek Digital Frame in 2022 – Here’s Why!


How to send pictures to the Aluratek digital frame?

The best way to send pictures to the Aluratek digital frame is by mobile app. Note that only Aluratek’s Wi-Fi digital frames have a mobile app (a 3rd party mobile app). Here you can select which photos to send from your phone’s gallery to the Aluratek’s internal storage.

For Aluratek’s non-Wi-Fi digital frame, the only way to send pictures is by USB/SD card. The maximum size for supported USB/SD cards is 32GB – which isn’t much when compared to the best digital frames. For example, Pix-Star’s frames don’t put any size limits on supported USB/SD cards – giving you essentially unlimited storage space.

Another way to send pictures to the Aluratek digital frame includes importing them from either Facebook or Twitter. You can’t import videos or audio files this way and can only load a couple of pictures at the same time.

When compared to what similar-priced digital frames like the Pix-Star can do, Aluratek digital frames seem to be a little behind the curve. Pix-Star lets you send photos by USB/SD card, email, mobile app, import from external sources via the web interface, and more.

In terms of price, Pix-Star’s digital frames are cheaper than the Aluratek 15-inch digital frame – yet they offer better build quality, more features, and a digital frame that more effortlessly caters to the modern home and family.

Does the Aluratek digital frame use Wi-Fi?

Aluratek digital frames are available as both a Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi digital frame. The non-Wi-Fi Aluratek frame works through a combination of USB/SD card support (up to 32GB) and 16GB of internal storage. There is no cloud storage, mobile app, or online functionality.

The Aluratek Wi-Fi digital frame still supports USB/SD cards and offers internal storage, but additionally offers a 3rd party mobile app and limited photo imports from Facebook and Twitter. There is no way to email photos or import them from external sources (other than from Twitter and Facebook).

Aluratek’s Wi-Fi digital frame doesn’t need Wi-Fi all the time to work. You’ll still need Wi-Fi to receive and download photos send via the mobile app or imported from external sources. Once saved to internal storage, you can include these photos in slideshows.

Aluratek digital frames don’t offer any remote configuration feature that lets you remotely manage and/or control your frames. With competing Wi-Fi digital frames like the Pix-Star, you can remotely manage and control up to 25 frames from anywhere in the world. Here you can adjust their settings, start slideshows, manage cloud and local storage, and much more.

For now, Pix-Star’s remote configuration feature (arguably the best-in-class) is only available via your Pix-Star frame’s web dashboard – though it’s currently being added to the Pix-Star Snap mobile app at the time of writing.

Does the Aluratek digital frame have a touchscreen?

The Aluratek Wi-Fi digital frame uses a touchscreen display and touchscreen control. Aluratek’s non-Wi-Fi digital frames are non-touch, instead of relying on on-frame controls to navigate slideshows, adjust settings, etc.

We usually recommend avoiding touchscreen digital frames as they are less durable, more expensive, harder to use, and often not high-quality.

Most of the best digital frames like the Pix-Star don’t use touchscreens. Instead, they opt to re-allocate the cost of the touchscreen (which is often significant for displays larger than 8-inches) to improve the feature set, build quality, and the overall user-friendliness of the frame.

This is why Pix-Star’s digital frames are arguably the most versatile and feature-rich premium Wi-Fi frames on the market in 2022. You don’t need to worry about fingerprints ruining the viewing experience, scratching the display, knocking the frame over, or needing to stand directly in front of it to navigate slideshows and change settings, etc.

Can I mount the Aluratek digital frame on the wall?

The Aluratek digital frame can mount on the wall as it supports a standard VESA mount. Unfortunately, Aluratek digital frames support landscape only. This means that you cannot rotate the frame while it’s all mounted or rested on a flat surface.

For comparison, Pix-Star digital frames – a similarly priced frame – offers both a standard VESA mount and dedicated hanging holes. You can mount the frame in landscape and portrait, rotate images within slideshows, and rest the frame in either orientation on a flat surface (using the provided attachable stand).

Unlike Pix-Star, Aluratek’s Wi-Fi digital frames don’t offer remote configuration or a motion sensor. Instead, Aluratek’s frames have an on/off timer that lets you set when the frame’s displays functions. Pix-Star’s setup is far more suited to families, modern homes, and elderly users.

Is the Aluratek digital frame battery-operated?

The Aluratek digital frame is not battery-operated. Aluratek’s frames need to be plugged in at all times to function. It’s worth noting that the provided power inlet cable isn’t very long, so you might struggle to get a flush wall mount. You’d have to run an extension inside the wall, which requires more space and more effort to set up.

Very few of the top digital frames are battery-operated. Frames that run on battery tend to lack features like Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity, and often have small displays (smaller than 8-inches). We don’t recommend buying battery-run digital frames due to their inherent limitations (low battery life and longevity, limited feature sets, narrow product selection, etc.).

Can I remotely control an Aluratek digital frame?

The Aluratek digital frames do not offer a remote configuration feature. Remote configuration (often called remote control) allows you to manage and control one or more digital frames from anywhere in the world. Remote configuration is often offered through a supported web interface or mobile app.

Unlike Aluratek digital frames, Pix-Star’s frames offer a robust remote configuration feature – arguably the best on the market at Pix-Star’s price. You can connect, manage, and control up to 25 Pix-Star frames in multi-frame control groups.

In Pix-Star’s web dashboard, you can adjust your frame’s settings, start and change slideshows, manage cloud and local storage, and more. Pix-Star is also adding this remote configuration feature to the Pix-Star mobile app soon – giving you even more versatility for modern homes, families, and elderly users.

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